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Share Your Story About
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

We each have our own way of telling our story. Some may create a poem or express their feelings with photography, others express their feelings in words. Some, like myself, are hoping for change by bringing together our painful stories. You may email your story, remaining anonymous if you like, or sign our guestbook. The choice is yours.


"Begin to weave and God will give you the thread."
German Proverb

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Comfort in the Storm

To Color or Not to Color

If Someone Had Told Me

Sometimes.....My Victory

Mold, Chemicals, and Sensitivities

I Had A Life...

Sea Rose

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - The Onset

The Horrible Cost

"Hello, I am an Acceptable Risk"

My Turn To Whine!

Becoming so homebound has been truly tough to cope with, especially during the holidays. So I celebrate with my website Granny Nan's Country Corner. Please feel free to visit.

Joining the wonderful group of RAOK made a big difference, too. You can find out how to join by clicking on the graphic.

Random Acts of Kindness



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