Creating a New Directory

Click the link at the top of the file manager that says New Directory and type in an appropriate name. Create as many as you feel you need to. For example, one for backgrounds, one for midis, one for images. When they get full, you can make more. Keep in mind that you want to keep the names simple, and that they do not require an extension (like .gif or .jpg). Make sure you don't use spaces or punctuation other than a dash ( - ) or an underscore ( _ ) .. if you make a mistake, just rename it.

You can create a sub-directory inside a directory by first going into the directory and then follow the instructions as above.

If you create a directory and later want to delete it, you will have to delete the contents before you can delete the directory itself. Follow the instructions on the Deleting Files page.

Here's a suggestion for protecting your directories as you create them.

It's advisable to put an index.html page in all of your directories to 'protect' their contents. Here's why it's a good idea.

Take for example, an image that you use in your e-mail sig.

If someone decides they like the image you're using in your e-mail and bounces it.. they can get the url to that image and transload a copy of it for themselves.

If they decide to see what else you have in the same directory, all they have to do is erase the tinyangel.gif portion of the url, go to the remaining url.. such as .. and, if you don't have an index.html page in that directory, they can see all the files in that directory.

If you clicked on the above link, you would have seen that I have an index.html page in that directory, so you went to ~it~ instead of viewing the contents of my directory.

It's very easy to create an index.html in the directory. Just go into the directory by clicking on the icon to the left of the directory name. Once inside the directory, click on "new file" at the top and type index.html in the popup. You can save the page as is, which will leave a blank page there, or you can customize it to what you want.

The fastest way to get them in all your directories is, once you've saved the page and are back in your file listing, click the checkbox next to the index.html you just created. Scroll down to the bottom of the file manager and click on the 'copy files' button. Then just copy that page into each of your directories. (instructions for copying files can be found HERE )..

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