Vintage Division III brass buttons with "feather-like" design! 9/16", Self shank.

Order #MS-64

$5.00 Set of 8.

Vintage Division III brass buttons with graceful design of a rose!

Order #MS-65

Just barely over 3/4" (4 avilable) and 11/16" (6 available).
$1.50 & $1.00 each.

Openwork design of a suit of armor and heraldic motif. Antiqued finish on pewter, Vintage Division III. Well-made, handsome buttons!

Order #MS-66

13/16" $2.00 each (8 available) & not quite 3/4" (2 only) $1.50 each.

Battersea (1976) pewter buttons with sporting theme- your choice of white or yellow metal. Just barely under 3/4".

Order #MS-44

$4.00 each

Brass buttons, one-piece, with high relief textured star design! Metal loop shank, 11/16".

Order #MS-63

$2.50, 12 available.

Silver-coloured, bright & heavy sew-throughs from the '70s! 7/8".

Order #MS-34

$6.00 Set of 5 each

Metal "Twinkles" from the 1950! 1-1/16".

Order #MS-56

$3.50 each - 4 "yellow" metal and 3 "white" metal available.

Victorian button, Building & Palm Trees of white metal, brass border & rim! 1-1/16", Black tin back, loop shank!

Order #MS-25

$9.50 each
6 Available.

Victorian buttons with pierced design which shows shiny tin background! 9/16", Brass back, self shank.

Order #MS-62

$2.00 each SOLD
9 Available.

Victorian buttons, red or dark tint, pierced to show shiny liner inside! 1/2", Loop shank

Order #MS-53

$2.00 each, quite a few available.

Victorian picture buttons- Wheat, unused 100-years old with original tint! 7/8" & 1", Black tin back, metal loop shank!

Order #MS-3

$7.00 each

Division III Pewter, faux Nickles- the Buffalo nickle and the Indian Head Nickle! Just a bit over 3/4", Loop shank. Well-made, handsome buttons!

Order #MS-70

$1.50 each: 8 Buffalos and 10 Indian Heads available.

Victorian "white metal" buttons; 9/16", loop shank!

Order #MS-8

$1.50 each
15 Available.

Sturdy 1-piece buttons with sculptured, tinted, abstract face. 9/16" (4 avail.) & 7/8" (3 avail.), Loop shank.

Order #MS-54

$1.00 each

Victorian brass buttons w/much original dark tint, plant life design. 5/8".

Order #MS-60

$2.00 each
13 Available.

Victorian picture buttons, "white" metal border, brass design. Note that some have more original tint that others; this can be polished away if wanted. Brass back w/self shank, 9/16".

Order #MS-43

$2.00 each
25 available.

Unused Victorian buttons, 9/16", Black tin back, metal loop shank!

Order #MS-13

$2.00 each

Victorian "perfume" buttons with a bit of velvet background; metal back w/loop shank, 1/2".

Order #MS-14

$2.00 each.

Gold-tone twinkles! 7/8" metal back with self shank.

Order #MS-33

$3.00 each.


Order #MS-


White metal "twinkle" buttons with Rhinestone centers! 1-1/16".

Order #MS-568

$3.00 each

2-Hole sew-through Brass buttons with Cowboy on Buckin' Bronco! 5/8".

Order #MS-52

$1.00 Each

Silver-tone twinkles! 3/4" & 5/8", Metal back with self shank.

Order #MS-40

$2.75 & $2.25 each.

White Metal, 3/4", metal back with self shank.

Order #MS-41

$6.00 Set of 6.

Division III aluminum buttons with a "Viking" ship at sail. 1-1/8", Self "wedge" shank.

Order #MS-61

$3.00 each. 6 Available.

Fun & vintage buttons originally intended for work shirts! These are un-used with Green finish! 9/16", Sew through.

Order #MS-38

75 each.

Division III pierced "Art Noveau" design in "olde gold" finish. Loop shank, 1", very well-made 1-piece buttons.Order #MS-67

$2.00 each, 10 available.

Late Victorian buttons, fancy gold color order, dark silvery dome centerrs carved to show the brass base! 9/16" (4 available) & 7/8" (one only), brass back, metal loop shank!

Order #MS-15

$2.50 & $4.50 each

"Twinkles" Ca. 1950, brass floral design over shiny silvery background! 5/8" & 15/16", Brass back with self shank.

Order #MS-16

$2.00 &$3.50 each

Victorian buttons - unused 100-years old with original dark blue tint! 9/16", Black tin back, metal loop shank!

Order #MS-19

$2.00 each
51 Available.

Blazer set, Ca. 1970's. 7/8", Brassback, metal loop shank!

Order #MS-20

$5.00 Set of 6.

Victorian buttons - Black Glass set in copper & white metal. 1", Tin back, metal loop shank!

Order #MS-21

$6.00 each
6 Available.


Order #MS-



Order #MS-


Victorian buttons! 1-1/8", Black tin back, metal loop shank!

Order #MS-24

$6.50 each
3 Available.

Victorian brass buttons, pierced with paint trim! (some wear to paint) 1", Metal loop shank!

Order #MS-28

$8.50 each
2 Available.

Victorian gildd brass buttons, pierced with leaf design & paint trim!! 1", Metal loop shank!

Order #MS-29

$8.50 each
4 Available.


Order #MS-


Victorian w/riveted faceted steel borders! Turquoise glass centers, 9/16", (5 available); Black glass centers, 11/16" (9 available). Metal loop shank!

Order #MS-31A & B

$6.00 each

Victorian w/Cross pattern cut out to reveal twinkly background! 1/2", Metal loop shank.

Order #MS-32

$2.00 each, available.

Handsome "yellow-bronze" colour metal buttons with self shanks! 3/4".

Order #MS-42

50 each

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