Nightmare in Oak Harbor's PUD
Slidell, Louisiana

Land War Turns Chemical
and Deadly

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Parish President Kevin Davis,
did you read the state inspector general's report?

The state's report specifically says the Parish cannot take away my rights under the guise of drainage district projects for the benefit of the developer. The report further says the ring levee is not for a public purpose and it's highly questionable and unprecedented for a drainage district to own a parish road. The report is dated April 1989, more than 16 years ago, and still no changes.

And the beat goes on.....
Dirty Problem - Slidell woman wonders if construction has caused increased health problems
When Sharon Brown steps out of her house, which is rare these days, she sees a thin layer of white powder covering her porch, the back of her car and her front lawn. It's the same white powder she sees flying around construction workers, who are equipped with masks and gloves, as they hurry to finish the new Lowe's Home Improvement and Wal-Mart Superstore.

Brown said she feels Wal-Mart is trying to force her out of her home. She said she would be willing to move if Wal-Mart would be willing to buy her property. Moore said Wal-Mart has no such plans. (And what part does St. Tammany Parish play in forcing Sharon out of her home?)

Institute for Justice
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Ongoing lawsuits are contesting whether the Oak Harbor PUD of 1988 is unconstitutional or it's not, click here.

Refer to what seven towns in Canada are doing, click here, whereby "golf-course owners will be given until 2005 to comply with the ban, but in the meantime, they must create a buffer zone between the course and residential areas, where pesticides cannot be applied".

All the buffer zones between the redeveloped toxic golf course and my residential areas were removed in 1988 when the Parish approved the Oak Harbor PUD.

Isn't this shameful?
Isn't this criminal?

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February 1990
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Guidelines and Resources for Conducting an Environmental Crime Investigation in the United States

EPA Region 6 Needs to Improve Oversight of Louisiana's Environmental Programs

EPA inspector blasts Dallas arm
EPA's La. oversight criticized
LEAN threatens suit, alleges Clean Water Act violations
Editorial: A Lax Overseer
River pollution at center of warnings
EPA puts pressure on DEQ
EPA wants changes in La. DEQ
Louisiana polluters face more scrutiny
EPA opens criminal division in La.


Besides the obvious, how did this happen?

For starters, the Petitioned Health Consultation - Oak Harbor Golf Club consists of a lack of information because the state refused to disclose information or documents were alleged to have disappeared from records. Thereby, the investigation is incomplete and bogus. And now many of the same politicians want federal funds to cleanup the basin and control the inevitable flooding problems.

Hey, but what else can an American patriotic citizen expect now a days from the Republican Party.

Bush Wages Legal Battle Against Environmental Law

That's right. Those directly involved are Republicans: parish president, district attorney, sheriff, Slidell mayor and chief of police, senators and representatives, named attorneys for drainage district in state report, and judges preciding over case. Matter of fact, the judges in the case are closely afflicated with named attorneys for drainage district even sharing a law practice.

Our St. Tammany Parish Officials At Work

CBS boycott the result of 'foolish minds at work'
Parish Council should not dictate television viewership

Residents asked to boycott CBS
CBS boycott turns off Democrats
In wake of firings, resignation, council rescinds CBS boycott

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