Nightmare in Oak Harbor's PUD
Slidell, Louisiana

Land War Turns Chemical
and Deadly

EPA's team sniffs out serous crimes
As he and his agents carry weapons, have arrest power, can obtain search warrants and conduct secret surveillance, and work with federal or state authorities in prosecuting individuals and companies that commit environmental crimes in Louisiana.

"When we show up, it is too late for more compromise, more negotiating, more one-more-chance to do right," Ashe said. "We show up when it is time to make the case, collect the evidence, get the search and arrest warrants, and proceed with criminal prosecutions."


June 2004 - 16 Year Anniversary

My story is one of corruption, abuse of power, murder, threats and intimidation, coverup, and chemical poisoning.....the result of immoral leadership and government corruption. The toxic nightmare has been ongoing for 16 years.

Taken of my home June 1989

Click on thumbnail to view full picture, noting my Samoyed dogs pressing their noses through the fence. All I have left are memories. My beloved dogs died one by one from signs and symptoms of pesticide poisoning.....and public officials and government agencies have ignored these preventable, cruel acts.

In dealing with local public officials, my experience has been similar to dealing with the "country town" gang of bullies. For merely exercising one's rights, the gang usually responds with some sort of retaliation, often life-threatening.

Not being a native of Louisiana, I gravely regret not checking into how safe the state is, politically and environmentally, prior to moving my family here in the late 1970's.

Louisiana rated 50th - bottom of list
How Healthy Is Your State?

The conditions surrounding my home have become unsafe since the Parish's approval of the Oak Harbor PUD: inadequate drainage, clogged drainage ditch, no trash pickup, no road maintenance, and a favorite local spot for dropping off trash and unwanted pets.

Most recent drop off...
vehicle of a murdered businessman.

Slidell area reeling in wake of slaying - 9/7/02
The car belonging to the murdered victim was recovered on my "overgrown dead-end street".

This is the only news article giving my name, Nancy Hirschfeld, as the party dumped on. I personally contacted news media giving the needed information when it became apparent that the Sheriff's Department would be covering up the exact location of the overgrown dead-end street and withholding my name. But why? I'm not a witness in this case; I need no protection from the murderers of the Slidell victim. But then the Sheriff's Department has a long history of covering up violent acts by the "country town" bullies beginning with the murder of my beloved horse.

Furthermore, I asked the Sheriff Deputies investigating the murder to report the dangerous road condition inside Oak Harbor's PUD to Parish President Kevin Davis (who, by the way, has been aware of the deplorable situation since its construction).

Earlier the same year (January 2002), a Slidell Police Officer drove his vehicle into the clogged drainage ditch on the "overgrown dead-end street" directly fronting my home. It was late at night when the Officer's vehicle came flying over the levee on the too steep overgrown dead-end road . The ditch has been clogged since last year's storm and was full of water (a continual health hazard). The Officer's vehicle had to be towed out of the ditch.

Corporate Cleaners owner dead in Slidell home - 9/9/02
Slidell businessman found dead in home - 9/9/02
Three men booked in Tammany slaying - 9/9/02
Three booked in Ferrari killing - 9/10/02
Three face capital murder charge - 9/11/02
Murder suspects indicted - 10/25/02

Channel WWL4TV was given an exclusive on the recovery of the murdered victim's vehicle from my "overgrown dead-end street" and aired my stating that it is time the Parish cleaned up the mess.

The same issues had been brought to the attention of the Parish only months before.
Dan Zechenelly, Dept. of Public Works - 4/11/02
Dan Zechenelly, Dept. of Public Works - 5/10/02

This is a loud wakeup call for Parish President Kevin Davis. However, the overgrown dead-end street and drainage problems have still not been cleaned up by the Parish while the murder suspects have been indicted.....and convicted.

Montejo ruled competent - 2/16/05
Ferrari trial set to begin - 3/3/05
DNA will prove case - 3/7/05
Ferrari case could hinge on DNA - 3/7/05
DNA expert links victim, suspect - 3/8/05
Murder suspect blames mystery killer - 3/9/05
Montejo fingers unknown assailant - 3/9/05
Jury convicts killer in 4 hours - 3/10/05
Montejo guilty of murder - 3/10/05
Slidell man's killer sentenced to death - 3/11/05Montejo sentenced to death by lethal injection - 3/11/05
Montejo sentenced to death - 3/11/05

Was Carol's death murder or suicide?

Carol died in January 1992 following the horrendous consent agreement by the Parish and Drainage District No. 2 over a frivalous lawsuit having no merit. The lawsuit's intent was to expropriate private property for the benefit of the developer under the guise of drainage district projects for the Oak Harbor PUD. Carol and I were the only private individuals directly affected by the agreement.

Carol had been investigating the developer and public officials in the construction practices pertaining to the Eden Isles/Oak Harbor projects, considered a federal project. But her investigation ended with consequences. Carol was found in the garage of her Mississippi home, death caused by hanging. It's not likely Carol committed suicide under the circumstances.

I experienced my first set of symptoms of poisoning in 1988, immediately following the murder of our beloved horse. At a much later date (1998), Social Security's findings were I have been disabled by Environmental Illnesses since September 1991, shortly after the construction began for the PUD.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words
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Parish President Kevin Davis,
when do you think it's time to cleanup this mess?

Photo by Plane

Howze Beach Road is the only road leading to my home. The road crosses over Schneider Canal which runs along the north side of the PUD. The dead-end road appears white in the aerial photo located towards the bottom left corner. My property is the narrow, long strip of land that is heavily wooded and appears dark green in the photo. Completely surrounding my property is the Oak Harbor Golf Course that applies poisonous pesticides and toxic fertilizers.

My story continues here:
Homegrown Violence and Terrorism

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