MCS Awareness Month of May

Joining Hands Across the Globe

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Awareness Month of May

Joining Hands Across the Globe
An awareness project for the chemically injured across the globe by the chemically injured across the globe.

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Deceived, Disabled, Dejected, Dehumanized, Dismissed, and Dying: The Widespread Dilemma of MCS Disability
You may have heard about MCS but don't understand what it is, or you may have been falsely led to believe that it is not a legitimate disability.

Disability Awareness - Do It Right!
Your all-in-one how-to guide: Tips, techniques & handouts for a successful Awareness Day from the Ragged Edge Online community

The Fragmenting Nature of MCS
Editorial by Cynthia Wilson, CIIN - Our Toxic Times May 2004
"Somehow, someway we have to find a way to build and support a national agenda. Somehow, someway we have to actually build a real MCS community."

MCS Awareness Posters and Other Simple Projects
These simple projects are especially for those of us who lack funds and energy, but who want to be part of the activities for MCS Awareness Month by helping to spread the message.

Tips for Activism
Letters to the editor are great advocacy tools. Find others to write letters when possible. This will show that other individuals in the community are concerned about the issue.

~ Let Your Voice Be Heard By Writing ~
United States

MCS Needs Its Defining Moment Lack of this case definition is a major obstacle to obtaining research funding, to recognition of the illness by courts and insurers, and to recognition -- and accomodation -- on the part of the general public.

"The latest clinical evidence suggests that chemical sensitivity is most probably some combination of central nervous system and blood-brain barrier damage, low-level porphyrin abnormalities, and detoxification enzyme deficiencies," says Cynthia Wilson, who is founder of the Chemical Injury Information Network, an international network for persons who suffer disabling reactions to common environmental chemicals.

CIIN sponsors first MCS conference

CIIN sponsors second MCS conference

Take Action

Congressmen and Senators are being urged to pressure the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the Centers for Disease Control and The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to act on ATSDR's recommendations and immediately convene a meeting for the purpose of creating a working-case definition for MCS.

Please take a moment to contact your congressman and senators urging them to create a working-case definition for MCS. Sample Letter by CIIN

Take Action

Sample Letter to CDC - Sign On by the Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured

How to Contact Congress

MCS Proclamation

Find out how to do a proclamation to the Governor of your state.

MCS America - Proclamations

Recognition of Illness Associated With Chemical Exposure - CDC

CDC Releases 3rd National Report on Chemical Body Burden

Irene Wilkenfeld - Safe Schools (1945-2004) Irene's response to ATSDR's Interagency Workgroup Draft Report on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - September 15, 1998, click here.

Global Recognition Campaign for Sufferers of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

South Australian Task Force on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Use search engine to find articles

MCS Inquiry Submission by the ME/CFS Society

Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance Formed when it was discovered that there was no organisation that was dedicated exclusively to providing support for chemically affected people.


Government and Medical Science Finally Recognize Crippling Effects of MCS What is it about MCS that brings out the best and the worst in people? Simply put, MCS challenges the way we run our world. It challenges the chemical industry the way cancer did the tobacco industry. Both brought their products to market before their safety was established and both have to face the fact that these products are not and never will be safe.

Allergy and Environmental Health Association A non-profit, self-help group for persons with chemical and environmental sensitivities and allergies.

Sierra Club of Canada urges Winnipeg to Stop Spraying Outraged at Arrest and Abuse of Environmental Activist Who Has MCS

Avoid pesticides, Ontario doctors warn The link between common household pesticides and fetal defects, neurological damage and the most deadly cancers is strong enough that family doctors in Ontario are urging citizens to avoid the chemicals in any form. Click here for study by the Ontario College of Family Physicians.

Guide to Less Toxic Products by Novia Scotia Allergy & Environmental Health Association


Danish Environmental Protection Agency - Report on MCS The report is based on a study of the scientific literature on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, MCS, in Denmark called odour and chemical hypersensitivity. It is concluded that MCS - a new health disorder which has been described during the last 20 years - is a real condition. MCS differs from the common scientific understanding of illness because the condition is always manifested by multiple non-specific symptoms from different organs at the same time and because these symptoms may occur after exposure to chemicals at very low concentrations.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: New Danish Report

The Danish MCS organization


Germany first to designate an ICD code for MCS

German MCS Study


MCS patients get the support of 20 thousand petitioners

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