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Victorian pearl with Transfer design! Just over 3/4" (NBS Medium), swaged-in metal loop shank .

Order #WP-336


Beautifully carved brown smoky pearl. 1-1/16", 4-Hole.

Order #WP-378

$5.00 each

Victorian pearl with Brass Grapes escutcheon! 5/8", Loop shank.

Order #WP-366


Victorian engraved pearl with gold-filled line design of a Roman in a toga standing in an arbor. 1"+, Large brass loop shank.

Order #WP-404


Victorian pearl with Steels and White Metal escutcheon of stem, leaves and berries! 5/8".

Order #WP-367


Steel stars on Pearl! 1/2", Loop shank.

Order #WP-369

$8.50 Each.

Victorian Grey Pearl w/Steel Fly escutcheon! 9/16", Loop shank.

Order #WP-396


Well-defined pearl 5-point star shape! Just a tad over 3/4" (NBS Medium), Division III, "peg" shank with tunnel.

Order #WP-94a

$2.50 each

Pearl Shapes w/2 holes! 1-1/16" - 1-1/4"

Order #WP-371

$4.50 each

Victorian pearl engraved with a handsome dragon. Beautiful iridescence. 11/16", 2-Hole.

Order #WP-407


Original card of 7/8" deep pink pearls trimmed with rhinestones!

Order #WP-309

$4.50 card. NOTE: Yellow card SOLD.

Smoky Brown carved pearl- 1/8" thick! 1-3/8", 4-Hole.

Order #WP-376

$6.00 each

White Victorian pearl square wrapped with gold (brass?) bands. 13/16" (Measured diagonally)(NBS Medium), brass loop shank

Order #WP-408


Smoky Pearl with carved and engraved design! 1-1/16".

Order #WP-340


Victorian engraved pearl! 7/8".

Order #WP-341


Victorian engraved pearls! 11/16".

Order #WP-343

$7.50 each

Brass with Pearl center! 1-1/16", Tin back w/self shank.

Order #WP-337


Deeply carved pearl Rose! Just barely under 3/4", self shank.

Order #WP-344


Large 4-Hole Smoky pearls with carved border! 1-1/8".

Order #WP-375

$4.50 each

Smoky Grey pearl inset in lustrous white pearl. 4-Hole, 1-3/8".

Order #WP-403


Victorian 2-Hole Grey Pearl, engraved, gilt-trim, and cameo carved! 11/16".

Order #WP-390


Victorian pearl 5-piece Tuxedo vest set. 9/16", Long brass shanks w/original pins.

Order #WP-53

$25.00 Set

Victorian engraved & pierced pearl with Celtic entwined design! 2-Hole, 11/16".

Order #WP-386


Victorian realistic Crescent Moon! 11/16", Metal loop shank w/plate.

Order #WP-328


Victorian scenic engraved pearl in a natural purple-colour! 11/16", 2-Hole.

Order #WP-320


White pearl 6-point star inset in Smoky Grey pearl! 1-1/16", Metal shank.

Order #WP-402


Brown pearl with inset/inlay white pearl ring! 2-Hole, 1-1/2".

Order #WP-401

$ 7.50

Victorian pearls- Red w/Brass Flower escutcheon OR White w/Brass & Steel Flower escutcheon! 9/16", Metal loop shank.

Order #WP-399

$14.00 each

Smoky brown 4-hole pearls, carved with pinwheel design!

Order #WP-380

$8.50 each

Carved & Engraved 4-hole pearl w/brown border! 3/4".

Order #WP-310


Victorian pearls w/metal trim! 5/8" with steels & metal loop shank; 11/16" Engraved sew-thru!

Order #WP-312

$7.00 each

Large 4-Hole Smoky pearls with carved border! 1-7/16".Order #WP-374

$7.50 each

Fancy carved pink pearl w/prong-set rhinestone! 11/16", Pull-up metal shank.

Order #WP-308

$5.50 each.

Victorian pearl w/brass escution of classical head! 5/8", Brass shank.

Order #WP-300


Smoky Brown pearls, carved deeply to show back color! 1-1/8".

Order #WP-377

$6.50 each (2 available)

Victorian engraved pearl. 7/8".

Order #WP-33


Smoky Pearl with heavily carved pinwheel design. 4-Hole sew-thru, 1-7/16".

Order #WP-15

$10.00 each

Carved scallop edge mother of pearl. 1-1/2".

Order #WP-27


2-Hole buttons made from the shell of the "Giant Pen" ~ Pinna Shell. An unusual pink-brown color held to the light. Contemporary, 15/16" & 1-3/16".

Order #WP-17

$2.50 & $3.00 each

Chunky white pearl Realistic Cherub! Engraved wings, 2-Hole style, apx. 15/16".

Order #WP-406


Victorian 2-hole button, engraved and inlaid with steel discs! 15/16".

Order #WP-19


Pearl Shell, "double-cut" and dyed! Brown 7/8, Blue 1-5/8" & 1-1/16".

Order #WP-20

$6.00 &
$8.50 each

Square Carved pearls w/2 holes. 1-1/2" diagonally.

Order #WP-370

$6.00 each, 5 available.

Large Square Pearls! Sew-throughs, Apx. 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" diagonally measured.

Order #WP-382

$6.00 each


Order #WP-


Rectangular Cowrey Shell! Apx. 7/8 Diagonally, 2-Hole style.

Order #WP-354

$3.50 each

Carved & Dyed Pearl Buckles- Chocolate or Hot Pink!

On original cards! 1-1/2" x 1-3/8".

Order #WP-361 (Brown)


I do have more pearl buckles- just email me your special requests!

Order #WP-362 (Pink)


Lots more Pearls!
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