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On this page you will find "Notions"- button/sewing related items, shanks for repairs, books on buttons, buckles, and other special treasures! Shirt-Waist Studs will also be found here! Be sure to contact me with your special requests!

An absolutely stunning Victorian-era Champlévé enamel buckle! It measures apx. 1-1/2" x 3-1/8". Fine condition. Order #WNO-15


A vintage sew-on dress trim with prong-set pastes in "silver" (a bit tarnished but nice that way). This beauty measures apx. 1-3/4" by 4-1/2". Order #WNO-302


Your choice of Pearl Buckles - 5/8" to 1-3/4". Order #WNO-PearlBuckles

$2.50, $3.50 & $5.00 each

A Black Glass "passementerie" buckle. Delicate- this would be beautiful used on a black velvet choker! Apx. 1-3/4". Damage to one crescent shape.Order #WNO-BlackBuckle


Sweet tiny glass buckles- mirroed backs, gold trim. Your choice of Red or Green, 7/18".Order #WNO-BU-5

$7.50 each.

Tiny button shanks- 5/16" diameter: visualize these as Barbie's biscuit cutters!

Order #SHANK-1

$1.00 per dozen

Order #SHANK-2

50˘ Each

Square "Cups"- 11/16" diagonal measurement, 1/16" deep. These are vintage and have some oxidation; you may wish to clean them.
Order #Square Shanks

25˘ Each



These can be shipped Media Mail rate for great bargain (albeit slow) shipping! These are used but complete. Most have name written on cover, a few have been hole-punched for putting into a binder. Inquire please as to specific information you may want.



1945:July, October

1948:January, March, May, September, November



1956:July, September

1962:January, March, July, September, November



1970:All months available.


1973:All months available.

1974:March-April, May-June

1975:All months available.

1976:All months available.

1977:All months available.

1978:All months available.

1979:January/February, September/October

1980:March/April, May/June, JulyAugust, September/October, November/December

1982:February, May, July, October

1987:All months available.

1989:All months available.

1991:All months available.

1994:All months available.

1995:All months available.

1999:All months available.

Order #NBBs- specific year & month desired

Issues with color plates: $4.00 Per Issue

All others $2.00 Per Issue.



Superior Quality 4-Mil Vinyl Bags. These measure a generous 10-1/4" x 17"- plenty of room for your chunkiest buttons!

Please note that these are thick 4-Mil vinyl!

Order #W-Bags

30˘ each including parcel post shipping.

Vintage 1920's Shoe Button Covers- used on the type of shoe which has a single strap across the top of foot. These covers were used to decorate the shoe & hide the plain button!
Order #WNO-300

$12.50 Per Pair

Not buttons- YET! Hand-carved vintage bone "buttons"- shankless but drilled! Make yourself a set of buttons with matching earrings! Apx. 3/4".
Order #WNO-16

$1.00 each

Not buttons- charming Czech glass pierced hearts- vintage stock! Apx. 1/2".
Order #WNO-4

$1.25 each

Not buttons- Glass "medallions" chunky and in your choice of Blue or Amber. 1" in Amber, & 1-1/4" in Blue.
Order #WNO-6

$2.00 each

Not buttons- Bakelite Charm, made from same mold as the buttons! 1" High- one of Snow White's dwarfs!
Order #WNO-12


Beautiful vintage gold plated hairpins, 2" long & in beautiful condition! (Original box in poor condition.)

Order #WNO-Hairpins

$40.00 Set of 20

Your choice of vintage Advertising Shoe Button Hooks - from THE MAY CO., DENVER; "WALK-OVER" SHOES FOR MEN & WOMEN; or S. & S. SHOE STORE, LOUP CITY, NEB.

Order #WNO-Ad-Hooks

$10.00, $10.00 & $15.00 Each

Your choice of vintage Shoe Button Hooks- One with Bone handle, 2 with Celluloid handles, 1 with Mother-of-Pearl!

Order #WNO-Hooks

$14.00, $12.00, $12.00 & $24.00 Each

Simply gorgeous Victorian Stud-back, silver, gold and pearl inlay in Horn. NOTE that the top is possibly tortoise but I cannot test it. Unusual construction- please inquire.
Order #WNO-301


Beautiful old carved Shirtwaist Studs! Each is 1-3/16".
Order #WNO-9

$24.00 Set of 3

Porcelain ShirtWaist Studs, handpainted with Forget-Me-Nots. 3/4"
Order #WNO-7

$28.00 Pair

Porcelain ShirtWaist Studs, handpainted with Pink Roses, 7/8".
Order #WNO-20

Set of 4

Porcelain ShirtWaist Stud, handpainted with Violets! 1-1/8"
Order #WNO-10



Porcelain ShirtWaist Stud, handpainted with Forget-Me-Nots! 15/16"
Order #WNO-23


Another Porcelain ShirtWaist Stud, handpainted with Forget-Me-Nots! 15/16"
Order #WNO-24


Porcelain ShirtWaist Stud, Realistic shape & handpainted with a Pansy! 1"
Order #WNO-25


Porcelain ShirtWaist Stud, handpainted with Pink & Red Roses and elaborate border! 3/4", 1" & 1-1/8"
Order #WNO-26

$25.00 each
4 total available.

Bone Shirt Studs.
Order #WNO-8

$2.00 each

Unusual Bakelite Shirt Studs in deep wine-red.
Order #WNO-300

$3.50 each
14 Available.

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