Death of Our Beloved Horse

Our story begins in 1988, more than a decade ago, when bulldozers began ripping at the land surrounding our home for the planned urban development of a golf course. I can still remember the look of terror in the eyes of my young grandchildren when during that first week 3 or more bulldozers simultaneously attacked our property with tremendous violence. They had declared war upon us and our white flag of surrender meant nothing to our perpetrators or the community that watched in silence and sheepishly turned the other way. Unfortunately for us, we were the only family living directly in their pathway.

By the end of the first week we watched helplessly as our beloved quarter horse died in agony so that others could play a game of golf. Our vivacious, gentle friend suffered a very painful death from signs of poisoning consisting of cold sweats, foaming at the mouth, and excruciating abdominal pain. For a brief moment we hoped he was going to survive as he stood up on his feet nuzzling against us. We later discovered his intestines had ruptured giving him only temporary relief to his horrible pain. I tried to comfort him as the excruciating pain returned more unbearable than before, but my attempts were futile. I felt helpless as we watched him struggle for relief until at last he was at peace. We were devastated over the loss and shocked over the acts of violence.

Ironically our beloved friend was buried in our backyard by employees of the developer, not out of remorse, but out of necessity because it required the use of a bulldozer for digging the grave. Much later in time I would have the misfortune of meeting his executioner who had the audacity of introducing himself and boasting about the protection he received from the developer for such a cowardly act. We were never compensated for the losses and the violent acts were never investigated by the system.

Our largest betrayal came from the political system itself that I had been taught since a child to trust and believe in. The same system I had been teaching my grandchildren to abide by or show respect for. A system established to protect the public and our constitution. It is horrifying to find oneself alone in a deadly game of war and toxic terrorism without any rights, privileges, or benefits.

I remember wondering if gangsters had moved into our area or if the American dream was merely propaganda or perhaps a combination of both. It certainly didn't take a rocket scientist to determine who in public office was connected in some manner to the development. The abuse was blatantly spelled out and amazingly so widespread. It appears our worst enemy has turned out to be government itself. I reminded myself this is America and in the years to follow I have become well acquainted with the meaning of taking back our country. We have lost our honor, dignity and most of all our freedom.

Less than a year after losing my beloved horse, I lost my first Samoyed dog. Over the years, I would lose an entire dog kennel and I would personally suffer health effects from severe pesticide poisoning resulting in disability and irreversible end-organ damage.


These poisonings happened in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, where we live.

Four adult dogs, two puppies die in apparent poisoning
"He was foaming at the mouth and he was dead in less than 10 minutes."

Acts of animal cruelty carry host of legal consequences
"Laying out poisons with the intent to kill a "problem" animal might seem like a somewhat anonymous act difficult to trace and devoid of legal consequences. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

While reported incidents of animal cruelty are not an every day occurrence in St. Tammany Parish, the Sheriff's Office does investigate suspicious deaths of animals and complaints of mistreatment with vigor. And the District Attorney's office, given the proper evidence, will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone connected to the mistreatment of animals."

But NOT in our case! St. Tammany Parish refused to investigate the poisoning of our horse that later resulted in the poisonings and death of our dogs and dozens of newborn puppies.

Article further states "Everyone on Death Row has abused animals at one time or another and numerous studies have shown that people who are cruel to animals will be cruel to people."

The poisoning continues to threaten our lifes.


This story sounds similar to ours, too!

Animals in California suffer horribly
Herbicide/Pesticide suspected

Our veterinarian also said he did not know what toxin to test for with the death of our horse. He "neglected", for lack of a more descriptive word, to take blood and tissue samples at the time of necropsy and afterwards he refused to revisit. He's currently the state agriculture commissioner. Previously, he was our a state representative serving on the committee of (1) agriculture, (2) environment and (3) health & welfare. Ironically, he's related to our local elected Sheriff who is refusing to investigate any complaint we make. He's also related to the Judge who presided over the expropriation suit or eminent domain abuse filed by our local government. The suit was an attempt to take away our only public access road, alleging our property was needed for drainage purposes, thereby giving our property rights away for the development of a golf course. A state inspector general's report dated April 1989 determined the ring levee enclosing our property and the golf course development is "not" for a public purpose.

What is government doing about all this? The same thing the developer is doing.......nothing, besides more harassment, intimidation, and sanctions along with more poisoning! The board for the "public" drainage district, and its attorneys, in charge of constructing the golf course/levee development are the same parties representing the developer. Even receiving medical help is influenced by the same look-a-like board and attorneys.

If we can't trust our public officials, then who can we trust?

The University's animal health program was no help whatsover with the death of our horse and later the death of other animals that included adult dogs and puppies. I suspect our name was placed on some type of blacklist. The sheriff's department was contacted several times. Their department responded by saying they could not help, even went so far as to cancel a sheriff's deputy vehicle on its way to the area after a restricted pesticide incident placed toxic fumes into the air.

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