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Order #WN-


Norwalk Pottery in brown & green. Pinshank 11/16"

Order #WN-1


Victorian Papier Maché with pearl inlay! Rectangle 3/4+"; round 11/16". Metal shanks.

Order #WN-2a & b

$8.50 & $6.00 each

Compo Flecks with glitter & even one with pearl! NBS Small.

Order #WN-3

$2.00 each

Compo Flecks! Blue with glitter & pearl inlay, Mustard with glitter and pudding, or Black and green marbellized! Whistles are 11/16", 2-Hole is 3/4"+.

Order #WN-15

$2.00 each

several of each available

Composition shell, Medium size! 1-1/16", sew-thru. Also available 5/8" & 11/16".

Order #WN-338

$8.50 each, smaller $4.00 each.

Compo with embossed flower! 11/16", Self shank.

Order #WN-318


Composition Wolf Head! 11/16", Self shank.

Order #WN-322


Composition realistic Shell! Barely 3/4" (NBS small), 2-Hole style.

Order #WN-324

$4.50 each

Composition Battle Axe! 9/16", Self shank.

Order #WN-319

$3.50 each

Composition with embossed "trellis" pattern. 3/4", Self shank.

Order #WN-323

$4.00 each each.

Rectangular shaped with pearl inlay! Victorian, 11/16", 2-Hole.

Order #WN-312

$4.00 each, 17 Available.

Vintage unused Composition heads- Lt. Blue 7/16", Rust 11/16", Grey 1/2". Tunnelled-thru self shanks.

Order #WN-4

$2.00 each.

Composition Fans with "Tinsel" trim. 5/8"

Order #WN-325

$4.00 each.

Hand-crafted buttons, covered with authentic vintage TAPA CLOTH! Available in your choice of sizes- no 2 are alike!

Order #WN-5

$2.25 (Sm) to $3.50 (Lg)


Are you looking for vintage Rubber Buttons? Email me with your wants. I have more and even in sets for Re-Enactors!


Stamped and painted wood button with cute Scottie! 7/8", metal loop shank.

Order #WN-378


Cherries, impressed & painted on wood! Sew-through, 1-1/4" NBS Large!

Order #WN-315


Octagonal Burwood with floral design. 1", 1-1/4" & 1-1/2", Sew through.

Order #WN-307

$7.50, $9.00 & $12.00 each

Burwood with pierced and embossed picture of lady being walked by her dog! 2", Sew through.

Order #WN-308


Wood & Bakelite Ribbon buttons, measuring a generous 2-7/8" x

" & so chunky!

Order #WN-76

$9.50 each

Wood & Cord toggles- your choice of Red, Brown or Black. Each button side is apx 7/8", length apx. 2-1/4".

Order #WN-53

$4.50 each
2 each color available.

Unusual Burwood/Syrocco Scotties! Apx. 1-7/8" x 3/4".

Order #WN-14


Attractive embossed wood button, original paint, yellow background with red flowers! 15/16", self "bubble" shank.

Order #WN-301


Unusual "burwood" sew-through! 1-1/8".

Order #WN-302


Actual slices of Walnut shell!

Order #WN-8

$2.00 each

Burwood Scotties! 2-Hole sew-thru, 1-1/2".

Order #WN-9


Embossed wood with Butterfly design! 3/4" (NBS Small)

Order #WN-10


PIERCED Wood button! 1-3/8", 2-Hole style.

Order #WN-304


Burwood Anchor- Chain border, pierced! Most of original finish! 1-3/8", 2-Hole style.

Order #WN-347


Wood Parquetry Button! 1-3/4", Metal shank.

Order #WN-46A


Laminated wood- 1-1/2', metal loop shank. Picture taken from side to show contours and layers!

Order #WN-20

$6.50 each


OLD 5-hole Bone Button. 7/8".

Order #WN-21


Bone buttons, various styles and sizes. I can generally prepare "matching" sets for ReEnactors.

Order #WN-395

25¢ to 50¢ each- please inquire.

OLD 3-hole Bone Button (3/4") & an OLD Rimmed 5-hole Bone Button (7/8").

Order #WN-21a

3-Hole $7.50; Rimmed $15.00


Order #WN-


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