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Land War Turns Chemical
and Deadly

Only by the Grace of God have I been able to live through the nightmare. There was a peaceful way to solve the ownership and environmental problems with the development of the Oak Harbor Golf Club and dredging of the Schneider Canal, but peaceful means were never used. For complete control of the Oak Harbor PUD, the "country town" gang of bullies need occupation of my property and removal of the only public access road over the Schenider Canal that leads to my property.

Louisiana politicians and government agencies on all levels merely "climbed into bed" with the original developers in destroying the wetlands. None of them were concerned about overseeing the health, environment or welfare of the community. No EIS. No enforcement of any environmental laws. Now the communites upstream, some individuals on private water wells like myself, experience flooding and drainage problems.

Hands Off My Home
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Eminent Domain Abuse in Louisiana

Tragically, the nightmare is still ongoing.

It's been more than a decade since the nightmare began. However, I often feel like I have only begun to tell the story of my struggles for survival from chemical poisoning and corruption. The poisoning has left me permanently disabled, destroyed my way of life and what I dearly loved. The corruption continues to threaten my very existence. I now live in a homeless-like manner trapped within their so-called drainage improvement projects, lacking any enforcement of environmental laws, and not knowing when the next terrorist attack will occur.

The golf course area completely surrounds my property. All buffer zones were removed during redevelopment of the golf course area. Drainage has been designed in a horseshoe effect surrounding my property that is on a private water well. The drainage ditch fronting my home is clogged and the nearby live oak tree is uprooting because of continual standing water.

The overgrown dead-end street is frequently used for criminal activity, such as parking spot by persons having sex, by drug users, place to drop off litter and unwanted pets, and last year's drop off of a murder's stolen vehicle. Furthermore, the current deplorable conditions represents a health risk for such illnesses as West Nile virus by mosquitoes that breed in standing water and in litter or trash along this section of road. Plus, my personal trash is accumulating on the road fronting my home. The trash cannot be picked up by professionals because of the deplorable road and drainage conditions.

Pattern of Abuse

Dirty Problem - Slidell woman wonders if construction has caused increased health problems
When Sharon Brown steps out of her house, which is rare these days, she sees a thin layer of white powder covering her porch, the back of her car and her front lawn. It's the same white powder she sees flying around construction workers, who are equipped with masks and gloves, as they hurry to finish the new Lowe's Home Improvement and Wal-Mart Superstore.

Brown said she feels Wal-Mart is trying to force her out of her home. She said she would be willing to move if Wal-Mart would be willing to buy her property. Moore said Wal-Mart has no such plans. (And what part does St. Tammany Parish play in forcing Sharon out of her home?)

Chemical Poisoning Causes Brain Injuries

How can I begin to find the words to describe the enormity of illness and loss suffered? Sometimes, after a chemical attack, I can't even remember the name of my mother or become bedridden for weeks from severe fatigue and excruiating pain.

How can I tell my story of the horrific experiences of threats and terrorism committed by a corrupt, out-of-control system in the State of Louisiana, when I frequently have difficulty finding words to express myself? How can I make you understand about the abuse of power by the "country town" gang of bullies who control St. Tammany Parish, when many individuals find it easier to blame the victim? These are some of the questions I often ask myself as I stumble to find the words and pray for the energy to tell my story.

Abuse and Violations

The only ingress and egress to my home is over the steep levee. An inspection by the local fire department states the levee is not accessible to travel by foot or by emergency vehicles; requests the levee meet the ADA Code of 4.8 Ramps/4.82 slope and rise; and states my address is unable to be reached by any emergency vehicles.

I made a complaint in December 2002 to the newly appointed parish ADA Coordinator and followed up time and time again. At that time, St. Tammany Parish had been violating the ADA federal law for the past eight years. And the beat goes on. No changes have taken place.

On my worse days, I am barely able to walk. On other days I might walk with a limp. On either of these days I am unable to obtain ingress or egress over the levee by foot or by use of a wheelchair. As a chemically sensitive individual, I am unable to travel by any means through the golf course property, that completely surrounds my property, because of its heavy use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals. I am without a personal vehicle and my driver's license was suspended for medical reasons because of chemical poisoning based on an undisclosed medical report.


Shock and Awe

I feel a sense of deja vu since the war began in Iraq. I have seen the horror of "unprovoked attacks". I am very familiar, in its quest for "occupation", with the tactics used by my government of "shock and awe", "sanctions" and "propaganda". I have experienced attacks of "terrorism", unnecessary "killings" and games of "chemical warfare" by those in power. And I live in the United States. I am an American.

Where Is Government Involvement?

What I now question is when will I be "liberated"? Where is the much needed "humanitarium" help. When will the "rebuilding" begin? Our water is polluted and our land is contaminated. My windows are shattered from flying golf balls and my house is damaged. I need medical help for chemical poisoning. I need personal transportation to handle my affairs. My environment is more like a Nazi concentration camp complete with barbed wire fence and gas chamber. Where is the help?

When will government stop the war and enforce the law?

When The War Began

In June of 1988, bulldozers began ripping at our property violently removing fences, shrubbery and trees. The undeclared war had begun under the guise of drainage improvement projects! Now men in armored machinery began terrorizing women and small children (my grandchildren). We were the only individuals living inside the parish's approved PUD.

The violence escalated with the killing of our beloved quarter horse, obviously killed for the effect of "shock and awe". Then came the killing of dogs in my Samoyed kennel, followed by the suspicious death of Carol. Did she commit suicide or was she murdered? She had been investigating the bogus drainage district projects. Later, my nearest neighbor George was branded with the illness of Alzheimer's. His severe nose bleeds the size and look-a-like of chicken livers, a sign of chemical poisoning, were ignored. He eventually died of prostrate cancer, another sign of chemical poisoning.

Did you know.....Animal cruelty is not a harmless venting of emotion in a healthy individual; this is a warning sign that this individual is not mentally healthy and needs some sort of intervention.

The Dangers of Pesticides and Animal Abuse


Is America's News Censored? You Decide!

For starters, the public didn't read about the death of my horse or other violent acts in the local news pertaining to the Oak Harbor PUD. And if you think that's because news media didn't know what is going on, think again! If I was one out of five who spoke at a town hall meeting, I would be the only one not quoted in next day's news. Those times that my name did appear in print, such as last year's drop off of a murder's stolen vehicle, were short-lived. The article was quickly removed offline.

I am the only survivor.
The only one standing in the way of full occupation.


Wake Up America!

Crime Against Nature
By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Natural Resources Defense Council

"The best way to judge the effectiveness of a democracy is to measure how it allocates the goods of the land: Does the government protect the commonwealth on behalf of all the community members, or does it allow wealth and political clout to steal the commons from the people?"



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