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What's New: "Infamous" Oak Harbor PUD
Chemical Use by Oak Harbor Golf Club

I opened my mailbox on May 8, 1999 to find ATSDR's first report issued shortly after their visit to the Slidell area. As slow as government is known to move, it was the fastest written report in history. Obviously, it was not necessary to read the report in determining its contents on a petition for a public health assessment I had filed in February 1998. The game of golf had been granted immunity once again for its misbehavoir and disrespect for the environment and human life.

It was no mystery now why the 18-wheeler trucks, one marked LESCO, had been delivering toxic chemicals all week long to the golf course. The agency had issued a bogus report and Oak Harbor was celebrating its win. As usual, the petitioner was to be the last to know.....but would be the first one to experience the effects.

The memory of so many painful, heartbreaking summers flashed through my mind. The small newborn puppies too intoxicated by poisons to nurse; the playful 6 week old romping in my yard...then afterwards lying cuddled in my lap, struggling to breathe with blood flowing from his small mouth and nose; or my beloved Dixie, a Samoyed female dog, who had struggled so many times to survive from an overload of toxins until the last exposure took her life. And so many, many more!

Dixie slipped into a coma, dying before the employee of the golf course could complete his spraying pesticides repeatedly back and forth along our fence. Notification for spraying was not given; it never is. Therefore, I did not know to bring Dixie inside the safety of my own home out of reach of the direct exposure.

As Dixie bathed in the sun on our deck, one of her favorite spots, she became the target of the pest control man. Our deck is merely 19 feet from the area that was being repeatedly sprayed by toxic chemicals drifting our way. She certainly was no match for the rider dressed in full protective uniform with a respirator. Kneeling beside her as she took her last breath, I realized that if the misuse of pesticides was not stopped, I would most likely follow her. For I, too, had struggled so many times to survive the toxic attacks.

Government has allowed, more like approved, for many years the use of toxic chemicals to be applied in this manner by the golf course. Government on all levels became part of a land war that turned into a chemical war when government refused to play by the rules and I refused to give up my rights for a game of golf. ATSDR's report follows the identical path of the others.

Lies, lies and more lies!

Do not seek and thou shall not find

Oak Harbor shows no environmental problems from testing
Slidell Sentry-News, May 31, 1999

NOTE: There were no environmental problems from testing because there was NO testing. The report by ATSDR says our home is on the southside of the course when we live on the northside near the polluted Schneider Canal.

Photo by Plane

Howze Beach Road is the only road leading to my home. The road crosses over Schneider Canal which runs along the north side of the PUD. The dead-end road appears white in the aerial photo located towards the bottom left corner. My property is the narrow, long strip of land that is heavily wooded and appears dark green in the photo. Completely surrounding my property is the Oak Harbor Golf Course that applies poisonous pesticides and toxic fertilizers.

Three employees from ATSDR visited the area and were suppose to hold a public meeting advertised in the local newspapers. However, the employees said a meeting would be held next visit. There was no next visit. How much do you want to bet the records show they held a public meeting and no one showed. That gave ATSDR the excuse to close the case because the community showed no interest and, of course, no environmental problems from "NO" testing. What a farce!!! And this was accomplished by trickery with taxpayer's money.

(Note: St. Tammany Parish isn't even spelled correctly)
ATSDR - Health Consultation - Oak Harbor Golf Club
September 30, 1998

Earlier this same year I was found to be disabled by the Social Security Administration. The Administrative Law Judge referred to my condition as Environmental Illnesses and determined I had been disabled since September 1991 (same year Oak Harbor was heavily applying chemicals for its grand opening the following year). Merely coincidental? I doubt it!

However, it's quite embarassing for government when pesticides are used as chemical warfare, in particular, by a golf course. Golf courses receive "special" allowances or exclusions from EPA's pesticide laws. But then that's how pesticides were developed to begin with...as chemical warfare. Click here

Congress Creates A Monster: The ATSDR
Public Health Assessments - ATSDR

Public Health Professionals Afraid to Speak Out

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If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.
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