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How Green Is Golf

On Greener Golfing

GM Grass Growing On The Golf Course Could Spread To Your Lawn

GE Frankengrass
Coming to your local golf course?

Poisoned fairways
Among the big winners in Bush's proposed rollback of pesticide restrictions? The politically untouchable golf industry, where dangerous chemicals are par for the course.

Pesticide ban may prompt some golf courses to remodel For more of story and list of banned applications for 38 pesticides, click here

Developers Find Payoff In Preservation
Mike Kahn, a Florida business consultant and former golf pro, advises celebrities and sports stars how they can save millions in taxes: Buy a golf course and prohibit building on the fairways. "You make virtually risk-free easy money," Kahn's Web site says.

GreenLinks Eco-Efficiency Services
A Canadian-based company providing the world's first independent and verified eco-efficiency ratings for golf courses.

Millionaires' resort community in Montana to pay $1.8 million fine over water pollution
A golf and ski community for multimillionaires will pay $1.8 million and complete several environmental restoration projects to settle complaints over construction site discharge into waterways and wetlands.

Save water - don't play golf
Greener golf is growing...slowly
Herbicide Causes Problems on Golf Courses (MSMA)
Common arsenical product under scrutiny (MSMA)
Golf course is an environmental renaissance


Did you know that golf courses are promoted as a tourist attraction by most communities? If a golf course development is being considered in your residential area, public officials need to focus on the health and environmental impacts to their community. Instead, many public officials never go beyond their perceived self-image of their photo on the front page newspaper, holding a shovel as they are breaking ground. However, a golf course isn't about one of their achievements while in office. It's about poisoning the community and its groundwater. That's the true legacy public officials leave behind after they have left office.

Too Many Golf Courses, Not Enough Golfers
Links Groups Get Green Light To Expand

Fewer Golfers. Bad Weather. Huge Debt.
Can Golf Courses Survive?

The next project your public officials will most likely be promoting is increased medical facilities or a new hospital for the community. Pesticides are poisons!

Poison For Profit - What A Business Plan!

Time to Recognize the Politics of Suburban Sprawl

Golf 'is water hazard'
The United States is the most wasteful water user in the world, according to figures released at the Third World Water Forum in Kyoto, Japan.

Water-Saving Efforts in the West
Might Tee Off Golfers

U.S. senators warned of al Qaeda snipers on golf courses

Arrow Seven towns in Canada band to weed out pesticides. Golf-course owners will be given until 2005 to comply with the ban, but in the meantime, they must create a buffer zone between the course and residential areas, where pesticides cannot be applied.

Getting To A Pesticide Bylaw - Dealing with Golf Courses

Ways to fight reckless use of pesticides
Unlike most other children with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Jean-Dominic was thinking hard about why he got cancer. He began talking to the other youngsters in the ward, and sticking pins into a map of Quebec, marking all the young cancer patients' homes. He felt strongly that non-Hodgkin's lymphoma was linked to pesticide exposure.

What he discovered was that all the kids lived near a concentration of golf courses. And most greens are drenched with many times more pesticides than are farms.

STOP the poisoning in your community, too!

Golf and the Environment - Beyond Pesticides
The extensive use of pesticides on golf courses raises serious questions about people's toxic exposure, drift over neighboring communities, water contamination, and effects on wildlife and sensitive ecosystems.

Pollution blamed on golf courses

Course Earns Hole-In-One
Audubon International insists this program could be in place at "every golf course in the country." It all depends on the courses making the effort.

Golf course tees off on plan to become wildlife-friendly

Seven golf courses fined for drought violations

Pesticides - Making the Right Choice for the Protection of Health and the Environment

Did you watch Trade Secrets: A Moyers Report on PBS, a groundbreaking investigative report on the chemical industry?

US report questions safety of sewage sludge fertilizer
Sewage sludge used to fertilize U.S. gardens, golf courses and farms should be investigated by the EPA to see if the thick mud-like material may also cause illnesses, an independent science panel said. Click here for more information on fertilizers and sludge.

Did you know golf course superintendents fear bills mandating notification laws and banning toxic pesticides?
Federal Access Board Issues New Accessibiity Guidelines for Recreation Facilities

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