April 11, 2002

Dan Zechenelly, Foreman
St. Tammany Parish
Department of Public Works
3783 Grantham College Road
Slidell, LA 70458

RE: Drainage & Road Repair for 1301 (W) Howze Beach Road

Dear Mr. Zechenelly:

The above location is in severe need of drainage and road repair, in particular, since the flooding caused by Tropical Storm Allison in June 2001. Although my name was placed on the list when the parish was declared a disaster area by FEMA, the parish appears to be ignoring the drainage problems and road repair.

The drainage ditch needs to be cleaned out and has been clogged since Tropical Storm Allison. This condition results in the flooding of my property on the northside near my private water well, where runoff accumulates from the levee system and golf course development that is designed to flow into the drainage ditch fronting Howze Beach Road. The drainage ditch fronting my home is the only open ditch and receives runoff from the surrounding area. The accumulated standing water results in the potential health hazard for breeding mosquitos for myself as well as for golfers, golf course employees and others in the community.

Your records indicate that the above work was "finalled", copy enclosed. However, this is a mistake. The drainage ditch and section of Howze Beach Road fronting my home has been ignored.

Please immediately advise me when the work can be scheduled accordingly. These problems are long overdue.


Nancy Hirschfeld
1301 Howze Beach Road
Slidell, LA 70458-8503
Phone/Fax 985 649-6574

Enclosure: Work Order Report, September 4, 2001, http://www.stpgov.org/departments/public_works/workorders/Aug2001/district13Page6.html