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There are places I remember All my life, though some have changed, Some forever, not for better, Some have gone and some remain. All these places had their moments, With lovers and friends I still can recall, Some are dead and some are living, In my life I've loved them all.


Joe's Party Store
16th and Eureka
(Joe Deere)

Kales Party Store and Deli
Eureka between 16th and 15th
(Stanley and Helen Kale)

Party Pantry
Eureka between 14th and 15th

O"Brian's Market
Eureka corner 17th

The Corner Store
Eureka corner of 12th

Lipto's Egg Station
4th and Pine

Art's Party Store
8th and Orange

Bud's Party Pak
Fort street a block south of Vinewood

The Pool Hall
14th and Eureka

The Watch Hospital
16th and Eureka

Jay Engineering
Eureka between 17th and 15th

CAR Auto Parts
Eureka between 14th and 13th

Wilson Resturant
Eureka corner of 13th

Leo Lewis Mobile Gas Station
Corner 12th and Eureka

Eureka Bar,
Eureka and 12th

Al's Barbershop
Eureka between 11th and the viaducts

Jones Sign
Eureka corner of 10th

The Hut Bar
Eureka between 14th and 13th

Cozy Corner Bar
Eureka between 14th and 12th

Bob's Bar
Eureka corner 15th

Frisco Brothers Cement
Eureka northeast side of Viaducts

Wyandotte Savings Bank
all locations

Shell Gas station
Eureka corner of 3rd

Standard Gas Station
Eureka corner of 19th

Wyandotte Tobacco and Candy
Eureka between 17th and 15th

Heritage Caddillac
Eureka at 20th

Fort and Eureka

Grove Drugs
Fort and Grove

Crown Furniture
Fort and Grove

Mister Music
Fort and Grove

The Teddy Bear
Across from Roosevelt High School

Cramer's Bar
4th and Pine

Pants Galore
Eureka and 3rd, strip mall

The Bottom Drawer
Biddle where the Sec of State is located

Vince's Arcade
Fort street block south of Oak st

Soccer Center
Fort street block after Oak street

Starvin Marvin's
Fort street Block North of Oak street

The Hungarian Kitchen
Fort street at Oak street

Eureka Bedroom
Eureka at Fort street

Coca Cola Bottling Plant
5th and Eureka

Beck's Bar
Right behind Roosevelt High School

Texaco Gas Station
Oak street at Biddle

SportBowl Bowling
North Biddle Just north of Oak Street

Wyandotte Cab
North Biddle at Oak street

Sonny's Tuxedo
South Biddle Just north of Oak street

The House Of Sin
Eureka just west of 3rd street

Jamestown Inn
4th and Forest

Wyandotte Chemicals
all along Biddle

Watkin's Hamburgers
South Biddle just north of Northline

Stoner's Hobby Shop
Maple Street

Nick's Boot Shop
Maple Street

Biddle at street name?

Westside Bowling
Oak just east of 12th street

Red Barn
Fort street just north of Grove

Wyandotte Lumber
Oak street at the tracks

Captain Ahab's Bar
Biddle where the Sec of State is now located

The Watch Hospital
Eureka between 15th and 16th

J&P Market
Oak street corner of 14th

Danny's Foods
Fort street at Grove

Neisners Five and Dime
Biddle and Maple

Biddle and Sycamore

Jerry's Store
12th between Vinewood and Superior

Oakleaf Bakery
12th at Oak street

Les's Hideaway
4th and Goddard

Johnny Produce
Big red truck all around town

Wyandotte Sporting Goods
Maple street east of 3rd street

Northeast corner of Oak and 9th

Affolders ice cream
4th between Oak and Elm

Wyandotte Theather
1st and Elm

Wilkin's Jewelery
1st and Maple

Koz's Korner Bar
Northline at 10th

Ray Hunter's Florist
Oak street at 2nd

Firestone Tire
Superior and Biddle

Robert Halls Clothing
Superior and Biddle

Andy's Party Store
Which became John's Party Store
6th and Vinewood

John's Meat Market
Vinewood and 9th

Longton's Television
Eureka between 16th and 17th

Rexal's Drugstore
Biddle between Elm and Maple

Michigan Bell Store
Biddle at 3rd street

Chet's Hardware
Eureka between 17th and 20th

Roosevelt Hall
Eureka at 5th

The Boblo Boat Dock
Bishop Park

Leon's Liquor store
Fort street south of Grove

Penn Salt Corporation
Biddle and Pennsylvania

Bowling Alley above a bar
cannot remember the name Maple between 1st and 2nd

Chonto's Party Store
Maple and 12th

K & S Shell

Fiolek Pharmacy
Ford Ave and 16th

BASF Club and Bowling Alley-
Biddle and Mulberry(Henry Ford Hospital Parking Lot)

Kocynski's Market (sp)
McKinley Between tracks and Clark(Now nothing there)

Konieczny Jewelry
1st location Ford Ave near 21st 2nd Location Eureka and 14th-
(Physical Therapy place now)

PACC Club/Hall
McKinley between the tracks and Clark

Red's Bar / Lil Wally's
Ford Ave and 5th ( Chas's Bar)

Bucynski's Market (Sp)
Ford Ave and 4th-( parking lot now for PLAV Club)

Superior Flower Shop
Ford Ave and Cora (Still a flower shop there)

Everette Motor Repairs
Ford Ave between 8th and Cora

Ososkie Appliance
1st and Maple

Superior Ambulance
Ford Ave and 22nd

D Mellon Moran Auto Parts
Eureka between 4th and 5th

Armstrong's men's clothing store
corner of oak and biddle.

Public Auto Parts
Grove and 13th

Metropolitain Furniture
Biddle south of Oak street

3rd and Plum
They had the best fish dinners ever!

Dasher's Drug Store
Corner of Eureka and Biddle

Grinnels music
Biddle at Sycamore

The Black Shark Fish Store
Maple and 2nd

Whistle Stop Pop Shop
Fort north of Orchard

The Liquor Control Store
Biddle south of Mulberry,(KOC hall)

A&P Grocery Store
Maple and 2nd( old rite aid blg)

Simpson Pontiac
Biddle and Bennett
Weyand Fisheries now in this building

Gilmore Chevrolet
Biddle & Eureka

George leathers shoes
Biddle next to gail's

Dick's auto electric
oak next to K&H shell

Templin's Brake service (Shell, Texaco,Marathon gas
Biddle & Spruce

Neil's Brake Shop
(formerly Templin's)

Fredrick's Cafe
Biddle & Northline then
Biddle downtown then Cap n ahabs

Volmerhausen Bakery
Now Milowski's Glass

Ruth's restaurant
Biddle( now Ramsey's)

Hoffman's A&W, then Symacks
Then Heide's,then Zack's
now Smokies
Biddle & Perry Place

McCord Gasket
St. Johns & RR tracks

Highlight printers
Biddle between Northline & Spruce

Hayes travel agency
Biddle between Sullivan & Northline

Annex cleaners
Biddle & St Johns next to Barney's bar

Barney's Bar
Biddle & St Johns (now My Place)

O'Brian's Super market
Biddle & St Johns (now Shoppers Valley)p Hank's penny candy
Biddle & Goddard

Herb's Hamburgers
Biddle & Goddard

Cook's Drug store
Biddle between St. Johns and Labadie

Career Girl Beauty Shop
(Biddle between St Johns & Labadie

Foster's party store & butcher shop
Biddle between Bondie and Clinton

Bethune's Sunoco
Biddle & Clinton

Ford Party pack
Northline & Electric

Oak Pharmacy
Northline & 10th

West Side Market
Northline & 18th SE side

Knopp Pharmacy
Northline & 18th SW side

Groat Brothers Pure
Northline & 17th

Millers ice cream
Northline & 18th NE side

Westgate Towing and collision
Northline and 22nd

Arthur Murray Dance studio
Northline between 21st & 22nd

Northline and Fort, (Then Arbor's Now CVS)

National Groceries
Fort ST & ?

Sal's Barber Shop
Fort street between Orchard and Pine

Columbo's Bar
Biddle just north of Pennsylvania

Vince's Barber Shop
Biddle where Polonus restaurant is

Plassman's Hardware
Biddle & either Miller or Alkali

Northline and 5th

Antoine and 6th

Joe's Market
Antoine and McKinley

Fire station #?
Goddard and Biddle

Labadie Elementary School
Goddard and Biddle

Federal's Department Store
Biddle Site of current City Hall

Detroit Diamond
4th and Mulberry

S&S Product
Mulberry between 4th and 3rd

VFW post 1136
11th and Cherry
( VFW park now)

City Bump Shop
11th and Cherry

Mobil gas station
Northline & Biddle
owned by Walt Broughton.

Williamson Lumber
Vinewood at the Tracks
(destroyed by fire in the late 60's)

All Metal Products
12th and Sycamore
(made Wyandotte toys)

Beals and Selkirk Trunk Works
on the tracks
between Oak and Vinewood

Stans Hardware
4th and Vinewood

Lowery Lumber Yard
4th & Mulberry

Honey Bee Donut Shop
SE corner of Biddle & Eureka (Great place for lunch during high school) (The Field's own this)

Tojo's Candy Store
corner of 20th. & Eureka (Now a Florist, I think)

Mehlose Ice Cream Parlor
4th. Between Oak & Elm

Friendship Inn Bar
corner of 10th & Oak

Dave Menhart Oldsmobile
corner of 22nd. & Eureka (Now a Janitorial supply)

Royal Meats
15th. & Eureka

Stubby's Bar
15th. & Eureka..SE corner

Drobig's Furs
on Oak between 22nd. & 23rd.
Now an Attorney's office

Neubecker Roofing
22nd. & Oak - now a beauty shop

Affolders Ice Cream Store
on Grove off Biddle
(I've been told of 2 different locations)

Tuscora's Bar
(Now Speedboat Lounge)
Biddle & St. John

LaBeau Hardware
corner of 4th. & Goddard

Woodruff Elementary School
5th. & St. Johns

Wrigley's Grocery Store
Eureka Between 22nd. & 23rd.
Now Wyandotte Printing maybe?

Abraham Lincoln Junior High School & Memorial Pool
19th. & Grove
Now Joe Birghton Center

VFW 1136
Where St. Joe's church now sits
I have been told of 2 different locations

Mahalak & Herman Shoe Store
--Across from Gail's
Mich Con - next to the En'Tourage

Sta-Who's Bar
2746-7th Now Maverick's

William Baracco Distributors on Goddard between 1st & James street
A beer they make no more.

Cadillac Furniture used to be on the west side of Biddle, south of Eureka. On the southwest corner of Biddle and Eureka was Dasher Drugs, they later moved to where Austins is now.

For about 8 years, White Furniture occupied the Northwest corner of Biddle and Eureka. Next to us was Harry's Clothes, and Gardner Hardware. Wyandotte Furniture was next going north in that same block.

Domestic Furniture I believe was located first in the old Neisner building, and later moved to where Metropolitan Furniture was located. Later that buiding became the Metro Music Cafe and then Domestic Furniture.

Where the "Condos" are at Oak and Biddle used to be a Standard Gas Station called Franks Service Station, and also a bowling alley north of that, but I can't remember the name.

The owner of Harry's Furniture, was originally partners with the owner of Metropolitan Furniture. When they split, he started Harry's and I am not sure of the first location, but when they went out of business, they were located in the building next to R.P. McMurphy, which previously housed Cahalan Drug Store.

Lynch and Sulllivan used to be located in the building that today houses Country Enchatments and occupied that whole building right up to the bank on the corner. That corner also used to house Downriver Federal Savings and Loan.

Richwood Furniture used to occupy a building that I believe is where the old Merrill Lynch offfice is. In that same block coming north from Eureka, used to have the Riviera Restaurant and the Big Chief Restaurant.

In our block, there have been many.Next door to us, where Good Eats is moving, used to be a Michigan Bell Telephone office. In the same building previous to that was Pic-Sure House Photography, Theresa Maries, and the Gellato.

To the North side of us, was Mahalak and Herman Shoes, and after came Willow Tree Shoes, and also an Interior Decorator, (I am not sure but I think it was Lindales).

We moved in our building in 1965, when it was vacant. Previously it housed Savon Furniture, Crown Furniture, Hadley Finzterwald Furntiure.

Weavers clothes used to occupy the building that now has Nana's occuping that corner. At one time that space was also a Speedy Printing, and BC Beans. Dave's Hardware used to be on Oak Street, I believe where Shirleys Callico Cottage is.

A few other names I remember, but not the exact location were Mrs Wardells restaurant. I believe she was in the block that the Social Security office is in. I think that is the same block that my father started White Furniture in. There was also a shoe shine place. There was also a pool room on Biddle. I also remember a Honey Bee's Donuts. I believe the building that Austins is in, prior to having Dasher Drugs, which became some other drug store, used to house a place for shooting archery.

I am far from being exact, and there have been so many more. Fifty to sixty years ago, the three premier shopping districts were Downtown Detroit, Michigan Avenue, and Wyandotte. We used to have a Winklemans, Bakers Shoes and others. The Central Party Pac
Store Right on Central Avenue close to the corner of Central and Albion

The Towns Inn.
Bar right on 4th St between Forest and Biddle where 4th does not go anymore.

Fishers Bar
A Bar right on the Corner of 5th and Forest.

The Village Inn A Bar right on the Corner of Grove and Biddle.

The 4 Corners City Park
This park was between Central, Marshall, 6th, Hillsdale Streets and alot of Homes in the Southeast end of town.

Hope this helps out some. I grew up right on Central Avenue and now I only know of one house still standing in that area. It is right on Albion. Also , down on Central Avenue and 7th Street, the Apartments are still there that have been there along time!!! I almost forgot one thing:

This Gas station was right on the Corner where Central Avenue does turn off of Biddle. The building is still there and is used by a Roofing Company

Bob-Jo's Frozen Custard
before being moved to the Quarry location)
was where the old YMCA was before it was torn down.

E-mail I recieved

Don't know if you remember Hank's Confectionary at 1000 Biddle (Biddle and Goddard). Hank was my dad and I was actually born in the apartments above. Bush's Hamburgers right next door. Bush's Hamburgers, I've been told was the Watkins of its day. Both of these establishements were in the BUSH Building, built by my grandfather Herbert Bush. Before I was around, that corner was a gas station and a new/used car lot, again owned by the Bush family, some of whom were race car drivers and builders. Wyandotte Tabacco & Candy was originally/or had a branch on Felice and Biddle. I remember my dad sending me there to get things he may have unexpectedly run out of at his store.

Here's Another

Hi, The bowling alley over a bar (there were lanes behind the bar also) was called Pearce Recreation. It was owned by Izzie Pearce. We woud go there for lunch from RHS in the mid sixties. There was also "the cowman" who brought fresh produce and ice to the south end. He was called this because he rang a large cowbell as he drove. Of course, there was the iceman (my dad did that for a while when things were tight). There was also the "Tinker" who rode a bike with a grinding wheel attached and would sharpen scissors, knives and the like and who would also fix holes in pans. Remember swimming in the streets after a hard rain? (The drains would backup or we would plug them.) Playing "500" and strikeout? Racing from in front of RHS because the old light there could be controlled by a pedestrian? Thanks for the memories, Bob B.

How about Jack Cinnamons market on fort with the tree in side growing

Here's another

How about the old Lincoln Jr High on Oak, The Mc Cord plant on seventh and Oak. Affholters Dairy and ice cream parlor not sure of street, And I can't remember the old boat livery at the foot of Eureka,me my brother and uncle would rent a row boat and go fishing in the river. Is the VFW still in Bishop park? The old ice house on Vanalstine Foot of Oak There was also a third movie house on Biddle but I can't remember the name of it

Another(6-22 2009)

I Can't get into your "send me an e-mail", but wanted to let you know I went to Labadie in the early fifties and knew your Dad. Soda fountain on the left side, juke box in the back where we listened to Bill Haley and The Comets, Chuck Berry, The Platters, and the beginning of rock and roll. Anyway, stumbled onto your web site by accident and love it...talk about memories!!! I graduated from RHS in 1959. This year, it's the 50th reunion...By the way, you didn't mention the Studebaker showroom next to Labadie where we'd peek through the fence to see the new models each year, and Genthe Motors down the street for Chrysler and Plymouths...and what was the name of the Buick dealership a little further south on Biddle, around the corner from JB Ford grade school??? Hope you get this and e-mail me back...I've got some great memories of Wyandotte in the 50's. G.M.

An another (7-12-2009)

Hi. I just sent a response to an email in your Dreambook guestbook and I wanted to include it in this message to you. Here's the message I sent: Gordon, it's a nostalgic pleasure to find the "Places of the Past" web page about Wyandotte (which I, too, found by accident) and your email response to it. I can shed some light on the question you posed in your email, if it hasn't already been answered. The Buick dealership a little farther south on Biddle was "Morris" Buick, or at least it is was around '47 through '50? Funny, I would have thought that place had faded from everyone's memory by now, but, you know, I still think of it for a couple of reasons. One of those reasons is that it was less than a stone's throw from where I was born. I was born (nearly 67 years ago) in a big brick house (or at least it seemed pretty big then) on Biddle, just north of Antoine. Behind our place was an orchard of fruit trees; behind our orchard was Felice and Second Park. Another reason I remember Morris Buick is that one Halloween (I must have been 6 or 7) some bigger kids had taken a bar of soap and changed the word "Parts" on the front of the dealership to "Farts". That was about as wild and criminal as things got back then. I have always remembered that as my own kids passed through their Halloweens. You know, I went to Labadie also, in second grade. Before that, Labadie used to be a junior high (my older sibs went there when it was). So, I went to JB Ford for kindergarten and 1st, then back to JB Ford for third, then to St. Elizabeth's, then we moved to Southgate (Ecorse Township, then). I remember JB Ford had like a glass insert in the floor of the second story hallway. From the first floor hallway, you could see people's footsteps going across it, or, at least, I think I remember that. I believe you could also see a crack in the glass? I remember too that kindergarten was in the basement and that you could go up a kind of ladder and out a window to go out into the playground. Many, many years and many miles from there now! I fondly remember Bush's and Hank's; we went into Hank's all the time, Bush's too. One thing that still makes me smile is, when I went in for candy, many times Hank used to say to me, "Sam, you made the pants too short!" I never really got what he meant by it; I might've been in my 40's when I finally put it together. There was a song back then (maybe originally recorded by Vaughn Monroe?): Sam, You Made the Pants too Long. In looking at some snapshots, of myself in those years, I'd noticed that I always seemed to be wearing highwater pants. My Ma dressed me a bit funny, I guess. So, I guess Hank had just changed the lyric a bit, to something more fitting? Too funny. Anyway, I thought this might bring back a flood of good memories for you, like it did for me. P.S. Wasn't there a Gulf gas station at Clark? and Biddle? I think I remember that we used to go there to scavange for old inner tubes. We used to make slingshots and rubberguns from them. Bird hunting with slingshots was a big deal for us then. It'd be great if Hank's son could see this, if he could know that his dad, via Hank's candy store, brightened my life, about sixty or so years ago. V.C.
(Note From KT)
Could that be the same Hank from Hanks confectionary above you are talking about?)

Another 7-22-09

Found your Web site while doing a Google search for "George Leathers Shoes" and found it to be a wonderful! I was recently telling my children about the store, and how it was once in "Ripley's Believe It or Not" (I remember the framed clipping in the store). My parents took me there to buy my yearly pair of "Buster Brown" shoes for school. I grew up in Riverview in the 1950s and 60s, but we relied on Wyandotte for most of our shopping and entertainment. My pediatrician, J. Hugh Lewis, had his original office in a walk-up suite off Biddle. I, too, remember Affholter's Brothers Creamery for their delicious ice cream - Blue Moon was my favorite flavor. I spent many a Saturday afternoon at the Wyandotte Theater (saw my first James Bond film there), and I remember when the Wyandotte Annex opened and we marvelled that there were TWO screens in building. Not so impressive in these days of the "mega-AMC 250" theater complexes, but to us post-war adolescents it was a breathe-taking concept! I loved Honey Bee doughnuts - the glazed (to me) were the best, and they topped anything I've tasted since. Was there an Amy Joy Donuts in Wyandotte? I seem to remember one, but it may have been in another nearby community. I believe they've retreated to their home-state of Ohio - I don't think there are any outside Ohio today. Other Wyandotte memories: Visiting Santa in his trailer on Biddle - we still display my photo with him from Christmas 1958 every year, along with the Santa photos of my three kids. The Sears and Ward stores on Biddle, back when they were known as (and the signs read) "Sears & Roebuck" and "Montgomery Ward." My first two-wheel bike came from the Firestone on Biddle at Superior. It was a used Schwinn "Spitfire" 20-incher (I think my dad paid about $4-5 for it) that I re-built as a "Stingray" knock-off, removing the fenders and adding a banana seat and high handlebars purchased with my allowance money. Wow ... I could go on, but I need to get back to work! (Found your site on my lunch hour.) I've bookmarked it and I'll check back for updates and other memories. Thanks for maintaining it ... ! Best regards, Dan Saad

The Gulf Gas Station , The station was at 2nd. & Clark St.

Another E-mail

A great place to raise your kids.... a lousy place to grow up in. That's what it was known as in our circles. You really couldn't get into trouble there. I know I tried. Tried to get a speeding ticket but Officer Bethune, who lived on 23rd at Baumey "knew my dad". Another Wyandotte cop let me go because he "knew my dad"(?). The principals let me go because of my family's reputation or, at worst, with a couple of good WHACKS with the "board of education". I graduated the last half-year class from RHS in January 1970. My principal and head rowing coach was Hebda (I don't recall if Ray or Ed, my bad) who owned Hebda Printing on Northline. My mom, Catherine, worked for Affolter Brother's Creamery (ABC) serving ice cream cones. They could eat all they wanted when not working. I went to school with John Affolter, grandson of one of the brothers. John is a good guy. My dad, Ed, was born in an apartment above Weyand Fisheries, as I recall. Or maybe that area. He used to walk around the north end of Wyandotte shooting squirrels and selling the pelts for 50 cents each to the junk men. When he had a paper route he knocked on the door and the woman of the house told him to go to the boat house to collect from her husband. Dad went back there, knocked, and was met with a roomful of men armed with pistols and shotguns.... the booze had just arrived from Canada! My mom had a girlfriend, a Tocco, who lived in the house on the north side of Felice between McKinley and 2nd. The house has a two-story foyer with gun ports on the second floor area. Outside in the side yard - still there, I believe - stood a statue of a golfer. When his arm was up, the booze was in; when down, stay away, store closed. The building on Oak and 1st, an eye clinic last time I was there, had a "House of Ill Repute" upstairs, so my dad confided - but he never went. "Five minutes of pleasure wasn't worth a lifetime of hell." But the bordello bust over the Blue Moon Market at Fort and Northline was the big news of the day. And that was an empty Marathon station last time I was down there. My faintest memory is the spit of land at Fort Street and Pennsylvania where Southgate Lincoln now sits. It used to be a permanent carnival with ferris wheel and other rides, and a line of open stalls. The furthest south, I recall, was a "Shooting Gallery", with real .22-cal rifles, the first real guns I'd ever seen. Down on Biddle I worked for Arnoldi Music, delivering pianos and organs, and two doors from that music shop was the famous, 4-star restaurant, The Wabeek. I ate there maybe twice. It was a little pricey, filled with "old folks". We laughed that the light sconces had oxygen masks that dropped down automatically when needed. My first home I bought was at the dogleg at 15th Superior Blvd. Go due south past Pulaski Park and drive straight up my driveway. Almost 3 storys of solid cement built by the Herman's who lived on the corner. Mary Herman was a Frisch, and if you know Wyandotte cement you know who Frisch is, and they built that house. Up the boulevard was Monte Carmelo, Mount Carmel. I still have a beautiful photo of the trees leading up to the church towers taken after an ice storm. When a PeeWee little leaguer at Pulaski, I can remember hearing the roosters crowing from some of the old Polish homes around there where they still kept them for food and eggs. I also missed Heltee Pantree and Sikora party stores on Fort Street either side of Baumey, and going north, J&M Sporting Goods then the Isetta Dealer (the car with the door on the front) which became Pat's Car Wash, where I saw my first Afro-Americans. But you can't forget the Ecorse Crick, dividing Wyandotte from the "bad guys" in Lincoln Park. It was a CRICK, not a creek! That crick was a jungle, a prairie, a ball diamond, a fortress, a secret hang-out, an orchard, a hockey rink, a fishin' hole, a strange land to be pioneered. Always threatened by mom that I would drown in the crick and warned to stay away, and the spankings for going were worse than any drowning could ever have been. Living at 21st Street we explored, taking our surplus WWII canteens and hiking towards the river. We passed huge grassy yards then an area at St.Johns street that was so thick with cat tails one could mat them down and walk on water; then a strange mud flat in case of overflow that glistened a pearlescent blue (that we later found was cyanide dumped by Whitehead & Kales Steel across the crick); a line of boat docks with "Allegheny White Fish" (condoms) floating all over the water from the lover's who snuck out to the boats; then finally, crossing under Biddle, the Detroit River. Later the jungles by us were torn down and the crick dredged and shored up with cement slabs to stop erosion. And then we became Evel Knievels and rode our bikes on the mountains of dirt piled up (before BMX was ever heard of) and played "King of the Mountain" and "Combat", always wondering if we might find one of those dreaded blasting caps the Public Servicer Ads always warned us about on TV ("Don't touch it!) Now its all apartments. I believe Amy Joy donuts was on the southeast corner of Dix and Emmons, not far from Awrey's Grocery Store where they gave out the Green Stamps. Wow, this could go on forever. Ken


The airport on Eureka just west of Fort Street and the tunnels on each corner of Biddle where pedestrians would cross Biddle under the street. The blind man who had a newstand on First and Biddle, the Rialto Theater and the old softball field near Wyandotte General Hospital where they pitched fast-pitch soft ball The Brass Works on 6th street just north of Eureka The skating rinks at Lincoln School and Pulaski Park Does anyone remember parking their cars in the middle of Biddle when it was sort of a boulevard? Memories from a 1960 RHS Graduate

A few names we didn't notice: Gartner Hardware Cecilia Melody's Cahalan Drug Store Danielson's Frank Merrill's newsstand Navarre Carpet and Shade Milken's Jewelers Lynch and Sullivan Furniture Brohl's Bakery Kinsel's Detroit News substations Thanks for considering including these old-timers..... Joe Gartner and Mary Gil Devlin

The Seaway Bar,Owned by the Cook family in Trenton, it was your basic “shot and a beer” bar across West Jefferson (Biddle) from Wyandotte Chemicals South Works. Bruce Hassen

Grinell Bros. music store ...used to be on the east side of Biddle and on the corner by Sears...then the store moved further south on Biddle..and kitty-corner from the old Kresges's was....now a Stroh's ice cream parlor... great job.......thank you

Hi, My name is Emalie Bunger, I was born at Wyandotte General April of 1975 to Colleene R Derer and Bruce Lustig. My Grandfather is Joe Derer, the owner and the one who built Joe's Party Store with his bare hands. Him and my Grandmother, Minnie Belle Derer built the foundation with their hands! My grandfather was the first to build and have a walk in cooler west of the Mississippi when he built the cooler. Please correct the spelling of his last name. It is Joe Derer. My great grandparents were Joseph and Johanna Derer. I live in WA state now. Thank You very much. I heard the building is gone? I lived above it when I was a baby. Sincerely, Emalie Bunger (Lustig) mother Colleene Ruth Nelson (Derer is maiden name.)

Milkins Jewelry store on Biddle. We got my wedding ring there in 1984, but I bet it is gone now. It was there in 1950’s when I went to school. Graduated from RHS in 1958. Owner of the store, son, graduated with us. Greg Milkins. A lot of the places I do not remember, but do remember the Teddy Bear across from the high school. Afholters dairy to get ice cream cones. And some of the others you have mentioned. Thanks for the memories.

Blossom Bar on Biddle near Eureka – they had the huge paintings of dogs gambling and a beautiful bar! Jill A. Iacopelli

Fred's Barber Shop,Located at 17th and Eureka. He was my grandfather Fred Storace

In the 1970s - The Card n’Candle Shop and The Hobbit Hole – around where The Up n’Down shop is now, which has also been there since the 70’s, The Owl’s Corner, which recently changed to a photography place. Gails Office Supply, and BJ Ryans bar. In the 80s, the old Neisner’s 5&Dime was converted into several shops and one was called Carnaby Street – loved that place. I went to Labadie Elementary School in the 60’s and all the kids there bought candy/bubble gum from Hank’s shop!! There was another place just down from the old “Heidi’s” restaurant called the “Chandlery” – it had a big huge red ship’s wheel on the front – it was owned by Mr. Lusty’s (science teacher at Wilson Jr. High in the 70’s) son. Love this walk back in time!
Maria L Deregi

I very much enjoyed your website. Here are a couple more shops I remember as a kid: K&M Hamburger--south Biddle where the art store is. Petitte Beauty Shop--Oak between Biddle and 1st Jack and Jill Shop--south Biddle between Chestnut and Oak Woodruff School--St. Johns between 5th and 6th LaSalle's Portraits-- north Biddle between Eureka and Sycamore Fashionettes Womans Store--south Biddle used to be next to K&M's Vi's Dinette-- Elm between 1st and 2nd Oddfellows--Elm between 2nd and 3rd Michigan Consolidated Gas--Maple between 1st and 2nd Tony's Produce between 1st and 2nd (Next to gas co) Cahalan Drug Store--south Biddle between Oak and Elm Dr Goff, DDS and Mr Amprim ATY--north Biddle between Oak and Chestnut Schroeders Bar--south Biddle between Oak and Elm (now is RP McMurphys) Fosters Cleaners--south Biddle and 4th streets Ace Bar--north Biddle between Eureka and Sycamore BLossom Bar--?? Taurence Market Goddard RItas party store--Goddard and 8th Russ's Barber Shop--Goddard and 8th (behind Ritas)

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