As these are steel, normally there is often some rust, slight or heavier. None of these buttons have much if any rust problem, but please inquire on individual buttons.

These are not photographed or shown to scale, please refer to your measure.

Flat Steel with Brass escutcheon and Foliage Border! Just a hair less than 1-1/4", Brass shank.

Order #ST-1


Flat steel, Engraved, with Brass Escutcheon attached to Brass Shank. This button is round, not scalloped. 11/16".

Order #ST-2


Steel Cu[ with Brass floral escutcheon, each flower centered with a floral facet! 9/16", Loop shank.

Order #ST-57

$8.00 each.


Order #ST-


Steel cups with Brass- Note the Octagon! 5/8", Steel shanks

Order #ST-40

Octagon $28.00, Round $12.50.

Steel cup, Brass center with Warrior, Screen Background & Steel facet trim! 9/16", Steel shank.

Order #ST-31


Stamped Steel on openwork (pierced) Brass backs. 15/16" & 1-1/16", Brass shanks.

Order #ST-47

$8.50 & $14.00

Victorian Brass with high embossed flower with shaped steel trim! Nice original finish, 7/8", Black lacquer back, loop shank.

Order #ST-48


Blued Steel cups: 9/16" with steel "star" & Brass & blue steel triad design 11/16"!

Order #ST-49

$14.50 each

Embossed 1-Piece Dome shape (11/16")! Steel Shank.

Order #ST-30

Dome $7.50.

Steel cup with Brass Rooster with shaped Steel head! 9/16", loop shank.

Order #ST-51


Steel Cup with Brass Warrior Head in high relief, Colorful Pearl Background! 9/16", Loop shank.

Order #ST-52


Steel cup with Brass Cherub riding a lion, WOOD Background! 5/8", Steel shank.

Order #ST-53


Steel cups- One Blued with blue steel center, the other "red" with Pearl backgroud, Brass Plants with color steel berries! Each is 9/16".

Order #ST-54

$16.00 each

"Red" Steel cup with WOOD & tinted steels! 19/16", Steel shank.

Order #ST-55


Gorgeous Steel "ruffly cup (round button) with "White Metal" escutcheon of high dimensional Grapes! 1-1/16", brass loop shank. Unused quality.

Order #ST-512


Steel cup, copper color, center of white metal, brass, enamel & steels! 9/16", Steel shank.

Order #ST-43


"Blued" Steel cup with Steels & textile OR hair center. I cannot confirm the fiber, but feel confident it is thread/yarn and not hair, but canot guarantee without harming button. 9/16", Steel shank.

Order #ST-45


Steel Cup with interesting & unusual "White Metal" center! 1-1/8", Brass loop shank.

Order #ST-6


Steel Cup, Square center with steel facets, and "Fabulous" animals" brass border! 1-1/16", Steel shank.

Order #ST-56



Order #ST-


Steel cup with glittering brass background, twisted brass coil border, filigree center withi steel facet! 1-1/16", Loop shank.

Order #ST-9


Faceted & riveted steels with spindle-shape steels at center. 5/8", Loop shank.

Order #ST-58

$4.00 each, 5 available.

Steel Crescent with steel facet borders + lavender paste! Apx. 1/2", Loop shankss.

Order #ST-11

$22.50 Crescent.

Steel Cup with inset with original red tint on white metal with embossed picture of a basket of flowers! 1-1/16", Brass loop shank.

Order #ST-59


Steel cup, Pearl Background, Brass flower with steels! 9/16", Steel shank.

Order #ST-41


"Pierced" steel cup, 3-dimensional lacy steel center! 9/16", Steel loop shank.

Order #ST-14


Steel cup with brass pictorial center of Bird in flight & Fence! 5/8", Steel shank.

Order #ST-38



Order #ST-


Steel cup, with Brass "Feather Pinwheel"! 1-7/16" (NBS Large), steel shank.

Order #ST-19


Steel Cup, Brass center with high embossed Bird, cat-tails & ? Dragon? Alligator? Just a hair under 1-1/4", Steel shank.

Order #ST-20


Steel cup, Pearl background, Rose & Rosebud in Brass with Steel trim! 9/16", Steel shank.

Order #ST-42


Flat steel with incised grid pattern! 1-1/16", Loop shank.

Order #ST-22


Steel cup, Brass "hobnail" background, Enamel flower center! 5/8", Steel shank.

Order #ST-23


Steel Cup, Pearl background, Scaramouche holding Umbrella with faceted steels! 9/16", Small loop shank.

Order #ST-24


Flat Steel with floral design, Original yellow tinted stamens! Almost 3/4", Steel shank.

Order #ST-25


Your choice: Steel cup with White Metal floral center & steels trim (9/16") or Stamped Steel with Pearl center & small steel at center 9/16". Steel shanks.

Order #ST-44

Cup $14.50; Stamped with Pearl $8.50.

Square Steel Cup, Brass with Steels center! 5/8" Diagonally, Steel Shank.

Order #ST-18


Steel Cup, center of Pearl with carved Cherries prong-set with Brass! 1/2", Loop Shank.

Order #ST-28



Order #ST-


Flat Steel with Flowers on Trellis & much of the original amazing original red & yellow tints! 7/8", LoopShank.

Order #ST-34


Steel cup, Brass center of Musician! 9/16", Steel shank.

Order #ST-35


Steel Cup with Enamel center! 9/16", Steel Shank.

Order #ST-36


Steel cup , French Fops (Mervelleuse) holding Fan, Foliage & Fence or Balcony Railing! 9/16+", Steel shank.

Order #ST-37


Flat steel buttons, one with recessed area holding inset brass flower, the other with blued steel spplied design. 5/8", Steel shank.

Order #ST-46

$10.00 each.

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