Julia's Buttons & Notions

Hand painted Oriental landscape. 1/2", Self shank.

Order #VI-58


Black-dyed, embossed Floral design! 9/16", Self shank.

Order #VI-349


Veggie Ivory in red. Deep cup shape with pierced border! 1/2"

Order #VI-54

$4.00 each

Veggie Ivory with embossed STAR pattern! "J"s between points! 7/8"

Order #VI-55


Vegetable Ivory in a nice wine-red color, carved, AND 1-1/8" diameter!

Order #VI-26

$3.00 each

Vegetable Ivory with a windowpane check dyed pattern. 11/16".

Order #VI-16

$1.50 each

20 available

Vegetable Ivory, dyed "peach" and carved! Self shank, 9/16".

Order #VI-539

$2.00 each

Vegetable Ivory with carving, 1/2" - 5/8".

Order #VI-19

$2.00 each SALE PENDING

Vegetable Ivory with carved bands- Green, Black, Tan, Brown. 5/8" to 11/16".

Order #VI-27

$1.50 each

Vegetable Ivory with carving- just barely over 3/8".!

Order #VI-28

$2.00 each

Vegetable Ivory carved Whistles! 11/16".

Order #VI-29

$2.50 each

Vegetable Ivory shapes with carving- Square 9/16" & modified oval 11/16". Self shank.

Order #VI-342

$4.50 each.

Vegetable Ivory with stencilled Floral design & with crescent area embossed! 9/6".

Order #VI-31

$6.00 each

Embossed Vegetable Ivory which is also Dyed (red or green) & Pearlized! 1/2".

Order #VI-32

$3.00 each

Vegetable Ivory, chunky with inset of vivid wine-color Pearl. White metal shank on plate, 9/16".

Order #VI-34

$3.50 each

Vegetable Ivory Whistles, 1/2" - 3/4"!

Order #VI-35

$2.00 each

Vegetable Ivory with carving- 1/2" - 11/16"!

Order #VI-36

$2.00 each

Medium-size Vegetable Ivory with carving. 7/8" & 1". Both with self shanks.

Order #VI-37

$3.50 each

Vegetable Ivory, one with Crescent Moon (9/16"), Pierced (5/8"), or carved patterns (5/8")!

Order #VI-39

Moon $4.00, Pierced $3.00, Others $2.00 each

Vegetable Ivory "snakes"! 5/8".

Order #VI-40

$2.50 each

Vegetable Ivory with stencilled plaid designs. 11/16", 3/4" (Medium) and 13/16".

Order #VI-44

Medium $3.00, Others $2.00 each

Vegetable Ivory- one has metal loop shank. 7/16" - 9/16".

Order #VI-41

$2.00 each

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