"Infamous" Oak Harbor PUD & Schneider Canal
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City and parish officials have denied the $1 million donation was made to get their support for the interchange.
Construction under way on Eden Isles interchange
May 30, 1987

Approval of the interchange gave access for development to the east side of Oak Harbor/Lakeshore Estates that is ongoing now. Hidden in the interstate agenda was the redevelopment of the Eden Isles/Oak Harbor Golf Course that included dredging of the Schneider Canal/North Diversion Canal.

And so the beat goes on.......

09/04/07 Slidell bike path opens to public

09/11/04 Group cries uncle on development
09/10/04 EPA is investigating Slidell Landfill
09/01/04 Landfill faces fine for fish kill

08/18/04 Ethics board fines Davis, Tenet
08/18/04 Slidell Landfill blamed for fish kill

07/20/04 Trouncing of tax plan no surprise to mayor
07/17/04 Developer claims group broke contract

06/28/04 Updated list of drainage projects totaling $28.5 million to be funded by tax
06/26/04 Oak Harbor to close for 2 months
06/23/04 Third suit filed against huge project
06/08/04 Wetlands group tries courts again
06/05/04 Smart-growth advocate receives death threat
06/03/04 Lawsuit filed to halt Slidell development

05/29/04 Activist accuses Impastato of threats
05/15/04 Phase 2 of Oak Harbor East gets OK
05/11/04 Panel approves slate of zoning changes

04/24/04 Oak Harbor to see the lights

03/31/04 DEQ to hold hearing on Oak Harbor
03/27/04 Harbor Center: What happened?

01/27/04 Lakeshore Estates draws environmental concerns

12/16/03 Schneider Canal stretch dredged

07/19/03 Oak Harbor buildout heads to phase two

09/28/02 As floodwaters recede, the real work begins

07/08/02 Oak Harbor has new manager
07/08/02 THC settles with Corps over wetlands violations (no longer online)

04/19/01 Letter to Editor - Beware Pesticides
04/11/01 Grand Champions gets OK to build
03/26/01 Eden Isles group thrown out of lawsuit
03/14/01 Dispute remains on new Oak Harbor subdivision
03/09/01 Oak Harbor residents enraged by new development plans
01/19/01 Homeowners join lawsuit to control Eden Isles growth

03/02/00 Upscale Oak Harbor opens floodgates for development

02/05/97 Deal is reached on Howze Beach Rd
02/26/97 Oak Harbor East property possible for city annexation

Save Our Wetlands - History of Eden Isles, Oak Harbor
Eden Isles Homeowners' Association