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These simple projects are especially for those of us who lack funds and energy, but who want to be part of group activities for MCS Awareness Month in May by helping to spread the message.

Awareness takes place one small step at a time. Awareness can take many forms. Choose one awareness form suitable for your stage of illness. You can make a difference.

What is an Awareness Project?
It's simply educating or informing others.

- The first step in raising awareness is education. This can be accomplished with a fact sheet, brochure, or something as simple as a bumper sticker or a poster. This can also be accomplished with an activity book for educators and parents of children. Or you can wear a T-shirt or MCS ribbon.

- The second step in raising awareness is engaging the public. This can be accomplished with an outreach activity by setting up a display such as in a doctor's office, library, school, or health food store. This can also be accomplished by merely distributing handouts to your neighbors or giving a home party to show a video on MCS. Or you can get your neighbors to participate in the MCS Awareness Ribbon Campaign.

- The third step in raising awareness is making sure people know about your activities. In other words, getting the word out by engaging the media. Tell the media and others about your activity or project. EPA would be interested about how you used its educational material. Take a photo. This can also be writing a letter on MCS recognition or by obtaining your city or state MCS proclamation. Click here to find out more.

~ Tips for people with MCS ~

- Do not apologize for your illness; it is not your fault.
- Do not expect everyone to understand immediately (including your family or your best friend).
` Try not to take any negative comments personally.
- You do not have to defend yourself or your illness. Make calm statements, such as: "You evidently aren't familiar with this disease. May I suggest some reading materials that will familiarize you with MCS?"
Click here for more tips by Toni Temple.

Some activities can be accomplished individually or by a small group of individuals, while other activities can be accomplished on a Global United Front.

New  Awareness Pins
Bring awareness to MCS each time you give or wear an awareness pin, or use the pins on cards as a fundraiser.

~ MCS Awareness Ribbon Campaign ~
A green ribbon is the symbol worn for MCS. Did you know they are also worn by environmental activists? They are simply the least expensive way of bringing awareness to our cause.

During the month of a green ribbon bow on your mailbox, your front door, or your favorite tree in your front yard. Get as many of your neighbors to do the same.

Take a photo. We might have a photo contest.

Purchase a roll of green ribbon and a package of straight pins. Make as many ribbons as you can and carry them with you. Don't forget to wear one yourself.

If you work in an office or near a desk, place several in an open dish. When people ask what the ribbons are for, tell them and offer them one to wear.

Make contact with other groups, schools, churches or garden clubs to do the same. Get your local fire department involved. Call your local radio station to tell about the campaign.

MCS Awareness Ribbon Campaign MCS Awareness Ribbon Campaign MCS Awareness Ribbon Campaign
Please feel free to use the ribbon(s) on your own site. Click on the ribbon(s) of your choice to upload. Find more ribbons here.

Or if you prefer, click here to make your own ribbon.

~ Buy a CIIN T-shirt ~
A good way to help CIIN continue its work. Off-white, high quality 100% cotton, available in sizes S to XL, $10 plus $1.50 postage/handling and 2XL and up, $15 plus $1.50 postage/handling.

CIIN, P.O. Box 301
White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645
(406) 547-2255

TiP: By wearing a CIIN T-shirt the news reporter covering your activity is more apt to interview CIIN as part of your story.

~ The Hidden Dangers of FRAGRANCES ~
The fragrance brochure has information on fragrance facts, health problems associated with fragrances, listing of products containing fragrance, fragrance-free alternatives, and resources for alternatives, books, articles and websites.

Send SASE for free sample brochure:
Environmental Health Coalition
of Western Massachusetts
P.O. Box 187
Northampton, MA 01061-0187

~ Bumper Stickers and Posters ~
Some awareness tools to bring about change. Remember that by using educational material by EPA or wearing the t-shirt by CIIN, you are forming "partnerships" to build a coalition for change.....and that's what awareness projects are all about.

~ Bumper Stickers for Chemical Awareness
~ Posters and Fliers for Chemical Awareness

~ Other Awareness Tools ~
Alison Johnson's Books/DVDs on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Give a home party to show a video on MCS. This could also include your family and friends, neighbors or church members. Get your local library to purchase the set of videos.

Zona's MCS Awareness Zone
"Wearing it is telling it!" Bring awareness to people wherever you go by wearing a shirt or carrying a tote bag.

Zona's "Free" Posters
For outdoor use get them laminated.

Declare your yard a pesticide free zone
By posting the colorful Pesticide Free Zone sign in your lawn or garden, you can tell your neighborhood that you don't use pesticides and you're proud of it. You can also be a resource for friends, neighbors, and relatives who use pesticides or who want to learn how to stop. The signs are also suitable for schools, parks, and businesses.

MCS Accessibility for United Methodist Churches
Taken from Accessibility Audit for Churches, A United Methodist Resource Book about Accessibility. Useful tool for obtaining accommodation in church by those who are chemically sensitive.

Toxic Teacher Syndrome: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Print out and give to your child's teacher as a way of bringing awareness. Give to your local school board or members of the P.T.A. This could also include EPA's publication on Pest Control in the School Environment: Adopting IPM, click here.

Joan's Environmental Awareness Emblems
Custom-made emblems to represent Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) available.

Maggie's Chemical Injury Awareness Project
Can be an add-on for GWS, MCS, CFS, or FM.
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