A page created Especially for Easter and chock full of Basket Buttons, Buttons with Flowers, some Flower Container Buttons i.e. Vases, Buttons with Hats, vintage Easter Postcards, vintage Spring-looking Hankies (I just had to add these vintage unused hankies- they spoke so of Spring) - ENJOY!

Necktie Fabric, 7/8", $3.00

Vase of Roses- Cameo-carved smokey pearl sew-through. 11/16".

Order #EA-33


"Smoky" pearl engraved with a detailed picture of pot of flowers greenery! 1", Sew-thru.

Order #EA-325


A breath of springtime- Planed top glass- your choice of green or yellow- each with paint trim! 11/16", Self shank.

Order #EA-366

$4.00 each

Sample Group of 50 1940's "Housedress" buttons in Springtime colours! Average 1/2" - 3/4".

Order #EA-HD

$10.00 Group of 50 buttons.

Victorian PostCard, 1909, made by Raphael Tuck. Postally unused, pencil writing on back, some corner creases & wear.

Order #EA-Card-1


White with painted florals, Self shank! 11/16".

Order #EA-399


MEDIUM SIZE Division III opaque white glass, embossed and painted. 7/8", Self shank.

Order #EA-52

$4.50 each

Vintage hanky w/Roses, Dasies & Lily-of-the-Valley!

Order #EA-Hanky-2


A wreath of painted flowers on white glass with gold border! 15/16" (NBS Medium), Self shank.

Order #EA-365


Black glass with red & silver trim! 15/16", Brass loop shank & plate.

Order #EA-5


Victorian PostCard, postmarked 1908. Slight edge wear.

Order #EA-Card-2


Victorian brass button with some original blue tint, the top of the border actually forming the flower-filled basket's handle! Brass back, 1-3/16".

Order #EA-53


Victorian flat brass with original red tint, and highly embossed planter and brass applied flowers! Steels trim! 11/16", Loop shank.

Order #EA-35


Vintage hanky with red flowers!

Order #EA-Hanky-3


Victorian Black Glass with red/silver luster! 7/8", Brass loop shank and plate.

Order #EA-7



Order #EA-


"A Joyful Easter"- vintage postcard. Postally unused, pencil writing on back. Slight edge wear.

Order #EA-Card-3


An elaborate pot of Roses! Realistic, Division III, 7/8", self shank.

Order #EA-8


Victorian Vase of Flowers. Brass with original tint. 7/8", Black lacquered back w/loop shank.

Order #EA-9


Victorian PostCard, International Art Series 8005. Postally unused, pencil writing on back.

Order #EA-Card-4


Victorian tinted brass button, Cornucopia filled th Roses! Just over 1-1/4", Loop shank.

Order #EA-44a


Transparent celluloid baskets filled with "bubbles"! Apx. 7/8" w/appliedi bubble shank.

Order #EA-490

$8.50 each

Vintage hanky- Lavender border with Yellow flowers!

Order #EA-Hanky-8


Victorian flower-filled Urn. Brass w/original tint. 1-1/16", Black lacquered back w/loop shank.

Order #EA-10


Steel Cup with white metal center trimmed with colored steel facets! 9/16".

Order #EA-11


"An Easter Greeting"- vintage PostCard, postally used, slight edge wear.

Order #EA-Card-5



Order #EA-


Victorian picture button- "White" metal rim, Brass picture center of Basket filled with Fruits! 13/16", Black lacquered back, Loop shank.

Order #EA-39


Victorian black glass w/Impressed design! 5/8", Brass loop shank & plate.

Order #EA-12


Be sure to give this Sombrero a second look- It's Celluloid! String trim, hollow, flat back, bubble shank, 11/16" (NBS Small).

Order #EA-15


Postally used, dated 1907!

Order #EA-Card-6


Victorian Black Glass with "Impressed" picture of Urn filled with Flowers and Foliage! 15/16" NBS Medium, Brass loop shank. NOTE: Button is all-black, talcum-powdered for her photo.

Order #EA-40


Victorian Black Glass with iridescent luster, again powdered for photo, with embossed picture of Basket & Garden Implements! 11/16", Brass loop shank.

Order #EA-41


Vintage hanky w/Purple Polka-Dots!

Order #EA-Hanky-10


Opaque white glass with embossed and painted Vase of Flowers! Gold Trim, 11/16", Self shank.

Order #EA-345


Vintage 1950's Red Basket with applied Flowers! Apx. 1", wedge shank.

Order #EA-487


Victorian PostCard, 1909, made by Raphael Tuck (series #112). Postally used, some wear w/creases.

Order #EA-Card-7


Silvertone button from the '50s, decorated with a beautifully detailed brass escutcheon of a Flower-Filled Basket! 1-1/8", Metal loop shank.

Order #EA-45


Victorian "White" metal with original blue tint, embossed with picture of Ewer and Grapes! 1/2", Black lacquer back, Loop shank.

Order #EA-42


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