If Someone Had Told Me

    If someone had told me 5 years ago, prior to a life changing exposure, that everyday chemicals could do this to me; I would have thought that they had an agenda, or that they were just vocal activists for the environmental movement.

    Even when the troops came back from the Gulf War with a new syndrome, I questioned the posibility that they might be using it as an excuse for obtaining well earned benefits, or that it might be stress related; after all, being shot at in the desert heat will wear you down.

    It's as if the sun is a hundred times brighter, and I can see everything now; only it is felt through the olphactory senses, the digestive track, and the nervous system.

    It took a long time to figure out what was happening to me. Once i realized the symptoms had a name, i started to notice that the people afflicted were not just environmentalists. I started noticing diverse groups of people crossing all political and social spectrums. I noticed as many people from the conservative side of politics as I did from any other. The victims ranged from housewives, to factory workers, to tank commanders in combat boots. It became apparent that this illness does not descriminate; none the less, it has become a political doormat everyone wants to clean their shoes on, and walk away from.

    As a 35 yr old male I can tell you this illness is more like radiation sickness than it is a "sensitivity".

    Multiple chemical sensitivity is a neurological breakdown, similar to a cancer patient on chemo. People with chemical injuries have one of the highest rates of suicide across the board, and suffer the least understanding of all ailments. Putting victims of chemical exposure/injuries into multiple categories based on symptoms is the biggest division for our cause. Housewives with menstral problems are not going to make a connection to a marine who is punished because he can no longer stand up on duty. Until someone does draw these connections, a single cause is lost. The rest of the people out there (like the health-food store selling incense behind the counter) that just don't get it:

    MCS is coming to a neighborhood near you;
    and MCS does not care who you are!

    Your life is already being affected in small ways that you may not be aware of. That new date that you fight with, or can't maintain performance with, or that leaves you tired half way through an evening, may not be the problem; but the chemicals he/she is wearing might play a role. What is in those bottles being sold at every store front display? Does your mood change when you drive in traffic? Having trouble sleeping are you? Chemicals are everywhere.... and our mind/bodies are starting to break. You may not know it, BUT WE DO!

Eddy Caple
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

At every crossway on the road that leads to the future, tradition has placed against each of us ten thousand men to guard the past. (Maurice Maeterlinck 1862-1949)

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