The Horrible Cost

They told me they were safe...

The pesticides, the herbicides, the biocides
They told me not to worry
What's your hurry?
We use them all
In schools, and malls
On smalls and talls
Day care's and nursing homes too?
All true.

They told me "EPA Approved"
To drill into our home
To spray our yard
To kill the pests (the pets)
That used to bug us, that used to love us.

Now no living thing disturbs our sleep
Except the cough, the sneeze, the wheeze
"Lucky to be alive"
We are being told
(At least for now).

Our life forever changed
Our heads untroubled by the carpenter ants
Poisons, new, improved
These people-cides.

Used for genocide, a Holocaust ago
Born in the Camps, these neurotoxins
Now deodorized to deceive
What you might perceive
Easier to breathe the fumes
That seal your doom
Our brains are now oblivious
To the obvious
Our muscles twitch, our memories fail
Concentration, concentrate, conc...

They told me they were safe
These brain poisons
They told me they were safe
These pet poisons
They told me they were safe
These people poisons
These terrible toxins

Copyright RedHen 1999
All Rights Reserved

Laurie & Bill Enger's tragic story of pesticide poisoning after exterminators used Dursban in their home:

EPA may restrict widely used insecticide
Suit settled through bankruptcy court


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