I have long provided buttons to Civil War Re-Enactors & Mountain Man" enthusiasts in the Salt Lake City area! I try to always have special buttons in stock for these customers- available singly or in sets! In addition to this page, you will find appropriate buttons also on the CHINA, BLACK GLASS, the PEARL and the NATURAL MATERIALS Pages as well on several of the pages of "SETS"! DO feel free to make special requests- I love to dig in to fill custom orders!

Here are the 4-hole bone buttons everyone needs for their tents! Just a teeny bit over 5/8".

Order #ReE-1

50 each. NOTE: Box is sold, but many other bone similar bone buttons available!

Set of brown RUBBER buttons with self shank! 9/16". Backmarked

Order #ReE-29

$32.00 Set of 8

Black RUBBER buttons with self shanks! 1/2", 5/8" & 3/4". Backmarked

Order #ReE-30

$4.00 Each.

Black 4-hole RUBBER buttons! 3/4". Backmarked

Order #ReE-31

$3.00 Each. 4 Available

Black RUBBER buttons with textile texture design on top! 1" & 1-1/2". Goodyear Backmark.

Order #ReE-32

1": $4.50 Each, 6 Available; 1-1/2" $7.50 Each, 2 Available.

HORN buttons, unmarked back, note the texture design which is nearly the same as the rubber ones just above! Available in 2 sizes: 5/8" (16 available) 11/16" (22 available), self shank.

Order #ReE-33

1": $2.00 Each

Steel trouser fly buttons. Size varies, usually apx. 9/16".

Order #ReE-3

$1.00 each

Brass trouser buttons with tin back. Apx. 5/8"

Order #ReE-10

$1.00 each

US Army trouser fly buttons!

Order #ReE-5

$1.00 each.

Dull-finish Black Glass ball-shape Victorian buttons. 9/16", Brass loop shank and plate. Perfect for men or women's mourning clothing.

Order #ReE-77

$2.00 each, 12 Available.


Order #ReE-



Order #


Black glass, flat 2-hole style. Great for Vests! Yes, men often wore black glass buttons on their "fancy" vests! 7/16".

Order #ReE-6

$1.00 each. 10 Available.

Composition, unusually large 2" sew-throughs!

Order #ReE-11

$22.50 Set of 5

Old "Composition", 1-3/4", 4-Hole style.

Order #ReE-12

$20.00 Set of 5

Old "Composition", intermixed shades of brown and some tinsel stirred within! 1", Self shank.

Order #ReE-13

$20.00 Set of 8 (OR can sell Set of 4)


Order #ReE-

Antler "ovals", large holes for leather thong. Apx. 1-3/4" long. As these are natural, the oval contour varies, no two exactly alike.

Order #ReE-14

$3.50 each

Actual antler slices. Apx 5/8", 2-Hole style.

Order #ReE-16

$9.00 Set of 6

Old "Composition" in a "putty" color, shaped rather like bowler hats! 7/8", Self shank.

Order #ReE-15

$2.50 each; 14 Available.

Slices of antler, polished and (?) varnished. Apx. 3/4", 4-Hole style.

Order #ReE-17

$6.00 Set of 6

Vintage wooden forms for making your own covered buttons. Use cloth, with woven threads, crochet, needle-lace - limited only your imagination! 15/16", 1-5/16", 1-11/16"

Order #ReE-WoodForms

50 each.

Vintage 1880-90, unused "Composition" buttons, 5/8", great for a lady's jacket or dress! 5/8", self-shank style.

Order #ReE-18

$1.25 each; 24 available.


Order #ReE-


Vintage 1880-90 Black 4-hole Vegetable Ivory buttons, 4-hole style, perfect for men's clothing! On remnants of original cards marked "fine ivory". 3/4".

Order #ReE-20

$1.00 each; 21 available.

A sampling of China CALICO buttons from the 1860's- they were made in over 350 various patterns and as many as 12 color variation, mainly in small (apx. 1/2") sizes. I can often prepare matching sets for ReEnactors- just email with your special requests! Use the link below to the page of China Buttons!

Calicoes are generally $3.00 each

Assorted CHINA buttons dating from the 1860's, various body styles and colors. I can usually prepare "matching sets" for ReEnactors!

Order #ReE-CH-5

$1.00 each and up, plain whites are usually 50.

Blue, Purple OR Green banded chinas "Inkwell" shape OR "Dish" shape buttons, 7/16". Also made in Black, Brown, & several other colors.

Order #ReE-CH-11

$1.00 per button.

Purple OR Pink banded china "Dish" shape buttons, 7/16".

Order #ReE-CH-12

$1.00 per button.

Larger than normal (5/8"+) Brown banded chinas in "Dish" shape & "Inkwell" shape in Orange (7/16")!

Order #ReE-CH-13

$1.50 & $1.00 per button.

Black (7/16"), Pink (7/16") OR Blue (1/2") 2-band Banded "Dish" shape buttons. Other colors frequently available.

Order #ReE-CH-14

$1.00 per button.

The next several button groups are all actual coin buttons which I had made by craftsmen several years ago; the age of the coins varies. These are great to use on heavy fabrics and leather!

Domed coin with picture of a Sow and her litter of piglets! 1", metal loop shank.

Order #ReE-21

$2.50 each

Domed coin (Australian penny) with picture of Kangaroo! 1-1/4", metal loop shank.

Order #ReE-22

$3.50 each

Domed coin with picture hunting rifles. 15/16", metal loop shank.

Order #ReE-23

$2.50 each

Domed coin with picture of heads of 3 ladies! 15/16", metal loop shank.

Order #ReE-24

$2.50 each

Domed copper coin (Trinidad one cent) with picture of a Hummingbird! 5/8", metal loop shank.

Order #ReE-25

$2.50 each

Domed brass coin with picture of head of man wearing a fez! 15/16", metal loop shank.

Order #ReE-26

$2.50 each


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