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FEMA Toxic Trailers

Are you living in a FEMA toxic trailer?

Are you now suffering with a host of health problems?

You are not alone!

Worse Living Through Chemistry
Louisiana Governor Recognizes Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Like most ordinary people, we were unaware of pesticides in our community. We therefore were unaware of the contaminants being excavated and dredged in our environment for the redevelopment of the golf course; unaware of the chemicals drifting around our homes; and unaware of the pesticides seeping into our drinking water. We expected government to protect our health and our environment.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Victims of pesticide poisoning frequently fail to realize the cause of their illness. People often don't put two and two together, because many of the symptoms appear flu-like: headache, respiratory problems, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea. When people do seek treatment, the medical personnel providing treatment are most likely to make a misdiagnosis.

We live in Slidell, Louisiana
St. Tammany Parish

We believe the health of our community is being compromised by the construction of a golf course development in wetlands (Eden Isles/Oak Harbor) that uses heavy applications of pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

The nearby low-income community obtains its drinking water from private wells and the golf course discharges its toxic effluent into a waterway (Schneider Canal) where the surrounding community crabs, fishes or swims.

Despite reported crab or fish kills, or reported pesticide incidents causing human illness and animal deaths, the toxic applications remain unmonitored under EPA's programs.

The Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry was investigating our petition for a public health assessment on the golf course facility, however, the state refused to release information or claimed to have lost records. It's a real sham when the Governor has to issue an Environmental Contamination Notification Order MJF 01-46. Our case is not an isolated one.

Even now, local and state government continue to ignore our pleas for adequate testing and full disclosure to the community. The City of Slidell advertises its image as "Louisiana's best kept secret!" And we agree: We are being lied to!

We believe the first step to dealing with a problem is to uncover and define it. An adage in the recovery movement is "you are only as sick as your secrets", once you let the secret out, healing begins. In this arena secrets are being kept from the public: We are toxic and it is making us sick.

EPA's team sniffs out serious crimes

Ashe and his agents carry weapons, have arrest power, can obtain search warrants and conduct secret surveillance, and work with federal or state authorities in prosecuting individuals and companies that commit environmental crimes in Louisiana.

"When we show up, it is too late for more compromise, more negotiating, more one-more-chance to do right," Ashe said. "We show up when it is time to make the case, collect the evidence, get the search and arrest warrants, and proceed with criminal prosecutions."

"We take information from anyone. Call us in Baton Rouge at (225) 389-0216."

EPA Puts Pressure On Louisiana DEQ

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency told Louisiana's Department of Environmental Quality on Friday that it must agree to adopt major changes in its water pollution enforcement program by March 31 or have the program taken away.

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