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Road to Ruin

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The Clean Water Network is an alliance of more than 1,000 public interest organizations around the country working together to strengthen and implement federal clean water and wetlands policy

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No Day at the Beach: How the Bush Administration is Eroding Coastal Protections

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Saving Our Watersheds in St. Tammany Parish

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Three-part Series On Rebuilding From Katrina, A Year Later

Rotten to the Corps
The Army Corps of Engineers is the real culprit behind New Orleans' devastation

Louisiana's Wetlands: A Lesson in Nature Appreciation
Hurricane Katrina's disastrous flooding of the Gulf Coast confirmed three decades of warnings by scientists. Most of New Orleans is below sea level, and South Louisiana's coastal wetlands, which once helped buffer the city from giant storms, have been disappearing at a spectacularly swift pace. Now some researchers are calling for restoration of wetlands and barrier islands to help protect New Orleans the next time a hurricane strikes.

Save Our Louisiana Wetlands
Louisiana Coastal Area

Safe Wetlands = Safe Water

Wetlands play an important role in ensuring the public's health by acting as natural filters that help remove contaminants and purify the water. Water pollution in drinking water has been linked to immune system disorders, neurological defects and intestinal illnesses.

Many waters provide important flood and erosion control, water filtration and habitat for fisheries, endangered species and game animals. The water filtration and flood-control services provided by wetlands save million of dollars as well. St. Tammany Parish can ill afford to allow further draining and development of its wetlands.

Tri-Bullet Watchdog group warns of growth A major overhaul of St. Tammany Parish developmental regulations and laws is needed to reverse decades of poorly managed growth that is eroding the quality of life in the state's fastest-growing parish

Read the report: Emerging Issues Report Slip-Sliding Away: The Challenge of Implementing St. Tammany's Vision for Growth Management

Tri-Bullet Wildlife habitat shrinks in St. Tammany due to lost marsh and wetlands Wildlife habitat nearly twice the size of the city of Kenner was consumed by residential and commercial development in St. Tammany Parish between 1982 and 2000, according to a University of New Orleans study.

Read the report: Urbanization Effects On Habitat Change In St. Tammany Parish, 1982 2000 (No longer online) Contact the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation

According to environmental experts, the worst site to design a golf course is to sit it in wetlands. Other recommendations to minimize its impact involves the aquatic environment, water fowl, pesticide and fertilizer movement, location of ponds, vegetated buffer along all streams or other waterways, depth of water table, and numerous other impacts.

None of the above has been a consideration by St. Tammany Parish for the golf course and residential development at Eden Isles/Oak Harbor in Slidell, Louisiana.

Save Our Wetlands:
History of the Eden Isles, Oak Harbor & North Shore Estate subdivisions in Slidell Louisiana

Tri-Bullet EPA's Team Sniffs Out Serious Crimes in Louisiana Call (225) 389-0216 to report violations

Tri-Bullet EPA launches new website ECHO

When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers proposed changes to Federal wetlands regulations, it received an unusual "public comment" from the Environmental Working Group: a sophisticated World Wide Web site that opposes the regulations using thousands of computer records from the Corps' own internal files.

Find out the part public officials in Louisiana play in the destruction of wetlands.

EWG Opposes Wetland Policy Using Internet
EWG Report: Swamped With Cash

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