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Big Discovery! Huge Coverup!

Why was our community ignored in the health assessments for TWO Superfund Sites? Is that why an employee with ATSDR said my petition had "opened up a big can of worms"? Residential building continues in the area for middle to upper class citizens. The new areas are annexed into the City of Slidell and placed on municipal water. The poor community remains on private water wells, not knowing they are drinking contaminated water. Does the Mayor for the City of Slidell know something he's not telling the rest of us? Did he "pass the buck" because our community is located outside the city limits?

What do you think? Read this!

Our public officials must be aware. The same persons we entrust for our protection. How scary is that? How do they sleep at night knowing a community that includes innocent children are being poisoned? Are they so callous that they don't even care? It's not their children being poisoned! Would it be any different if it was? What a thought!

Is our community being ignored because we are basically considered poor and not up to their standards? According to this survey noted here, our parish is "very affluent with an average family income of $73,000 per year". Most in our community could not afford to play a round of golf.

According to Save Our Wetlands, Inc., none of the wetland area should have been developed. According to rumors in the area, nuclear waste may have been buried here. What a way to fill in a wetland? If so, what part did the Corps of Engineers play in this? Is this why EPA's Region 6 Office has ignored regulations for its development? Certainly would explain why these agencies refuse to conduct any type of adequate testing in our community or with the Schneider Canal.

The trees do not seem to grow on the golf course. Why isn't testing being conducted and results being disclosed to the public? New homes are being built within the residential/levee area. What health affects will the new residents experience, especially their children?

Louisiana and Texas lead the nation as the number one and two emitters of development and neurological toxins. Refer to Toxic-Free Neighborhood Polluting Our Future: Chemical Pollution in the U.S. that Affects Child Development and Learning.

Polluted Politics = Polluted Environment

Isn't it past time for our public agencies and officials to become responsible, placing people above profits? Louisiana is considered one of the most polluted states in the nation. Is it any wonder? Check out the website of Save Our Wetlands that has been fighting to protect our precious wetlands since 1974. Be sure to check out the Eco-Letters, in particular the letter to the U.S. Corps of Engineers.

Check It Out
13 Indicted in Biggest Lab Fraud in American History
An environmental laboratory falsified test results at thousands of Superfund sites across the United States. (Now just why do you think this happens? Ever try to make a complaint at EPA and find you, a private citizen, are immediately treated as not being credible or considered a whistleblower? Or how about the attitude that it's "none of your business"?)

"Infamous" Oak Harbor PUD

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