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NOTE that buttons are not shown to scale. ALSO, all shown are made from plastics unless stated otherwise.

Bakelite Golf Club Bags- brown, black or butterscotch. 1".

Order # WR1-594a

$12.00 each.

Bakelite Tennis or Squash Racquets! 1-1/8".

Order # WR1-601

$12.00 each.

Bakelite Swallows in flight- black, brown, green, red. Apx. 1".

Order # WR1-586

$12.00 each.

Bakelite Anchor in Red! 7/8".

Order # WR1-595


Handsome "white" metal Fleur d'lys. Look shank, apx. 1-1/2".

Order # WR1-93


Pewter flower shapes. Division III, 5/8", loop shank.

Order # WR1-603

$1.50 each

Original card of four glass realistic faces! 9/16", Self shank.

Order #WR1-361

$20.00 Set of 4 on Original Card. SALE PENDING

Elusive '40's Clown with original paint trim!

Order #WR1-516


Silver electroplated plastic (probably Bakelite) Bell! 1", Metal loop shank.

Order #WR1-515

$7.50 SOLD.

Celluloid realistic "Berry"! Hollow construction, Flat Loop Shank, 1-1/2".

Order #WR1-508


Bakelite Terriers- your choice of Black or Brown! Just over 1".

Order #WR1-337


Bakelite Saxophones - your choice of colors! Apx. 1".

Order #WR1-338

$7.50 each

Big Navy Blue Stars! 1-1/4"

Order #WR1-339

7.50 each

From the '50s, ELSIE, the Borden cow! 3/4"

Order #WR1-409

$5.00 each.

Butterscotch or Black Bakelite Monkey, Apx. 1". (He's powdered for his photo

Order #WR1-374

$15.00 each

Bakelite Shoes! 1".

Order #WR1-371

$14.50 each
SALE $12.50 each

Your choice of colors in a Bakelite Pumpkin! 7/8", Sew-thru.

Order #WR1-441

$8.00 each.

Realistic Celluloid Ear of Corn! Applied celluloid flat loop shank, just under 3/4".

Order #WR1-367


Vintage "Hi Fi" Record! 15/16", Curved Wedge Shank.

Order #WR1-333


Handsome pewter rabbit, apx. 7/8", pewter shank.

Order #WR1-582


Red Sailboats from the 40's, apx 1", peg shank.

Order #WR1-202

$3.00 each

Realistic celluloid leaves w/seeds. Mauve/grey, applied celluloid flat loop shanks, 1-1/2".

Order #WR1-201

$7.50 each

Cute Birds in moss-green & Scotties in your choice of brighter green or orange! Apx. 3/4", Sew throughs.

Order #WR1-117

$2.50 each

Scarce original nursery rhyme card with 4 red Bakelite Little Red Riding Hood buttons!

Each button apx. 1", Sew throughs. Card has very light wear and has discolored spot near top.

Order #WR1-300

$125.00 card

Bakelite- Little Red riding Hood, Old Mother Hubbard & Old King Cole!! Apx. 1", sew throughs.

Order #WR1-302

$16.50 each.

Casein Cocktail Shakers in translucent red. 1", 2-Hole style.

Order #WR1-91

$8.00 each

Bakelite Giraffes- 1-1/4" NBS Med.

Order #WR1-1

$8.00 per giraffe.

Chunky Bakelite realistic flower shape with painted center Flat metal loop shank, 7/8".

Order #WR1-70


Realistic Tan Silk Glass Bamboo! 15/16" long, NBS Medium.

Order #WR1-517


Bakelite realistic Locks- your choice of colors!

Order #WR1-41

$10.00 ea.

Bakelite realistic Strawberries in your color choice!

Order #WR1-61

$10.00 each

1940's Vintage Horseback Cowboy! Apx. 3/4"

Order #WR1-44


Vintage realistic Casein Ducks in blue! Apx. 3/4", self shank.

Order #WR1-329

$3.00 each

Vintage Casein sew-thru Crowns- Black or White. 5/8"

Order #WR1-63

$4.50 ea.

Pink Puppy! Apx. 3/4".

Order #WR1-368


Vintage '40s realistic Sombreros!

Order #WR1-46

$2.00 each

Vintage Umbrella from the Ladies' Accessory set! Red Only.

Order #WR1-346

$3.00 each

Patriotic theme realistics from the 1940's WW II era!

Order #WR1-4

$2.00 each

Other patriotic designs available!

Realistic Four Leaf Clovers in Blue! From the 40's, just under 3/4", self shank.

Order #WR1-19

$2.00 each

Leaves! Your choice of White, Brown, Lt. Blue or Black Red! From the 40's, 5/8"- 7/8".

Order #WR1-203

$2.00 each

Vintage 1940's Flies! 3/4"

Order # WR1-351

$3.00 each.

Goldtone metal realistic elaborate "flourish". Apx. 1", loop shank.

Order #WR1-579


1940s Realistic Wolves!

Order #WR1-306A

$4.00 each

Elusive group of 4 paint-trimmed animal heads! Fox, Bear, BigHorn Sheep, Steer.

Order #WR1-306B

Steer $4.00; Group of 3 remaining $15.00.

Realistic Celluloid Footballs, gold paint finish with black "stitches"! 1-1/4" NBS Medium.

Order # WR1-23

$6.00 each.

Pastel Blue OR White Casein Flowers! 1-1/4".

Order # WR1-354

$3.50 each. SOLD

1940's Scotties- Walking (Black) or Sitting Up (Navy).

Order # WR1-347

$3.00 each.

Doggies- Running Greyhound, Puppy & Head!

Order # WR1-348

$3.00 each.

'40s White Metal/Rhinestone Crown! Probably made to celebrate Queen Elizabeth. 3/4", wedge shank.

Order #WR1-514


1940's Sitting Scottie! Just over 1".

Order # WR1-353

$4.00 each.

"Smile" or "I Heart U"- Vintage 1980.

Order # WR1-328

$2.00 each group.

Casein Fish- Pink or Black! Just over 1".

Order # WR1-440

$4.00 each.

Transparent RootBeer color (probably Bakelite) Realistic Star, underside carved, and with "glitter bubble" at center. Applied shank, 1-3/8".

Order # WR1-332


Matte-finish gold-tone Bow with sprinkling of rhinestones at center! Apx. 1-5/8", wedge shank.

Order # WR1-412


Realistic Celluloid Pepper with Stem! Apx. 1/2", Metal loop shank.

Order # WR1-494


Red glass Lady Bugs! 1/2", Self shank.

Order # WR1-408

$2.00 each.

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