Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
The Onset

    My first experiences with the hard hit onset of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity began as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This happened shortly after moving into a newly built home in the mid 1970's.

    Everything had the new smell, or the first few layers of products were outgassing into the air. I woke up each morning with flu like sypmtoms. Then I began attending college and found I became dizzy, and felt faintish especially in the newer buildings or those being painted, etc.

    Shortly afterward, I began working over an unvented paint shop in an art museum, and spent hours in the newly built section. I finally passed out in 1984. I had associated feeling ill while guarding the entrance to an exhibit where they had just painted and finished new wood work.

    Eventually, I would become so ill, that I often had to crawl on my hands and knees to finish my job as a night security guard. I was told I was over reacting. Perfumes, and cleaners began to make me ill, and produce the same symptoms. My memory became effected.

    I left that job in 1989 and continued looking for work elsewhere, but found that by the time I filled out an application, I was becoming foggy headed and not thinking clearly. I went from job to job unable to do the work because of my disability. Some employers even exposed me to pesticides and colognes to see if I would react, and this further damaged my central nervous system.

    Eventually I was damaged to the point of being totally disabled by 1998. I was only able to work a few hours a week, and then I was dragging myself in, and having to leave.

    I can't stress enough that people who have MCS get away from what is causing reactions. Wearing Masks, etc. even on short trips inside to buy something as simple as an apple at the grocery will help cut down on your exposure.

    Eliminating chemicals from my life helped me continue this far. 100% cotton clothing, which you can get from 1-800-JANICES sheets, and unscented natural products helped me. Other items can be bought through NEEDS 1-800-634-1380.

    I hope my story will help save the lives of others who are just entering the illness, so that they won't experience fixed name disease, and lose a large part of their ability to live a more normal life.


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