"Infamous" Oak Harbor PUD & Schneider Canal
Slidell, Louisiana


"Environmentally Incorrect
Politically Polluted"

The "infamous" Oak Harbor PUD of 1988, approved by St. Tammany Parish, allowed the Eden Isles Golf Course to be redeveloped into what is now known as the Oak Harbor Golf Course. The PUD allowed the remaining wetlands to be developed into a residential area. Dredging of the Schneider Canal took place in order to widen the canal for so-called drainage purposes.

The PUD is completely enclosed by a 13 ft. ring levee under Drainage District No. 2.

There was no EIS.


Save Our Wetlands had been fighting against the destruction of wetlands for the development of the Eden Isles/Oak Harbor projects and the blatant, reckless issuance of permits by the U.S. Corp of Engineers since the very beginning.

"Drainage District No. 2 was reactivated during the early 1960's. In 1964, without the benefit of an Act of Congress as required by Section 9 of the RHA and without the benefit of it permit as required by Section 10 of the Act, the District diked off a large portion of bed of Lake Pontchartrain. Even though there was no Congressional authorization or permits under the Act for the levees of Eden Isles the Corps in 1965 used the taxpayer's money to repair and maintain these illegal levees."

"The Corps had received a letter from the EPA dated March 22, 1972, which indicated that the Eden Isles canals would invariably result in anaerobic and septic conditions, and accordingly recommended an environmental impact statement."
Refer to: Permit Application: Corps of Engineers

Save Our Wetlands' History of Eden Isles & Oak Harbor Subdivisions

Oak Harbor Golf Club was built in 1991 and acquired in January 1995 by the LinksCorp. Refer to: Oak Harbor Golf Club

The PUD is now under Drainage District No. 5. Schneider Canal is also referred to as North Diversion Canal.

The domicile of the St. Tammany Drainage District No. 5 is the Sales Office for Oak Harbor.

Drainage District No. 2

St. Tammany Hotbed Of West Nile Virus Cases

La. Town Is Unfazed By West Nile
Much of the focus is on this swampy little town on Lake Pontchartrain across from New Orleans. Along with nearby environs, it has logged the most cases -- 18 people infected and one dead.

Councilman wants to ease restrictions on mosquito breeding grounds Councilman Joe Thomas now wants to ease wetland restrictions even more. "I saw on the national news that St. Tammany is the West Nile capital of the United States," said Thomas. "That's a title we do not want." Thomas represents the Eden Isles/Oak Harbor area.

For more information:
Louisiana Mosquitoes - Reducing the Risks in Mosquito Control

Eden Isles/Oak Harbor Community Concerns

Residents of Eden Isles and Oak Harbor became concerned about whether the PUD of 1988 is unconstitutional or it's not, more than 10 years after the fact. So far, the residents' concern remains focused on "their" property values based on the type of zoning laws for residential/commercial building planned to be constructed within the PUD. Click here to find news articles and other info.

What about the PUD's environmental impact
and the health of the community?

The redevelopment of the toxic golf course, dredging of Schnieder Canal and "not for public" levee is part of the infamous Oak Harbor PUD of 1988 and continues to poison residents in the nearby community on the other side of the "golf tracks".

Our community receives the toxic pesticide drift and runoff from "their" golf course. We obtain our drinking water from private water wells. The toxic effluent discharge is pumped into our waterway, the Schneider Canal, where we crab, fish and swim, not into their waterways. How different the situation would be if the toxins were dumped into their community where it belongs. It's their golf course, not ours.

EPA: Brownfields Cleanup and Redevelopment

Public Health Assessment on Golf Course Facility

The Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry was investigating our petition for a public health assessment on the golf course facility, however, the state refused to release information or claimed to have lost records. There had been cases of fish kills documented in the media, the pesticide Bromacil was detected over the limits in a private water well, several deaths of animals (wild and domestic) had occurred, and human illness or death from symptoms of pesticide poisoning was probable.

Our case is not an isolated one. The Governor Foster of Louisiana issued an Environmental Contamination Notification Order.

Three Superfund Sites in St. Tammanny

Two of the Superfund Sites adjoin the Oak Harbor area. How much pollution do residents consider is enough?

Louisiana NPL Sites

The City of Slidell advertises its image as
"Louisiana's best kept secret!"

After supporting the development of Slidell in marsh and wetlands, in particular Wards 8 and 9 outside city limits, the City of Slidell is now facing severe drainage problems and flooding. Demand fiscal responsibility!

Corps drainage proposal for Slidell nears end after 10 years
As stated in this article, "The corps of engineers began studying drainage in St. Tammany, Orleans and Jefferson parishes in 1992, using an inexpensive method called re-con, she said. Major problems were found, but it was the May 1995 rains in St. Tammany that flooded approximately 5,000 homes that provided the authorization for a major project to attack the drainage problems across the state."

However, the drainage projects for the Slidell area had been planned for many years prior to 1992. Flooding of the City of Slidell was inevitable due to poor development practices located outside city limits in marsh and wetlands.

The City of Slidell supports its tourist image for golf courses without any restraint on their heavy use of pesticides and fertilizers. Two of its golf courses, Pinewood and Oak Harbor, empty into Schenider Canal. Oak Harbor directly discharges its effluent into the canal through a pump system, discharging upstream away from the Eden Isles/Oak Harbor residential area. The Schneider Canal empites into Lake Pontchartrain.

Lake Pontchartrain affected by sewage from 16 parishes

The politics of pesticides in the State of Louisiana can be just as lethal as the exposure.
B.R. class of '91 majoring in scandal
Host of incumbents credit good work for no opposition

Be Responsible Neighbors

Arrow Seven towns in Canada band to weed out pesticides. Golf-course owners will be given until 2005 to comply with the ban, but in the meantime, they must create a buffer zone between the course and residential areas, where pesticides cannot be applied.

Golf courses encouraged to go green
Check out related site No Golf!! Global Anti-Golf Movement

Sewage Sludge Rules Fail to Protect Health
Applied as a fertilizer where there is limited public exposure to it, such as farms and forests, or on sites with more public contact such as parks, golf courses, lawns and home gardens. Click here for more information on fertilizers and sludge.

What would it take for the Oak Harbor Golf Course to join the state-sanctioned Audubon Golf Trail? Or can the course even qualify? Click here

Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System

"It is the height of arrogance for humans to put themselves at the center of all creation" by Timonthy Weiskel - Harvard University Professor, Environmental Ethics and Public Policy

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