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Hi! I guess you are either having trouble mirroring your site you have on Page Builder, or just want to know how to do it. Well, it is pretty easy once you know what you are doing. But first you need to get the URL to your Scrapbook Images. Usually the mailedD# and importD# pics and gifs are easy to lift. But webtv protects the ones that are postedD#. (Note: # = the number that webtv assigns the image.)

Mirroring a Page Builder™ Site is easy if you got the right tools. If you are moving to WTV-Zone you will be able to successfully mirror your site by using the Source Viewer/Multi-File Beamer using the link in your file manager just above the beamer.

To get started you need your URLs. You can either write them down or go to the pages you need to move (this will put them in your box's cache).

Once you have visited or written down your URLs to mirror, log into your Zone account and click on link to the Multi-File Beamer, located just above the "regular" beamer. This will take you to the Source Viewer/Multi-File Beamer.

NOTE: If your url looks something like http://community-2.webtv.net/ThisIsMe/MyPages/ you will need to add index.html to the end of the url or the multi-file beamer will not work properly. So the url should look like this: http://community-2.webtv.net/ThisIsMe/MyPages/index.html

Once there you need to make sure that the URL in the window is the page you want to mirror. More than likely it will have the URL of the page you just came from.

You can either type (or cc&p) the correct url in the window, or click on the "RECENT URL'S" dropdown menu. This will give you a list of the URLs in you've visited. Go down to the URL of the page you want to mirror and click on it. This will take you to where you can see the source codes.

Click on "Jump to Bottom". This will take you to the bottom of the page where you will see 3 form buttons:

Images @ http:// URL of PAGE

Embeds @ http:// URL of PAGE

OutsideLinks @ http:// URL of PAGE

All we need to worry about right now is the Images. Right next to it is a button that says "View Images". You click on that. This will take you to where you can view the images (if you think you need to). Just go down to you see the button that says "Multi File Beamer" and click on that. This will take you to the most important part of the whole process The Multi File Beamer.

Once you are on the Multi File Beamer you will see a list of URLs with checked boxes next to them. Click your "return" key to activate your cursor in this area. You can uncheck any files you do not wish to mirror. Then use the right Arrow key to bring the cursor out of the box so you can fill out the information below.

The form consists of these two things to fill out:

Destination Directory- where you want to put the images in your directory index. Type in just the name of the directory you wish to put the images in. For example: scrapbook or images .. no slashes, quotation marks, or http:// needed, just the name of the directory.

E-mail Address- put in your e-mail address where you want notification of completion of file transfer to be sent. This is really important for it will tell whether or not your transfer of files went well.

Below is a sample of what it would look like when filled out.

Destination Directory:
Email Address:

This info will remain on this page till you log off of Webtv. If you log on and go through the process you will need to fill out this info again.

Then click on "Transfer Files". This will take you to the "Ready to Launch!" page. Here you will verify your E-Mail Address and have the list of selected images URLs to verify as the ones you want. If there is ones missing, or have extra ones you don't want just use your back button to go to the previous page and mark or un-mark the ones you need then continue to the next page.

Once everything is ok on the "Ready to Launch!" page, then you are ready to transfer your files. To do that all you have to do is click on the "Launch Multile File Transfer".

Now one of two things is gonna happen;

1. You will move on to the next page with log on access that says "You will receive e-mail notice once transfer is complete."
2. You will idle for a minute and then get an alert pop up that says it is too busy to use right now, or something about it kept you waiting more than a minuet. DON'T WORRY! The Beamer is still doing it's job.

Either way you will still get your e-mail that will tell you whether or not the file transfer was done.

To move the html page itself, just beam it as a normal file using the Beamer Instructions .

The reason moving scrapbook images has to be done this way is because Webtv keeps these images in a hidden state. So it is good to know how to get the Scrapbook URL and to transfer files from the user name the files are on. Webtv protects the posted pics listed as postedD#. You will have to do an images page and have the URL of each pic to move them. But if you are not on the user name that these posted pics are on, Webtv will not let you get them. Not even a computer user can access them.

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If you have problems or questions regarding moving your Pagebuilder site, please write The Help Zone

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