What Does This Mean?

Now that you're becoming more familiar with your file manager, you probably are wondering what some of the terms you see mean to you.

This page is basically a "dictionary" of those terms.

Root: This is your main account.. the list of all your directories and html files.

Directory: This is nothing more than a file folder to organize your files.

File: This refers to HTML documents (webpages), or images, audio files, etc. Note: In the file manager, you will see a link at the top that says "new file" .. that particular reference is to creating a new HTML document. You cannot create images or audio files.

Edit: This is what you click on to make changes to and build your HTML files.

remove: This stands for "remove directory". Use this to delete any directory that you made in error or no longer need. Note: You need to delete all the contents of a directory before you can remove the directory itself.

pass: This stands for "password". You can password protect your directories to prevent others from viewing their contents. However, if you password protect a directory, it will prevent you from linking to those files in your e-mail or using them on a webpage. Note: If you password protect your directory and decide you want to remove it, just go into the directory and delete the htaccess and htpasswrd files and the password protection will be removed.

rename: This is self-explanatory.. use this to rename any type of file, page, or directory in your account. Make sure that you keep the proper extension.. i.e., .gif, .html, .mid or whatever the original file is named.

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