Buttons & Notions

Including Victorian picture buttons & actual Oriental-made buttons!

Kutani porcelain realistic flower in your choice of colors! Self shank. Apx. 1" in Yellow only. Apx. 3/4" in either color.

Order #OR-303

$36.00 & $32.00 each.

This is actually a Set of 5 Cinnabar buttons! 3/4", Backmarked China, Metal loop shank.

Order #OR-360


Your choice of Floral with Foliage design Cinnabar buttons. High domed, metal loop shank.

Order #OR-390

7/16" $10.00 each, backmarked China; 15/16" $20.00 each; 1-7/16", $26.00 each.

Victorian Brass, nice original finish. Brass back w/self shank, 1-1/2".

Order #OR-373a


Victorian Brass, similar to 373a. Lacquered back, loop shank, 1-1/2".

Order #OR-373b



Order #OR-


Handsome hand carved Dragon, made from bone. 1", Self-carved turret-type shank.

Order #OR-391


Pierced "White Metal" with picture of a ferocious dragon! 1-1/16", Loop shank.

Order #OR-8


Opaque Red Glass with gold lustered ideogram. Backmark La Mode, self shank, 11.16".

Order #OR-385


"YUM-YUM" from the operetta "The Mikado"! One-piece Victorian pierced brass. 1-1/16", Loop shank.

Order #OR-501


Engraved and tinted Bone, inset into dark wood, with picture of 2 Carp & Seaweed! 1-3/8", Turret shank carved.

Order #OR-358


Handsome Animal Head in relief, carved and tinted bone inset in wood. 1-1/2", Turret shank.

Order #OR-346



Order #OR-


Two Of the 7 Immortals, Arita Porcelain! Just over 3/4".

Order #OR-302a & b

$35.00 each

Vntg. Carved Oriental Bone set in Wood button with Dragonfly! 1-7/16", Self shank.

Order #OR-317



Order #OR-


Ivoroid picture of 3 people in a garden, one playing a stringed instrument. 1-5/16", Metal back w/loop shank.

Order # OR-386


Order # OR-

Arita porcelain realistic SEAHORSE! Apx. 7/8", Self shank, backmark as expected.

Order # OR-338


Order #OR-



Order #OR-


Fabulous Dragon, Leaves and Branches Border, Wood Background! 1-13/16", Black Lacquered back, Loop shank.

Order #OR-356


Victorian Black Glass, Nice coppery luster in great condition. Historically called "Ghengis Kahn". 1-1/16", Brass loop shank w/plate.

Order #OR-389



Order #OR-



These charming contemporary netsuke are hand-carved of the "Vegetable Ivory" Nut. Because they are indeed hand crafted, some do have some flaws so please do email me for more views. To conserve space, I show only one view of most but I can easily send you more pictures! They are delightful!

A nice, fat Carp! Apx. 1-7/8" x 7/8".

Order #NET-Carp


A Turtle with a Frog upon his back, and smaller Turtle trying to climb on board! Apx. 2" x 1".

Order #NET-Turtle-Frog


1-3/4"x 1-3/4">

Order #NET-Ram


Rabbit inside a woven basket filled with "berries"! 1-1/2" x 1-1/4".

Order #NET-Bunny


Lucky Elephant! Apx. 1-1/2" x 2"

Order #NET-Elephant


2" x 1-1/4".

Order #NET-Foo


Monkey carrying large nuts over his shoulder! Apx. 1-3/4" high.

Order #NET-Monkey


Handsome Roosterpx. 2" x 1-1/2".

Order #NET-Rooster


A wonderful Turtle, BUT when you turn him over .... ! Apx. 1-7/8" tall.

Order #NET-Turtle-Man


A handsome Frog sitting atop a Shoe! Apx. 2-1/2" long.

Order #NET-Frog-Shoe


A handsome Frog, posing as a Sumo! Apx. 2" high.

Order #NET-Sumo


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