Read the Label First!

Join us in our Poison Prevention campaign
Read the Label First!

After participating in the first-ever Earth Day Celebration held in Slidell on April 22, 2003, Informed Choices decided to do more to bring about awareness to the dangers of pesticide use and to the availability of safer alternatives. But we need your help!


Team up with EPA's Consumer Labeling Initiative program. Find out how YOU can help to protect kids, pets, your household, and the environment!

Be Safe
Join the nationwide initiative to build support for the precautionary approach to prevent pollution and environmental destruction before it happens.

Law on pesticides reinterpreted: Government alters policy in effort to protect manufacturers
The new position is a sharp reversal in federal policy affecting hundreds of thousands of farmers or anyone else who might seek damages on claims that a pesticide didn't work as its label indicated.


One of the best ways to protect yourself from toxic products is to read labels and pay particular attention to "signal words." They are placed on products by order of the federal government, with the primary purpose of protecting you, but sometimes to tell you about the products' potential impact on the environment.

Working Group On Community Right-To-Know
Posting and Labeling

Warning signs and product labels are the last line of defense to warn people against pollution and harmful chemicals. Yet our posting and labeling laws do not disclose important information. No national law requires warning signs at industrial discharge pipes, for example, and pesticide labels do not list toxic "inert" contents.

We recommend the publication:
U.S. EPA: Citizen's Guide to Pest Control and Pesticide Safety

EPA states: Sometimes a non-chemical method of control is as effective and convenient as a chemical alternative. Knowing your options is the key to pest control.

EPA's Enviro$en$e
Common sense solutions to environmental problems
Safe Substitute's at Home Click here

Household Products Database
Health & Safety Information on Household Products
To obtain the latest recall information, to report a dangerous product, or to learn important safety tips.


Risks from Lawn Care Pesticides - an EHHI Report
EHHI's report reveals that the scientific community clearly supports the conclusion that pesticides pose a special risk to fetuses, infants, and children. The report recommends immediate changes in laws at the federal, state and local levels of government. It also recommends precautionary measures that may be taken immediately by stores and consumers to limit health and environmental hazards.


Pollution of the People
Chemical contamination of water, air and food supplies has been documented for decades, but only recently have scientists begun to uncover details about the industrial pollution of a much more intimate site: our bodies.



Press Release March 5, 2003
Quebec Adopts the Highest Standards in North America to Decrease Exposure to Pesticides
Through this regulation, Québec becomes the first place in North America to ban the most dangerous pesticides for health and the environment. The action undertaken today by the Québec government will reduce people's exposure to these products which are particularly noxious to children's health.

Sierra Club of Canada - Pesticide Reduction


Pesticide drift is unavoidable whenever pesticides are applied. Drift is greatest from aerial applications, when typically 40 percent of the pesticide is lost to drift.  Drift from aerial applications routinely is measured hundreds of yards away from the application site, and has been measured miles away. Ground applications of pesticides can drift for hundreds of feet. For more info, click here.

Take Back Earth Day!
Help save the Clean Water Act


You can find more information on our website How Does Your Garden Grow? that was the theme of our Earth Day booth. We had so much fun that we will be participating again next year.

Earth Day 2003
Earth Day 2003 - Joy Nesbit & Nancy Hirschfeld
Big thanks to Lucy Tierney for helping setup our booth. Lucy was visiting other booths when photo taken.

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Winners of Our Give-Away Garden Baskets:
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Special thanks to The Green Team of Leadership Slidell Class of 2003: Bondilyn Jolly, Steven Dixon, Tammy Mitchell, Suzette Tabor

For more information, visit our site:
Children's Risk to Pesticides


Covington couple make backyard haven for wildlife
Frantzes say "Stop using pesticides". Their backyard has been certified a Backyard Wildlife Habitat by the Natural Wildlife Federation.


How Transportation Affects Conservation
This Earth Day, The Nature Conservancy asks you to think about the connection between transportation and conservation. In the United States, our quality of life depends on our highway and road system. But road construction—and the development that typically follows—takes an expensive toll on America's wildlife and natural landscapes.

About Your Community
In 2000, St. Tammany Parish ranked among the dirtiest/worst 20% of all counties in the U.S. in terms of volatile organic compound emissions

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