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Sparkly stamped, pierced & faux grain-set Victorian steel buttons! 13/16" & 7/16". Metal loop shank.

Order # WM3-336

$6.00 & $3.50 each.

Colorfully tinted & chased Victorian "white" metal! 9/16" Metal loop shank.

Order # WM3-94

$3.50 each

Very elusive Victorian picture button of the Statue of Liberty showing the rays from the ligiht and the ocean! Likely from 1886, the date of the completion of the statue, it has a Paris Back! Just a bit under 5/8", brass back, loop shank.

Backmark: Paris * Depose *

Order # WM3-554

Note: There is a dent in the back but Not on the front.

"Religious" themed Victorian button picturing "Eliezer at the Well".   Nice original "antique" finish too! 1-3/8", black painted metal back, metal loop shank.

Order # WM3-26


Victorian picture button with picture of a head of an Egyptian woman looking at flowers. Nice, original reddish tint 1-5/16", black painted metal back, metal loop shank.

Order #WM3-27


Victorian Religious theme button- "Charlemagne & the Warning Angel". 1-5/16", black painted metal back, metal loop shank.

Order #WM3-29


Victorian brass buttons with picture of a horseback rider. 5/8", black painted metal back, metal loop shank.

Order #WM3-31

$4.50 each- several available.

Realistic Shell-shaped Brass- Victorian, 3/4" & 7/16".

Order #WM3-507

$4.00 each

Victorians with original finish! 1" & 11/16", black back, loop shank.

Order #WM3-506

$4.00 & $7.00

Victorian "twinkle" in extra-fine condition w/original tint! 1-1/8", Black lacquered back, Loop shank.

Order # WM3-481


"White" metal with embossed picture of a "sleepy Mexican" & cactus! 7/8" metal back with self shank.

Order #WM3-519

$3.00 each.

Division III square button with escutcheon of a Fleur d'Lys! 7/8" Diagonally, Loop shank. (Please excuse dark areas in photo- it is an unusually shiny button & reflects the room!)

Order # WM3-516

$2.50 each

1950's Mexican-made Face of copper & brass! 5/8", Loop shank.

Order #WM3-518


Oversized Brass with pierced design- 1-1/2", Loop shank!

Order #WM3-496


Pierced Brass with original green paint trim and mother of pearl center! 7/8", Loop shank.

Order #WM3-497

$7.50 each (2 available)

Well executed Butterfly on silvertone metal! 1-1/8", Division III, metal shank.

Order # WM3-99

$4.00 each.

Hernando DeSoto- Victorian picture button. Highly embossed white metal center, pierced border. Hard to find. Tin back, 15/16", Metal loop shank.

Order # WM3-100


Oval "twinkle", 1-1/4" (NBS Medium- a hanger), tin back, self shank.

Order # WM3-580a

$6.00 each (5 available)

Division III "twinkles" - high contour, large centered rhinestone! Self shank, backmarked Czechoslovakia, 7/8" (NBS Medium).

Order # WM3-576

$3.00 each, 4 available.

Unusual square "twinkle"- note the design makes it look not square but it is! 1 (measured diagonally, NBS Medium), Self shank.

Order # WM3-581a


Division III "twinkle" in an unusual "lozenge?" shape! 7/8" (NBS Medium), self shank.

Order # WM3-582


Brass button, openwork "woven" pattern! 1-7/16", Loop shank.

Order #WM3-498


Gilt, pierce and tinted brass with Steels! 1-1/4", Loop shank.

Order #WM3-500


Pierced Gilt Brass with original paint trim! 7/8", Loop shank.

Order #WM3-502


Pierced Brass in pinwheel pattern and steel facet at center. 1-3/16", Loop shank.

Order #WM3-504

$12.50 each (2 available)

Victorian "Celluloid Perforate Stickup" button - really difficult to locate in NBS small size! 9/16", Black tin back with metal loop shank.

Order # WM3-337


Victorian picture button: "The Gardens at Karnak". Great original condition, black lacquered tin back, loop shank, 1-1/8".

Order # WM3-570


Victorian picture buttons- Pierrot & Pierette from French pantomime! Brass w/steel trim, 5/8", metal loop shank.

Order #WM3-105


Precision Inlaid Mirror in faceted red glass, oval, prong-set in metal! 11/16", pull-up metal shank.

Order # WM3-459

$8.00 each.

Victorian picture button of a charming cabin & pine trees in the mountains! 1-3/8", Black lacquered tin back, loop shank. Great original condition!

Order # WM3-571


Victorian Metal with picture of classical Greek head, Original tint & "Twinkle" border! 9/16"

Order #WM3-9

$4.00 each PENDING SALE.

Victorian with charming picture of a girl and a bird at a window. Nice border, super condition, black lacquer back, loop shank, 11/16".

Order #WM3-563


A set of 5 buttons with embossed "Cattle Brands". Copper face, brass back with "slit" shanks, 11/16".

Order #WM3-12

$15.00 set

Victorian buttons- brass base with face of elaborately stamped Steel! Loop shank, 1-1/8".

Order #WM3-14

$12.00 each

Buttons made from real Mexican coins! Brass 5/8", Copper 13/16", "Silvertone" 15/16".

Order #WM3-17

$4.00 each

From the '50s, American Indian on a brass button with copper face (Just under 3/4").

Order # WM3-32

$2.50 each

Silver button of ULL, the god of skiers! "VW" back-mark. 15/16".

Order #WM3-21


Victorian 1-piece brass, pierced, each with Steel trim! 11/16", Loop shank.

Order #WM3-495

$3.50 each


Order # WM3-


Snowflake on brass! 1-1/16", loop shank.

Order #WM3-58

$2.50 each

Snowflake design on a "Twinkle"! 7/8", loop shank.

Order #WM3-59

$3.50 each

"White" metal button with brass shell escutcheon. 1-1/8", Loop shank.

Order #WM3-363


Actual domed coin buttons, Norwegian, copper, with Squirrel holding acorn! 9/16", Loop shank.

Order #WM3-494

$2.50 each

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