Beamer Instructions

Note: Depending on what webhost you're moving from, there may be substantial delays while beaming. If you get the pop-up that says that "the publisher is too busy to use" while beaming .. don't believe it!

What that means is that your beamer is sitting there on our server waiting for the files to be served up and your Webtv browser timed out while waiting.. Just go on about your business and check back in your account later to see if the file made the trip. You may see the file name with a set of numbers attached to it. This is a temporary file and it means that the "beam" is still in process. Again, just check back later. From almost all sources the "beams" are almost instant. If you experience problems moving from any webhost, feel free to ask me to help you, ok?

NOTE: The beamer does not use FTP, so any url that starts with ftp:// rather than http:// will not be beamable. Also, urls with punctuation in them such as exclamation points ( ! ), apostrophes ( ' ), or anything other than the normal dashes ( - ) and underscores ( _ ), will not beam. If you have any problems or questions regarding the beaming process, or problems with a particular file, please write the Help Zone with the details.

For single file 'Beaming'-- Go To the file you want to "BEAM" into your account...

1. If you're a Webtv user, save the log in page to an f-key for faster access. When you're ready to beam an image, just hit the f-key you have the Log In page on and log into your account.

2. You'll see the beamer at the top of the file manager when you're in the ROOT area (directory) of your account.

3. Webtv users will see a "recent urls" dropdown menu to the right of the beamer window. Click on it and find the url of the image you want to beam (it should be the second or third url in the dropdown). When you click on the url, the beamer will automatically load the url in the window for you. If you're a computer user, or if you're beaming an audio file (midi, wav, etc.) or a zip file, you will need to cc&p the url, the url for an audio or zip file will not appear in this dropdown menu. Computer users will not see the "recent urls" dropdown at all because it is strictly a Webtv feature.

For instructions on beaming audio and zip files, go HERE .

4. The beamer will automatically load the same name as the original file in the "new name" blank. If you don't want the file to be named the same as the original, you can edit this window, just make sure you put the proper extension at the end, such as .gif .jpg .mid .html or whatever.

5. Choose the directory you wish to put the file in by clicking on the directory dropdown in the "relist directory" section below the beamer. Do NOT click on the "relist directory" button, just choose the directory using the dropdown menu.

6. Hit the "Energize" button and the file will almost instantly be in your account. NOTE: Do not use the energize button for anything other than for use with the beamer, it will cause problems for you.

For Multi file and directory moving go here and read how. Print it out if you have a printer, and then, when you are ready, click the link in your file manager to the multi-file beamer and follow those directions.

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