Buttons & Notions


Victorian Black Glass Square shape with paisley line design. Self shank. 5/8"

Order #PA-1

Ruby Victorian rectangle withi line design & luster. Self shank. 11/16"

Order #PA-14

Red/Purple Victorian Pearl with engraved & lustered paisley. Two-hole style. 5/8"

Order #PA-22

Your choice of Victorian metal, each 9/16".

Order #PA-29

$3.50 each.

Victorian Black Glass Whistle! 3/4" (NBS Small).

Order #PA-27



Order #PA

Your choice of Victorian black glass, each with self shanks. 9/16" & 5/8".

Order #PA-32

$5.50 each

Victorian buttons with Paisley design & original tint! 1-1/16", Black tin back, loop shank.

Order #PA-27a

$9.50 each

Victorian Enamelled

Order #PA-


Victorian black glass, Your choice of 4 paisleys 9/16", or 1 paisley 11/16".

Order #PA-36

$7.50 each

Victorian black glass rectangles- one with 5 paisley, the other with even more! 3/4" (NBS Medium), self shanks.

Order #PA-37

$7.50 each


Order #PA-


Victorian Enamel with steel border! 5/8", Loop shank.

Order #PA-41


Victorian "clambroth" glass with paisly incised line design w/gold. Oval shape, just under 3/4" (NBS small), self shank.

P>Order #PA-45


Victorian Steel Cup with brass center and steels, 5/8".

Order #PA-43


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