Pressed Horn 2-Hole sew-thru with embossed "Wasp". 13/16", NBS Medium.

Order #WANI-417

Realistic leaf shape with "bug" on the leaf! Victorian, brass, just a hair under 3/4" (NBS small), loop shank.

Order #WANI-414

Really nice Pressed Horn with pearl and silver inlaid Fly"! Just under 3/4", self "knob-shape" shank.

Order #WANI-412

Victorian brass picture button with great "pierced" border, and scene of a Bee Skep and "bees" flying nearby. 1-3/8", black lacquer back, loop shank.

Order #WANI-411

Nicely detailed Tiger. Pierced brass, one-piece, loop shank, apx. 1-1/2".

Order #WANI-500

High embossed Turtle on a sort-of-an-oval shape. Just under 3/4", largish heavy loop shank. Division III.

Order #WANI-409

Pressed Horn with prancing Horse! Apx 15/16", Metal loop shank.

Order #WANI-408

Swan with enamel background! Backmarked Made In France, Loop shank, 15/16".

Order #WANI-3

Victorian brass picture button of 2 birds facing a large plume.1", Black lacquer back, loop shank.

Order #WANI-BI6

$ 12.00

Game Birds, Victorian picture button of stamped brass in a white metal border. 1-7/16", Black lacquered back, loop shank.

Order #WANI-325


1960's vintage realistic metal butterflies with original enamel finish! Apx. 1-1/4" & 1-3/4", Loop shank. All are NBS Large.

Order #WANI-1
$9.00 each

Elusive critter- a Grasshopper! 5/8", Brass with fancy border & tin background. (Background needs polishing). Loop shank

Order #WANI-413

Your choice- a "pierced" brass Division III, 3/4", Loop shank OR Painted Wood 1", plastic shank on plate.

Order #WANI-3
$3.50 each.

Your choice: Division I Black Glass with "enamelled" butterfly, 5/8", tunnelled shank; OR Division III Blue glass with embossed gold luster butterfly!

Order #WANI-4
Black $7.50 & Blue $3.50

Your choice: 1-Piece White metal with embossed butterfly trimmed with steel facets, 11/16", loop shank; OR Flat Steel with applied Brass butterfly, 1/2", loop shank. NOTE: The steel is not blue or dark as seen in the photo- it is normal steel color. Don't know why that happens- it was either this or it wanted to be rainbow striped in the photo!

Order #WANI-6
White Metal $7.50; Steel $16.00

Your choice of Tole types: One-piece black acquered brass with engraved butterfly design, 11/16", Loop shank on bar; OR 2-piece, tin front lacquered black with delicately painted silver and red butterfly, 5/8", metal back with tunnelled shank.

Order #WANI-7
$10.00 each

Brass button with (I think) a Bee! Steel border, faceted steel center trim,5/8", loop shank.

Order #WANI-415


Realistic Glass butterfly- mirror back, pink finish. This is a Clear/Colorless button with mint condition original finish. Apx 1-1/8", Sew thru.

Order #WANI-11

$6.00 each.

Dome shape Pressed Horn, Star design with FLY at center.

13/16". Some bites on rim back shown in 2nd photo.

Order #WANI-13



Order #WANI-


Bug? Spider? Surprising white metal critter, 9/16", loop shank and backmarked Paris - Deposť

Order #WANI-15


Handsome beetle- "Carnival" Iridescent Victorian black glass. Powdered in one photo for better showing of details. 11/16", Brass loop shank with plate.

Order #WANI-16


Your choice: Brass with Bug over shiny background, 1/2", Black lacquer back, loop shank; OR one-piece White metal trimmed with faceted steels, 11/16", Loop shank!

Order #WANI-19

Brass $3.50; White metal with steels $7.50

Butterfly in Sterling. NBS Medium, apx. 3/4".


Extra-large Victorian bird with outstretched wings picture button- 1-5/8"! White metal highly embossed center, brass textured border, black lacquered tin back, loop shank.

Order #WANI-365


Ceramic Butterflies! Apx. 1-1/4"

$1.00 Each.

Ceramic Bugs! Apx. 1-1/4"

$1.00 Each.

Elusive Henny Penny button,! Black lacquered back, loop shank, just under 3/4".

Order #WANI-458


Victorian metal picture button, white metal border, brass bird and flowering branch in center with original tint! 1-1/2", Brass back with shank.

Order #WANI-527

$14.50 each.

Order #WANI-


Victorian "white metal" with Ducks & CatTails! 15/16", Black back w/Loop shank!

Order #WANI-1


Victorian one-piece brass cup, original tint, and applied picture of "Audubon" attached with Steels! 3/4" (NBS small), Loop shank.

Order #WANI-24


Brass picture button of Cranes in Flight! 1", Brass back.

Order # WANI-25



Order #WANI-12


Wonderful and elusive Victorian opaque aqua glass with embossed picture of a sweet bird among the grass and flowers! It even has a pretty iridescent luster that does not show in the photo! Just under 3/4", Brass loop shank and plate.

Order #WANI-11


Realistic Cardinal, made of porcelain! 1-1/2", Self shank.

Order # WANI-18


Order #WANI-


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