May 10, 2002

Dan Zechenelly, Foreman
St. Tammany Parish
Department of Public Works
3783 Grantham College Road
Slidell, LA 70458

RE: Drainage & Road Repair for 1301 (W) Howze Beach Road

Dear Mr. Zechenelly:

This is to confirm our telephone conversation on May 8, 2002, pertaining to the above. It is my understanding that funds received by FEMA covered the section of road fronting my home for drainage problems and road repair caused by flooding from Tropical Storm Allison. I placed my name on the list for such. It's difficult under the circumstances to believe that a mixup occurred whereby another section of Howze Beach Road was "finalled" instead of the section fronting my home. If that was the case, then why hasn't the work been completed in the past 30 days?

As I told you, I have seen several parties take a look at the clogged drainage ditch since I wrote you on April 11, 2002. However, you advised the problem is now in the hands of Parish President Kevin Davis. Yet, Mr. Davis has known of the clogged drainage ditch and deplorable road condition since the flooding of last year. Furthermore, Mr. Davis agreed to take an on-site inspection of the area on May 15, 2001, and then cancelled at the last moment. He's obviously unwilling to resolve the deplorable condition and health hazard that has been created out of the Oak Harbor PUD.

My suggestion is to find out what parish entity currently has responsibility for the section of road fronting my home. Then setup a meeting with the parish entity and the golf course. As I told you, a permanent situation is required, such as the drainage ditch fronting my home requires to be closed and all drainage ditches placed on the developer's property so I no longer have to deal with runoff containing poisonous pesticides. I am willing to leave the drainage ditch on the northside of my property provided the parish and golf course agree "in writing" to using no chemicals in this area that would runoff into the ditch along side my property near the water well and the ditch remains clear of all blockages. However, the drainage on the southside of my property adjacent to the golf course needs to be improved to eliminate all toxic runoff. The road needs repair to include enough space so I can receive trash pickup from Waste Management and is in need of gravel. If the road problems are not resolved soon, I might lose mail service in the box fronting my home. The trees and shrubbery need to be removed on the shoulder of Howze Beach Road and all shrubbery needs to be cleared off the fence that encloses the road. And the levee is far too steep, especially for a disabled person.

By sending copy of this letter to EPA and the State Auditor, I am requesting their assistance and requesting EPA to take an on-site investigation.


Nancy Hirschfeld
1301 Howze Beach Road
Slidell, LA 70458-8503
Phone/Fax 985 649-6574

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