Renewing your WTV-Zone Account

We do not require people to pay on a specific date, we just ask that the payment be made during the month in which the renewal is due.

You will receive a reminder notice when your renewal is due, which will note your account name and the amount due for renewal. If you are not sure when your account is due for renewal, you can write to the Help Zone to find out, or wait for the reminder. If you know when your account is due for renewal, you do not have to wait to receive the reminder. A link to these instructions is on the main page of the Tip Zone at all times.

Similarly to signing up with the WTV-Zone, there are 2 ways to renew your WTV-Zone account.

Credit/Debit Card Renewals

The WTV-Zone accepts credit card payments through PayPal . Please note that we cannot bill your credit or debit card directly. You need to go to PayPal and "send" the payment per the following instructions.

You can use the appropriate link on our Sign Up page to renew your account, or just log into your PayPal account and send your payment to You do not need to have a PayPal account to send payments through PayPal. You can choose to send a "one time" payment without logging into or setting up an account with them.

If you're a quarterly account member, be sure to use the "Custom Plan As Agreed Upon" link on the Sign Up Page and fill in the amount specified in your renewal reminder. If you use the sign up link for the account size you have, you will end up paying the $15 set up fee again.

If the renewal amount specified for your account is something other than the plans listed on the Sign Up page, you would use the "Custom Plan As Agreed Upon" link as well. Just fill in the proper amount and send the payment as described above. In the "Notes" section, please be sure to include your account name and that it is a renewal. We do not need your password to renew your account unless you're changing the amount of space you have. "Send" the payment to us at or to with the information as requested.

If you have any problems sending your payment through PayPal, you may send us a check or money order (following the instructions below), or you can email Larry (Iceman) with your phone number and a good time to call. He will call you and process your payment with you over the phone.

Anyone with questions or concerns regarding sending payments through PayPal can contact the Help Zone.

Check or Money Order

If you prefer to renew by sending either a personal check or money order, please be sure to make your check or money order out to Larry or Kari Bumeder, and mail it to us at the following mailing address, which can also be found on both the Sign Up and Contact pages of the main WTV-Zone site:

The WTV-Zone
c/o Larry and Kari Bumeder
80 West Shore Drive
Hawley, PA 18428

Don't forget to include your account name and your e-mail address with your payment. We do not recommend that you put that information on the check or money order itself, but simply enclose a piece of paper with that information on it. That way your payment will be properly credited to your account.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, the renewal process, or if you need to make special payment arrangements, please contact the Help Zone.

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