Using the Multi-File Beamer

The heart of the multi-file beamer is the WTV-Zone source viewer. You can beam all of the images on a specific page (like Webtv PageBuilder pages), or entire directories of files at one time. This includes all backgrounds, audio, images, etc. If you do NOT have an index file in the directory you're beaming, then the source viewer/multi-file beamer will move ALL the files in that directory. To do so, simply beam your index page over into the appropriate directory, rename the original in the directory you're trying to beam, then beam the rest of the directory itself. Now, onto the instructions!

Go to the directory you wish to move by hitting your "go to" key on your keyboard and going to it from the "outside". Don't log into wherever you're moving from and view the directory that way, it won't work. :-) You should now be viewing the list of files in that directory. If you are unable to view the list of files inside the directory, you will not be able to use the multi-file beamer to move the files. If this is the case, write The Help Zone for assistance.

Once you're viewing the directory, hit the f-key you have your log in page on. When you get to the file manager, click on the "multi-file beamer" link just above the beamer in there. Now you should be on the source viewer page. The file manager address will be in the window there. Under the text window, you will see a drop-down menu that says "recent urls" .. click on that button and look for the address of the directory you just viewed. It's usually about the 3rd url down. Click on it and you will automatically be taken to the source page.

At the top of the source page, you will see the address of the directory in the window. Below that window, you will see a large button that says "transload this directory". Click that button.

NOTE: If you don't see that button, check the address in the window to make sure you've got the right one. Depending on the webhost you're moving from, there may be a trick involved in getting the directory. Click HERE to see if there's something special you need to do to move from your particular webhost.

At this point, you should be on a page that lists the files in a box that you can click on and uncheck any files you don't wish to move. Below that checklist of files, you have 2 text windows.

The first text window is the "directory" window. Type in the name of the directory you wish to put the files in at the Zone. All you need is the directory name itself.. not the entire part.. just images or midis or whatever.

The other is your e-mail address.. make sure you type this correctly or you will not receive the e-mail confirmation.

Now.. click the "launch files" button and you'll be taken to the last page. This lists the files you are about to beam.. click the button and voila! your files are being transferred. If it is a large directory or if Webtv is having a bad day, you may get the "publisher is too busy" or "didn't respond" popup. Don't believe it, and do NOT try to re-beam. All that means is that your Webtv browser timed out, the beamer is still working. Within a few minutes, you will receive the confirmation e-mail.

You can also use the Site Mover to move your entire site at one time (as long as it's not a Webtv Pagebuilder site), if you're planning on moving everything to the Zone, it's the tool to use. If you want to move your Webtv PageBuilder site, click HERE for instructions.

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