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Cindy was one of five "pioneers of 'people's science'" to share The RIGHT LIVELIHOOD AWARD in 1997. The award is popularly called "the alternative Nobel prize".

All were honored for their outstanding work in upholding human values, often in the face of hostility from mainstream science. Cindy was honored "for her extraordinary courage and determination to put her personal tragedy at the service of humanity by generating the knowledge that can help others understand and combat the risks that toxic chemicals present to human life and health".

The Right Livelihood Award - Recipients - Cindy Duehring (1997)

Cindy Duehring

August 10, 1962 - June 29, 1999


From the People's Magazine
Toxic Avenger

From the Bismarck Tribune, Cindy's hometown:
Held captive in her own home but locked to a mission
Pesticide victim, 36, dies

From Earth Island Journal:
Cindy Duehring: A Beacon in a Toxic Storm

From the Chemical Injury Information Network:
The Cindy Duehring MCS Research Fund

Joining Hands Across the Globe:
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month of May


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