Setting Up a Domain

If you're interested in hosting a domain here at the WTV-Zone, it's easy to do.

First, register your domain name at any registrar you choose. There are many to choose from, and some are more expensive than others.

When you register your domain, be sure you have the option to set "third party nameservers" (or terminology similar to that). You do not want to "park" your domain where it's registered. You want to set your DNS (domain name server) info to the following:

Once you've registered your domain, write to Larry (Iceman), give him your domain name, and let him know where in your account you want the domain "pointed".

You must point your domain to an index.html page either in your ROOT directory or in a specific directory in your account. You cannot point your domain to any page other than an index.html page.

People will be able to access your site either using your domain url, or your Zone account url. That's why we suggest using relative links on your website, so that regardless as to which url they use to view your site, the pages and images will all show with the appropriate urls attached.

You can also have domain mail forwarding set up with your domain. Just let us know what e-mail address to which you want your domain mail forwarded (as well as what domain mail address you want), and we will set that up for you as well.

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