Creating a New File

To create a new HTML page (or "file"), just click on New File at the top of your file manager. Type in the name of your new page in the popup, making sure you give it an extension of .htm or .html. You will then be taken to a screen with an edit box. This is where your creation begins! The basic code for you to begin is already there, just customize the colors to what you want, and begin building your new page.

At the bottom of the edit area, you will see 3 buttons..."Save Document", "Save & Continue", and "Preview", along with a text window that says "alternate filename" and an "Exit without Saving" button at the very bottom.

Save Document: This is when you are finished editing and want to look at your finished product. Click it and you will be taken back to the main (root) directory.. or the directory in which you are building the page. There is a link at the top of the file manager that you can click on to view your page. If you want to make any corrections, just hit your "back" key, and scroll down to where the file is in your file manager and click "edit" to get back to the edit box.

Save & Continue: This is for editing longer pages. You can "save & continue" so that Webtv does not disconnect you for being idle (or so it thinks ). You will remain in the edit area and can continue editing your page. NOTE:With the most recent Webtv upgrades, you need to use a workaround for this feature to work properly. It also allows this feature to work on a computer. Click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page for those instructions.

Preview: This feature is by popular demand from our members! It allows you to preview your page without saving the codes. That way you can just hit your "back" key and continue editing until you are satisfied with the finished product.

Exit without Saving: This button is for the times when you make changes you don't want to save, for whatever reasone. :-)

Alternate Filename: This works similarly to copying an html page. If you are editing a page, and you want to keep the original "just in case", you can use the "alternate filename" to make a duplicate of the original page with the alterations you made, but still leaving the original intact. For example, if you're original page is titled cubeland.html and you are experimenting with a new layout, but don't want to mess up what you already have, you can use the "alternate filename" feature to create a second page. In this instance, once the edits were made, you would scroll down and type cubeland2.html. This would create a new page consisting of your edits, and your original page, cubeland.html would still be intact.

You will also see the "Search & Replace" feature at the bottom of your edit page... the instructions for that feature are HERE.

NOTE: With Webtv's recent upgrades, it is advisable to cc&p your code when using the Preview function. Webtv has been known to "eat code" while you're previewing. To prevent losing anything you've built, just cmd a and cmd c to copy your code..just in case. :-)

For more details on editing pages, "fourthrok" wrote a tutorial to help folks who are new at building pages, or used to the Webtv PageBuilder. It's also helpful to anyone who is new to the WTV-Zone. You can click HERE to check it out.

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