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One-piece Victorian picture button with beautifully detailed picture of ladies playing tennis! Just under 3/4", loop shank.

Order #WM1-528


Victorian Brass picture of a building, foliage and bridge in foreground. 15/16" (NBS Medium) AND 1-5/8" (NBS Large) Tin back, Loop shank.

Order #WM1-575

Medium: $12.50
Large: $14.50


Order #WM1-


Victorian Brass Triad design! Original dark finish, 1-5/16" (NBS Large)Tin back, Loop shank.

Order #WM1-566


Victorian button with scene- highly embossed palm trees at foreground, engraved background scene! 7/8", Tin back, loop shank.

Order #WM1-522


Victorian Brass with elaborate design and Wood Background! 1-7/16", Loop shank.

Order #WM1-524


Victorian Tinted & Pierced "white" metal- an unusual design of a Snake! 1-1/16", Loop shank.

Order #WM1-514

$32.50 (AWOL)

Ivoroid "Flora and The Hound", Original Tint, White Metal Border. 1-3/8", Black painted Back, loop shank.

Order #WM1-417


Victorian white metal, perforate center with Black Glass Crescent Moon protuding! 5/8", Tin back, loop shank.

Order #WM1-418


Victorian white metal, pierced, with picture of a Fan! 9/16", Loop shank.

Order #WM1-421

$5.00 each, 2 Available.

Victorian Brass picture button of large building, with stream and water wheel in foreground! 1-3/16", Loop shank.

Order #WM1-574


Victorian stamped brass, rampant lion heraldic design! 1", Tin back, loop shank.

Order #WM1-584


Victorian Brass picture button of large building, with stream and water wheel in foreground- Much the same as item #574 above. 1-1/8", Loop shank.

Order #WM1-579


Elaborate Victorian pierced white trimmed with faceted steel rivets! 3/4" (NBS Medium), metal loop shank.

Order # WM1-339


"The Goatherd's Romance". Exceptional condition with original tint, lacquered back, loop shank.

Order #WM1-18


"Angel On The Wall". Victorian! Lacquered tin back, loop shank, 1-1/4".

Order #WM1-78


Victorian Steel Cup with blued steels in center. 1/2", Metal shank.

Order # WM1-366

$5.00 each

"Cleopatra & the Asp". Heart Border.1-7/16", Tin lacquered back, loop shank.

Order #WM1-74


"Paul & Virginia". Metal back, loop shank. 1" & 11/16".

Order #WM1-72

$18.50 & $7.50

"Cupid at The Fountain". Lacquer tin back, loop shank, 11/16".

Order #WM1-83


Paris 1882 PARIS back, floral design w/much original tint. 11/16", Brass back w/self shank.

Order # WM1-552


Silvered brass button, pierced and trimmed with steels and picture of an attractive belt & buckle!

Order # WM1-42

$7.50 each.

Victorian button with heraldic-type design of a Stag and a Plume. Brass, original dark tint, black lacquer back, loop shank, 1-1/8" (one only) and 11/16" (2 available).

Order # WM1-560

$16.50 & $6.00 each.

Unsual Victorian "white" metal- Original red paint finish, chased design and brass rocco escutcheon! Loop shank, 1".Order #WM1-47


Victorian Brass picture button with elaborate border + inner border, center picture of Oriental building and pathway. 1-1/16", Black lacquered tin back, Loop shank.

Order #WM1-573


Victorian picture button, with picture of "Lucy & Edgar, from "Lucia di Lammermoor". 7/8". Black painted back, Loop shank.

Order # WM1-488


Interesting design- Sunrise/Sunset? Original greenish tint on T.W. & W. PARIS back. Brass back, loop shank, 5/8".



Victorian lacquered brass cup with "encrusted" picture of Butterfly & flower! 7/8", Loop shank.

Order # WM1-489


PARIS back A.P. & Cie Sew-Through! 11/16".

Order #WM1-553


"Little Billie" from Thackeray's "Ballad of Little Billie". Just over 1-1/4". Exceptional condition, original tint, shiny tin liner under ladder!

Order #WM1-1


Called "Lucy & Edgar", this small button with elaborate detailing can be placed in the Stories OR the Theater/Opera categories. Just under 3/4", brass shank.

Order #WM1-22


Aluminum Stencils: pink on ivory. 11/16", others 7/16" to 11/16".

Order #WM1-2

$3.00 & $3.50 each

PARIS back - very hard for me to read, but I think it reads LOUD & CIE - PARIS? One piece gilt brass w/loop shank, Crane standing in rushes, 3/4" (NBS Medium).Order #WM1-551


Brass buttons- still with original finish! - decorated with a "Wallpaper" pattern.

Order #WM1-8

$4.00 each.

Each button shows a slightly different section of the pattern!

Victorian button with classical floral design & original tint! 1-1/16", Black tin back with metal loop shank. Exceptional condition.

Order #WM1-300


"Small Jewel" button with a cameo embossed horse's head! 9/16", tin back, loop shank.

Order #WM1-370

Shells! Victorian Paris-backs with original tint! Red 1-1/16", Blue 11/16".

Order #WM1-505

$8.50 & $4.00 each

French Fops- interesting border, nice original patina. 1-1/8", Brass back, self shank.

Order #WM1-68


Victorian buttons with ivoroid flower! 7/16", loop shank.

Order # WM1-333

$3.50 each

"White" metal PARIS back, 1-1/4" (NBS Large). T.W.& W. backmark. Some surface rust on back. Order #WM1-548


Victorian picture of a flower-filled basket & "bouquet" of garden tools! 5/8", Black painted back, loop shank.

Order #WM1-483


Victorian Ivoroid center with picture of castle, set in brass, black lacquer back, loop shank, 1/2".

Order #WM1-558


Ivoroid Castle! Just over 1", metal back loop shank.

Order # WM1-345

Note teeny dent in "sky", more noticeable in photo than in person.

Victorian with original tint, and picture of an Oriental building! Like new, black lacquered back, loop shank, 1".

Order #WM1-562


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