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America's war dogs prevented over 10,000 casualties in Vietnam alone and bravely served our country in Operation Desert Storm as well as World War II. Yet, many of these K-9 Soldiers were declared "surplus armaments" and were unceremoniously euthanised or left to unknown fates in Vietnam.

America's war dogs were trained to recognize booby traps, mines tunnels and weapons caches. They were trained for parachutte landings. They warned troops about ambushes. They saved lives by dragging wounded soldiers to safety. These canine heroes lived, bonded and fought side-by-side with our veterans.

After World War II, surviving war dogs were sent home to their families with honorable discharges. But at the end of the Vietnam War, military officials abandoned almost all the American war dogs. None of the dogs of the Vietnam War have ever been honored for their bravery and service until now.....in the documentary War Dogs, America's Forgotten Heroes.


My friend Maggie enlightened me to our veterans endeavor of their deep desire for a memorial to America's Forgotten Heroes. Congratulations veterans! You did it!!   ~Nancy


by Mrs. Cornwell's Eighth Grade Class
Fort Mill Middle School in SC - War Dogs Project
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The students did a wonderful job! They worked in two-member teams to create their own pages. Mrs. Cornwell and students said they all learned a great deal through working with this project. So did I from visiting their site. Thanks to all!

The students, Mrs. Cornwell and myself are very proud to be listed on the War Dogs Contact Post.

On November 6, 2000, H.R.5314 became Public Law No: 106-466 amending Title 10, United States Code, to faciliate the adoption of retired military working dogs by law enforcement agencies, former handlers of these dogs, and other persons capable of caring for these dogs.

For the full text of this law on the Library of Congress website
click here.

Story of Wounded Soldier Wanting to Adopt Military Dog

Operation Baghdad Pups

Tragedy in Iraq
Orders to kill adopted puppy leave Florida soldiers mourning

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