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Supreme Court Says Farmers May Sue in State Courts

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Red Bullet How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Pesticide Free Zone
Declare your yard a pesticide free zone
By posting the colorful Pesticide Free Zone sign in your lawn or garden, you can tell your neighborhood that you don't use pesticides and you're proud of it.

Do you think pesticides are safe?
Think again!

Largest City in U.S. Adopts Plan to Curtail Use of Pesticides

Is Your Lawn Giving You Cancer?

Join the Consumer Campaign to Stop Dow From Marketing Hazardous Pesticides

Be Truly Green - Refuse To Use Chemlawn

Excellent articles and links:

Tri-Bullet Sprayed Away: Did calling in an exterminator put health and home at risk?
Tri-Bullet Dow Subsidiary to Pay $2 Million For Making False Safety Claims in Pesticide Ads
Tri-Bullet The Killing Fields
Tri-Bullet Eyeless children win $7 Million against DuPont for pesticide Benlate
Tri-Bullet Clouds of Doubt: Questions about enforcement of pesticide laws
Tri-Bullet Salmon Hazards - Ruling on pesticide use
Tri-Bullet Deformed Frogs Form when Parasites and Pesticides Combine

Weakening the Safe Drinking Water Act - Louisiana
Much of this effort to roll back standards is being driven by the pesticide and chlorine industries - some of the largest polluters of our nation's drinking water.

Tri-Bullet Tough to Swallow How Pesticide Companies Profit from Poisoning America's Tap Water
Tri-Bullet Wells and Pesticide Survey A Survey of Private Drinking Water Wells For Lawn and Tree Care Pesticides in a Connecticut Town
Tri-Bullet Save the Clean Water Act Take Action to Keep Our Water Clean

Avoid pesticides, Ontario doctors warn
Family doctors strongly recommended Canadians reduce their exposure to pesticides based on a 12-year review showing consistent links between pesticides and serious illnesses.

Tri-Bullet Study by the Ontario College of Family Physicians
Tri-Bullet Sierra Club of Canada - Pesticide Reduction
Tri-Bullet Pesticide Free Ontario
Tri-Bullet Quebec adopts the highest standards in North America to decrease exposure to pesticides
Tri-Bullet Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Government and Medical Science Finally Recognize Crippling Effects of MCS

What happens when a whistle-blower refuses to cover up pesticide poisonings?

Tri-Bullet When Agriculture and Public Health Collide
Tri-Bullet Collected Papers of William Sanjour Or click here for new site.
Tri-Bullet Sentinel at the EPA: An Interview with William Sanjour
Tri-Bullet The Art of Anonymous Activism Serving the Public While Surviving Public Service
Tri-Bullet Whistle Blower Report Area Report illegal or questionable uses of chemicals, including suspicious health effects observed after chemical exposure.

Environmental Liability (Sierra Activist)
Most local governments are familiar with the term liability, but fewer are familiar with the concept of environmental liability.Environmental liability is a legal obligation to make a future expenditure due to past or ongoing manufacture, release, or threatened release of a particular substance or other activities that adversely affects the environment and public health. Parties held liable for environmental violations can face fines, criminal penalties, and litigation. Local governments are as susceptible to environmental liability as any other party, thus they should at least have a general understanding of the liabilities they face. READ MORE

Union of Concerned Scientists

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