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Green Bakelite "Double-Cut" sew-thru hexagon! 7/8".

Order #WB-58


Green Bakelite 2-hole Oval Sew-thru! 1-5/8".

Order #WB-332

WOW- 4 Color Cookie! 1-1/16"+, Metal loop shank.

Order #WB-16A


"Cream Corn" and Red cookie with Star center. 1/2".

Order #WB-356
$8.50 each

Red Bakelite with carved ideograph! 1-1/8, Metal loop shank.

Order #WB-418


Interesting- you'll love these! Black balls with CreamCorn balls inserted! Apx. 5/8" tall, self shank.

Order #WB-346

$5.00 each

4-Color Inset: Red, Brown and 2 shades of butterscotch, set into butterscotch! 1-3/16", Metal loop shank.

Order #WB-411

3-Color (Butterscotch, Red, Black) Chunky cookie bowl, cut on top to create concentric circles of the red top layer!

~ back view ~

1-1/8", 2-Hole sew-thru.

Order #WB-413

Square laminate, carved with Floral design! Wine-red top, red base! 15/16" (diagonally), Brass loop shank.

Order #WB-415


AppleJuice-Clear and Opaque Green Cookie! Half-round log shape, 1-1/16" long, metal loop shank.

Order #WB-412

Cream-corn wafer with embossed design resembling a Japanese Lantern! 1-3/4"

Order #WB-323


Chocolate colour chunky carved "spindle" shape Bakelite buttons! 1-1/2", Metal loop shank.

Order #WB-360

$9.50 each.

Stunning Red Carved half-round-shape buttons! 7/8", Metal loop shank.

Order #WB-358

$14.50 each

Apple Juice clear button, back carved, with central inset of Butterscotch Bakelite! 1-1/8", Metal Loop shank.

Order #WB-353


Wedge shaped, chunky Applejuice-clear button, carved ridges on sides, brass trim on ends. Self shank, 1-3/8" wide, 3/4" thick!

Order #WB-355


Shaped like a wedge cut from a circle, chunky, red at top and scarce appejuice with glitter inclusion base! 7/8" Wide, 3/4" thick. Self shank.

Order #WB-406


Transparent Green Bakelite Carved "Ball-shaped buttons"! Much nicer in person! 1/2", Self shank.

Order #WB-359

$6.50 each (5 available).

Apple-juice back-carved Bakelite center, set into border of green Bakelite & topped with metal ring filled with Rhinestones! 1-1/2", Metal loop shank.

Order #WB-407


Apple-juice, Back-carved and topped with lacy metal escutcheon! 1-1/2", Metal loop shank.

Order #WB-408


Embossed Bakelite wafers in your choice of Orange (1-1/16" & 1-3/8") or milk-chocolate Brown (1-1/16")!

Order #WB-361

$6.50 & $8.50 each.

An Amazing buckle & button set- Laminated Butterscotch Marbellette and black!

Buckle 3-1/4" x 2-5/8". Buttons 1-15/16" x 1-3/8".

Order #WB-337

$120.00 3-Piece Set

Thick marbelette in buterscotch- larger holes: "Ribbon Buttons"! 7/8".

Order #WB-330

$5.50 each, 6 Available.

3-Color cookie bowls- black, cream-corn & red! Chunky 3/4"+, 2-hole sew-thru.

Order #WB-414

$24.50 each

Assorted Green Cogs & Scalloped shapes. 1/2" to 7/8".

Order #WB-341

$3.00 & $4.50 each.

More assorted green shapes! 1/2" to 5/8".

Order #WB-343

$3.50 each

Butterscotch "Marbelette" Realistic flower- Yummy! 1-1/2"

Order #WB-409


Chunky brown phenolic with brass pinshank escutcheon of a floral bouquet! 1-3/4", Loop shank.

Order #WB-320


Butterscotch Bakelite in interesting shape! 7/16", self shank.

Order #WB-334

$2.50 each

Red Bakelite "Logs" bound with chrome bands! Self shank, 1-3/8".

Order #WB-317-B

$7.50 each - 3 Available.

Spectacular square button- Back-carved apple juice base with red Bakelite top! Apx 1-3/4" (diagonal), Metal loop shank. Order #WB-310

$16.50 each

Translucent Green embossed shapes! 7/8"

Order #WB-324a

$4.00 each
3 Available.

Butterscotch or translucent Green embossed shapes! 7/8" & 1".

Order #WB-325

$4.00 & $5.00 each

Translucent Green Buckle with 6 matching 3/4" buttons!

Order #WB-326

$28.50 Set

Elusive Transparent Blue, Back-Carved! 1-3/8".

Order #WB-327


Orange Sew-throughs! Just barely over 1".

Order #WB-331

$3.00 each
12 Available.

Unusual laminate- Cream Corn & Black! 3/4" long.

Order #WB-301

$6.50 each

Super Bakelite "Ribbon" button, decorated with hand painted Fish amidst the waves! 2" diameter.

Order #WB-20

$24.00 each

Scalloped chunky Bakelite, centered with a lustered china shoe button!

Order #WB-47A

$4.50 each

Deco triangles in cream-corn Bakelite! 1/2".

Order #WB-59

$2.00 each

Black & Cream corn "cookies" w/dished out center! 1/2".

Order #WB-302

$4.50 each

Cookies! 5/8", 1-1/8" & 1-3/8".

Order #WB-338

$4.50, $7.50 & $9.50.

More Cookies!! 1-1/8" & 1-3/8".

Order #WB-339

$7.50 & $9.00.

More Cookies, all Green & Cream-Corn. 1/2", 5/8" (Marbellized), & 1-1/8".

Order #WB-340

$4.50, $6.00 & $7.00.

Cookies- 1/2", 5/8", 7/8" & 1-1/3"!

Order #WB-342

$5.50 & $9.50, $8.50 & $9.50

Crazy mossy green 3-lobe shape with drilled decor! Chunky 1-1/8", Metal loop shank.

Order #WB-410


Bakelite COOKIES, Red or Black with yellow centers! 1-1/8" & 7/8".

Order #WB-6

7/8" Black $6.00, Others $4.50 each. (Some have flaws on back side, Not seen on face.)

"Cookies" in Black or Brown with creamed-corn centers. Just under 3/4" to 7/8".

Order #WB-11

$4.50 each

CreamCorn & Black! Half-Round 7/8", Self shank. "Banded Log", 3/4"+, Metal loop shank.

Order #WB-345
$9.50 each

Bakelite with carved design! Translucent red, metal loop shank, 7/8".

Order #WB-16B


Butterscotch Marbellized Triangles, large "ribbon" holes! Apx. 1-1/8".

Order #WB-314
$9.50 each

Red Bakelite Octagon with pressed design. 1-1/2".

Order #WB-50


Butterscotch Sew-thru, 1-3/8".

Order #WB-18

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