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Enamelled button with design of a rose. Enamel on back, metal loop shank, just over 3/4" (NBS Medium).

Order #WMPL1-577


Victorian Black Glass with colorful luster and embossed Leaf pattern, gold trim too! Just a hair less than 3/4", Metal loop shank w/plate.

Order #WMPL1-LEAF-526


Victorian buttons- a pierced brass "trellis" (13/16") and a "white metal" floral (7/8")!

Order # WMPL1-519

$3.00 & $4.50.


Order #WMPL1-



Enamel button with Pansy! Enamel on back, loop shank, 5/8".

Order #WMPL1-354


Flat celluloid with applied celluloid Acorn. Applied bubble shank. Apx 1-1/2".

Order #WMPL1-565


Gorgeous Oversize (2-1/2"! ) white metal button with embossed flowers!

Order # WMPL1-563


Victorian Brass with Morning Glories! 1" & 11/16", black lacquer back, Loop shank.

Order # WMPL1-502

$9.50 & $4.00

Brass, 7/8" - 15/16".

Order # WMPL1-515

$3.00 each.

Victorian "White metal" buttons! 7/8" & 1-1/4" Black lacquer back, Loop shank.

Order # WMPL1-516

$3.50 & $7.50

Porcelain with transfer printed flowers, set in goldtone metal frame with pull-up shank. 1-1/8".

Order # WMPL1-560

$7.50 each

Porcelain with transfer printed flowers, set in goldtone metal frame with pull-up shank. 1-1/8".

Order # WMPL1-561

$7.50 each

Your choice of Victorian brass buttons! Apx. 1.

Order # WMPL1-517

$6.50 each.

Division III Ear of Corn! Copper top, tin back, self shank, 5/8".

Order # WMPL1-464


Victorian buttons, your choice, both white metal centers in brass orders! 13/16" & Lily with border 1-1/8", both with brass backs- please inquire.

Order #WMPL1-525

Lily $7.50, Other $4.50.

Realistic wooden Acorn w/Leaves. Painted trim. Metal loop shank, Division III, just a bit over 3/4" (NBS Medium).

Order #WMPL1-568


Victorian button- "gilt" with Cattails (5/8", tin back).

Order #WMPL1-528



Victorian pierced brass picture button with Steel facets at flower centers! 1-7/16", Loop shank.

Order # WMPL1-539


Victorian pierced brass picture button of a Morning Glory! 11/16", Loop shank.

Order # WMPL1-534


Victorian picture button with design of a Pear! 7/8".

Order # WMPL1-533


Victorian picture button with picture of a Thistle! With original tint, 13/16", black lacquer back, loop shank.

Order #WMPL1-536


Victorian with berries, flowers and leaves! Original tint, 1-1/2", black lacquer back w/loop shank.

Order #WMPL1-461


Victorian brass flower, red background, nicolite liner. 13/16", Black tin back with metal loop shank.

Order # WMPL1-506


Your choice of Victorian small brass metal buttons with Oak leaves & Acorns. 1/2" & 9/16".

Order # WMPL1-567

$3.50 each.

One-piece Victorian antiqued brass with bell-shape flowers! 1", Loop shank.

Order # WMPL1-509


Victorian "White metal", cup shape, embossed Cat Tails! 1", Loop shank.

Order # WMPL1-510


Victorian "white" metal, tin back, Loop shank! 7/8".

Order # WMPL1-511


Victorian floral trimmed with 2 faux pearls. 5/8".

Order #WMPL1-523a


Victorian white metal buttons with much of the original tint- Cattails OR purple realistic "flower"! 5/8", Loop shank.

Order #WMPL1-522

Cattails $3.50; Purple Flower $5.50

Victorian metals with original Blue Tint! 9/16" & 11/16".

Order # WMPL1-513a & b

$3.50 each

Black & White Wooden Realistic Leaf Shape! Metal loop shank, 1-3/8.

Order #WMPL1-564


Victorian brass with original red tint! 7/8", Black lacquer back & loop shank.

Order # WMPL1-304


Victorian "White" Metal Rim and "White" metal floral design over Wood Background! 1-1/4" (NBS Medium), Black lacquered back, Loop shank.

Order # WMPL1-504


Celluloid Leaf applied to Metal ring at center of button! Flat Loop shank, 13/16".

Order #WMPL1-LEAF-521


Your choice of Celluloid buttons: Buffed 3 Leaves (13/16") or single Leaf (11/16").

Order #WMPL1-LEAF-555

1 Leaf $4.50; 3 Leaves $6.00

Your choice of Black with either blue or brown intermixed! With blue: 11/16"; with Brown 7/8", Self shank.

Order #WMPL1-LEAF-522

Blue $7.50, Brown $9.00

Large 1-3/8" Celluloid, pierced, flat loop shank.

Order #WMPL1-LEAF-548


Your choice of 1950's opaque glass- White with silver trim, Red with gold trim! Each is 11/16".

Order #WMPL1-LEAF-550

$3.50 each

1950's Opaque mint green with gold lustered leaf! 11/16".

Order #WMPL1-LEAF-551

$3.50 each

Division III Wood- your choice of Realistic (1-1/4") or Round 1-12/8". Sew-throughs.

Order #WMPL1-LEAF-552

$3.50 each.

Your choice of realistics: Coconut Shell (1011/16") or 1940s Pierced Plastic (15/16").

Order #WMPL1-LEAF-556

Blue $3.00, Coconut Shell $5.00

Your choice: Division III Black Glass, each with silver luster! 9/16" & 7/8".

Order #WMPL1-LEAF-554

$4.00 & $6.00

Lucite with Brass Leaf escutcheon! 7/8", Metal loop shank. (Nicer than photo!)

Order #WMPL1-LEAF-558


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