Buttons & Notions

and some vintage Christmas cards too!

Enamelled metal Christmas Tree! Apx 15/16" high.

Order #CHR-27


Choice of "country" Santa OR Ice-skating Polar Bear!. Apx. 1".

Order #CHR-45

$1.60 each.

Group of 50 1940's "Housedress" buttons in Christmas-time colours! Average 1/2" - 3/4".

Order #CHR-HD

$10.00 Group of 50 buttons.

Your choice of Santa OR Tree with buttons! 1-1/8".

Order #CHR-34

$1.50 each

Enamelled metal- Santa in his Sleigh (3/4").

Order #CHR-40


Santa Faces, 3/4" & 1".

Order #CHR-3

$1.50 each

Enamelled Candy Cane OR Goldtone Cherub!

Order #CHR-28

$1.25 each

Snowman with Candy Cane 1"!

Order #CHR-4


Moose head, apx.1-1/4"!

Order #CHR-44

$1.60 each

Snowmen on a sled! 3/4"

Order #CHR-5

$1.50 each

A decorated Christmas Tree OR a "Let It Snow" sign! Apx. 1".

Order #CHR-46

$1.60 each

Snowman in black hat OR SnowLady, each 3/4"!

Order #CHR-6

$1.40 each.

Toy Soldier! 3/4"
Order #CHR-7

$1.25 each

Sew-thru Tree! Apx. 1"

Order #CHR-39

$1.50 each.

Old-time Santa (apx. 1-1/8") OR Cardinal (apx. 1-1/8").
Order #CHR-43

$1.50 each.

Drummer (apx. 1" tall) OR Sleigh (apx. 1" diagonally)! Both metal.

Order #CHR-18

Drummer $1.25, Sleigh $1.50 each

Ceramic - Mitten (apx 1-1/16") OR Stocking (apx 7/8")!

Order #CHR-19

$1.00 each

Ceramic Snowmen! (Apx. 1-3/16")

Order #CHR-42

$1.25 each

Teddy Bear Angel, apx 7/8".

Order #CHR-48

$1.50 each

Ceramic Santa Faces! Apx 1".

Order #CHR-10

$1.00 each

Ceramic Elves! Apx 1"

Order #CHR-11

$1.00 each


Order #CHR-


Ceramic: Santa Faces (red or green hat). Apx. 1-1/4".

Order #CHR-31

$1.25 each


Christmas Birdhouse! Apx 1-1/8".

Order #CHR-38

$2.00 Each,

Bell-Ringing Santa! Apx 1".

Order #CHR-16

$1.50 each

Moose (plastic, apx.1" diagonally) or Snow Couple (metal, apx. 7/8" tall)!

Order #CHR-17

Moose: $1.75 each, Snowmen $1.25 each.

From the '40s, Red Realistic Faux Bells! Apx 1/2".

Order #CHR-8

$1.50 each

Your choice - a waving Santa or a Snowman with a broom! Apx 7/8".

Order #CHR-9

$1.00 each

Santa "Postage Stamp"! Apx 1".

Order #CHR-15

$1.75 each

Vintage '50s Hallmark tags. In original package of 3 tags!

Order #CHR-Angel Tags

$1.50 each

Victorian Christmas card made by Raphael Tuck!

Order #CHR-Card-2


"May life be ever fair to thee,
And nought but good betide thee,
May your Christmas day be one of the best
With a faithful friend beside thee."

Vintage postcard, written upon, not mailed.

Order #CHR-Card-3


Vintage '50's Poinsettia Bridge Tallies!

Order #CHR-Tallies

$1.50 each (12 available)

"If I can't send a "flivver" full of gifts to make you merry, why I can wish you a Christmas "cheery".

Order #CHR-Card-4


Vintage '50s Norcross string tags - "Christmas Happiness" with Roses, in original packages of 4 tags!

Order #CHR-Rose Tags

$3.50 Pkg.

"May every blessing of the holiday season be yours."

Vintage postcard, written upon, not mailed.

Order #CHR-Card-5


Victorian Christmas card made by Raphael Tuck.

Order #CHR-Card-1


"Here's a very special greeting
It's extra warm and true,
It had to be, because, you see
I'm sending it to You!<"

Vintage postcard, written upon with pencil but never mailed.

Order #CHR-Card-6


Vintage '50's Merry Christmas tags from Norcross. In original package of 3 pcs.

Order #CHR-Merry Tags

$3.00 Pkg.

"I greet you with the wish that yours will be a Merry Christmas."

Vintage postcard, postally used, postmarked 1914.

Order #CHR-Card-8


"Best Wishes for Christmas."

Vintage postcard, written upon, not mailed.

Order #CHR-Card-9


"Remembering you at Christmas
is as natural to me
As it is to hang the holly
or to decorate the tree."

Order #CHR-Card-7

$1.00 Creased.

Vintage postcard, postally used and dated 1908. Interesting: Mailed to a lady in Pasasdena with no street address used!
Order #CHR-Card-10

$1.50 slightly scuffed.

Vintage Santa postcard, unused.
Order #CHR-Card-11


Vintage '50s Norcross tags in original packakge of 3 + an extra tag!

Order #CHR-Holly Tag

$3.00 Pkg.

Glitter-trimmed Vintage postcard, written upon, stamped but never mailed!
Order #CHR-Card-12



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