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Massachuettes Nurses Association - Fragrance Free Information

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York University Guidelines - Scented Products
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More Informed Choices: Fragrance Testing

Louisiana's Governor Kathleen Blanco (previously a school teacher) "is so highly allergic to all fragrances that staffers avoid perfume or cologne and the Governor's Mansion has standing orders at Baton Rouge florists not to send over highly aromatic floral arrangements."  Read more

Toxic chemicals are NOT the way to say, "I love you."

Perfume Aromas Prove Costly to Detroit in Ada Settlement  For more info see McBride vs City of Detroit

Don't Be A Stinker!

Scented Secrets
Valentine's Day gift ideas to bring you products that not only smell great, but that are also free of hidden, potentially hazardous fragrances.

Zona's T-Shirt (and more) Zone
"Wearing it is telling it!" Bring awareness to people wherever you go by wearing a shirt or carrying a tote bag. Click here to order Don't Be A Stinker shirt.

More stuff for bringing awareness to sensitivities.

EPA Is Faulted as Failing to Shield Public From Toxins
A federal report says the environmental agency has insufficient data on chemical dangers.

Buyer Beware

FDA Warns Industry to Follow Law on Untested Ingredients
FDA calls industry's bluff on product safety. Acting on a petition filed June 14, 2004 by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), on February 3, 2005 the Food and Drug Administration issued an unprecedented warning to the cosmetics industry stating that the Agency is serious about enforcing the law requiring companies to inform consumers that personal care products have not been safety tested.

Chemical Soup and Federal Loopholes
Phthalates, the chemicals used in some cosmetics, may keep your nail polish hard and shiny and your tresses thick and glossy, but in animal tests they cause birth defects, disrupt hormone systems and lead to reproductive problems. Those are just a few of the reasons the European Union recently banned them. Now, despite a huge outcry from the $35 billion cosmetics industry, some California lawmakers are trying to ban phthalates in the U.S.

Did you know...
that many perfumes contain preservatives, as well as pesticides, "specifically added to repel bugs attracted to the scents". Read more about: Scents and sensitivities

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Addiction to Perfumes?
Results suggest the possibility that the intake of perfume or phytoncid through the lungs, the skin or the intestines modulates the neural transmission in the brain through ionotropic GABAA receptors and changes the frame of the human mind, as alcohol or tobacco does.

Perfumes - Colognes - Pesticides, Are They Slowly Killing You? Could that favorite cologne, perfume, personal care product, fabric softener and the list goes on and on that you like to use on so much be causing serious health problems or even death? Could that pesticide you use to get rid of those nasty bugs kill you? They very well could. Here is information that you may wish to know about.

Looking Good Naturally - Perfume As Romantic as Hazardous Waste Think about the last time you felt nauseous or had a headache for no apparent reason. Could it have been from the perfume you smelled in the elevator? Or from walking down the detergent aisle at your grocery store? These reactions are your body's way of telling you something is wrong with the air you're breathing. And perfume happens to be one of the biggest olfactory offenders!


Thanks to Betty and Barb for their never ending work on these issues and their informative sites. Please visit:

Fragranced Products Information Network
Over 5000 chemicals used in the fragrance industry. Over 80-90% are synthesized, mostly from petroleum products

Environmental Health Network
Fragrance Industry is UNregulated and Protected by Trade Secret Laws


U.S. Access Board Adopts Fragrance-Free Policy
There are many people who experience unpleasant physical effects from scented products, such as perfumes and colognes. Sometimes, it might be a headache or nausea when passing by a department store's fragrance counter or riding in an elevator with someone wearing a certain fragrance. However, there is a growing number of people who suffer more severe reactions to these and many other types of products and chemicals. This condition is known as multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and involves people who have developed an acute sensitivity to various chemicals in the environment. People with MCS experience a range of debilitating physical reactions, some even life-threatening, to chemicals used in a variety of products, including fragrances and personal care products, deodorizers and cleaners, pesticides, wall and floor coverings, and building materials.

Scents in the Workplace
Fragrances are a major source of indoor air pollution. More and more people have developed adverse reactions to perfume and other scented products. The Institute of Medicine has even placed fragrances in the same category as secondhand cigarette smoke in triggering asthma in adults and children.

Job Accommodation Network
Work-Site Accommodation Ideas for Individuals with Fragrance Sensitivity

Prevention is the key to escaping chemical sensitivities. With the right information, you can make small changes that make a big difference in your health and your children's health.
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